100 thoughts on “New Zealand lawmaker shuts down heckler: ‘OK, boomer’

  1. OK dumbasses! Dumb kids and old people alike even talking about this. I am not a boomer, but I agree with Gen Z on climate and social change and that like all generations, there are dumbasse who just think they know better or must teach the world. Whatever.

  2. It's sad really. Younger people used to listen to the wisdom of older people. But today we throw our elders in homes where they are slowly forgotten. And younger people are more lost than ever today.

    Most of the older people of today are selfish assholes with no real wisdom to offer, and most of the younger people of today are selfish assholes that are lost and running everything. Ever since modern society was established, it's been less about the "tribe", and more about "me". It's just so god damn selfish today. Even when somebody does something selfless they spend 90% of the time posting about it on social media.

    And people are talking about immortality, lol I can't wait to die and leave this shit.

    And if you're gonna respond with "ok boomer", go ahead, I deserve it….
    But just know, I'm 21, if that accounts for something.

  3. I’m also 25 like her but I disagree with her “ok boomer”. This millennial generation is spoiled as fuck. I miss the old days when parents can beat the fuck out of your spoiled ass, some kids really need a punch from their parents.

  4. "saying ok Boomer is like an eye roll, but it's not offensive", news flash, eye rolls are super disrespectful. Therefore ok Boomer is disrespectful.

  5. "Internet Culture Reporter"
    "Yeah…so it all started back on Facebook"
    I wish I could get a job where I could get on TV and still have no idea what I'm talking about.

  6. It's a funny irony that millenials and z-gens base all their knowledge on boomers, on anything basically, yet believe they're the only thing progressive in the world. It's not defined by generation, morons.

  7. you don't need to be a rocket scientist to see that this phrase is very disrespectful. I'm a millennial but one day millennials will be boomers and if we keep making the world more and more ageist then good luck to us in 30 years

  8. If it was a Dutch politician. I would have voted on her disregarding her party. We Millenials are called snowflakes because the policies of family, school, work and government are based mostly on policies of higher authority and mostly dedicated to boomers/gen-X.

  9. Am I lucky my grandparents are boomers and aren’t acting like steriotypical boomers? They like iphones and LOVE modern technology.

  10. I'm sorry but the main two anchors are extremely annoying and uncomfortable. They seem more concerned with how they look in front of camera than focusing on the issue. Just stop fidgeting and talk! Stop touching your elbow, your clothes and your arms for christ sake.

  11. Someone should tell this woman, especially since she's in the public eye, that starting a sentence with "I mean" sounds really stupid, even though lots of people (millennials) do it. A few less of "you know" to replace an actual thought would be nice, as well.

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