36 thoughts on “New Details In Case Of Murdered Texas Mom Heidi Broussard | NBC Nightly News

  1. Her "friend" in custody is so physically repugnant her own parents placed a sticker on the side of her car which reads, "Beware! K9 at the wheel."

  2. That guy's been dealing with these type cases for quite some time . Creepy that he felt they'd been fooled …. perhaps he would have had a whole different vibe from her if he had met her face-to-face and looked her in the eyes . Maybe he would have been able to see that something is not right with her

  3. A terrifying case…The brutal ''friend''…why didn't she just have her OWN baby?..when one is young, it isn't difficult.

    Except a bloke might not want to put his d*ck in Crazy.

  4. No new info for awhile. I want to know so many things. Why hasn't the baby been returned to her father yet – they must have done the dna testing by now? How did the kidnapper's live-in partner Christopher Green not know she had a fake baby bump? Did her seriously believe she gave birth to a 3 week old baby? Apparently cops said there's CCTV of Heidi willingly getting into the kidnapper's car with baby Margot. But how do they know it was willingly – wouldn't she have at least taken her purse and a diaper bag? Is it like a lone woman could strangle another woman with a ligature, unaided?

  5. This is another perfect example of why you should NEVER trust anyone who you meet at a church. Humphry is clearly a typical example of a Conservative Christian – from her pretending to be a "best friend" for decades of plotting and backstabbing, to the inevitable murder that is so typical of the kind of psychopaths attracted to religious conservatism. Humphry is such an accomplished conservative christian that she was able to fool everyone around her through pathological lying, just like televangelists in their worship of the polar opposite of what it means to be an actual Christian: Treasonous Trump. Atheism is the only way to be safe from such profound evil.

  6. It seems like a plot. It had to do with the husband. How interesting when to target a victim in when where time situation when itโ€™s right. Well, the truth will for tell sooner or later. But hope sooner.

  7. Well I hope they get her out of Foster care because that's not the greatest place for a child anymore. There is good families that do this for love but unfortunately for little children it doesn't always turn out great

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