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this is the miraculous moment a
self-proclaimed prophet supposedly
brings a dead man back to life South
African pastor al fluke a lays his hands
on a body lying inside an open casket
before the man suddenly and quite
dramatically jumps to his feet
within hours that hashtag hash
resurrection challenge was trending on
Twitter as people shared their own
revival attempts alongside screen shots
of Luke as miracle
unfortunately for Luka is viral
resurrection spectacularly backfired as
it emerged three funeral companies are
now reportedly suing him for
reputational damage kingdom Luke kings
and queens funeral services and black
phoenix all told local media in south
africa that they were manipulated by
Luke as Church Hallelujah Ministries
International kings and queens said they
were approached by alleged family
members of the deceased who allegedly
said they had a dispute with another
funeral provider they said they were
tricked into giving them a hearse by
Luke as representatives who allegedly
placed stickers from black Phoenix on
their private car to appear credible as
kings and queens funeral services we
would like to distance ourselves from
the supposed resurrection the company
wrote in a statement we are in the
process of taking legal action for this
malicious damage to our image by Tuesday
the Alleluia Church had distanced itself
from the incident telling local media
that it was not a resurrection miracle
the church has declined to comment on
criticism that it deceived worshippers
the sorting newspaper said Luke has
resurrections sparked the social media
craze that users took to the web
mimicking his miraculous powers one
joker shared a picture of himself
sitting up in the bath with a look of
surprise under the caption my alarm just
resurrected me to wake up the can of
sino posted a video of a class of school
children being magically reanimated by a
the US House of Representatives has
voted to revoke Donald Trump’s
declaration of a national emergency to
build a wall on the border with Mexico
in a 245 to 182 vote the Democratic
majority House rejected Trump’s
assertion that he could use money for
the wall that Congress had appropriated
for other purposes the bill now moves to
the Republican run Senate where it also
could pass given some Republicans
concerns about the president’s actions
but Trump has vowed to veto the measure
if it reaches his desk and a veto
override which requires a two-thirds
majority of both chambers is seen as
unlikely while passage was a victory for
Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
the tally was short of what she would
likely need to override a possible veto
by Republican Trump only 13 Republicans
supported the move to stop the
president’s declaration during the
Democratic Representative Joaquin Castro
the main sponsor of the legislation said
there is no emergency at the border
border crossings are at a four decades
low Democrats and some Republicans
worried that with the emergency
declaration unilaterally funding his
border wall without lawmakers approval
Trump was presenting a dangerous
challenge to the way the US government
runs meanwhile the White House formally
notified Congress that if the measure
passes Congress Trump’s advisers would
recommend he veto it to maintain the
power he activated On February 15th
Trump argues he has the power to
proclaim a national emergency to
unilaterally direct existing money for
building a border wall that Congress has
refused to fully fund the current
situation at the southern border
presents a humanitarian and security
crisis that threatens core national
security interests and constitutes a
national emergency the White House
statement said a trump veto would be the
first of his presidency in the first
since Republicans lost majority control
of the house in last November’s
congressional elections but the issue
may well still end up in the courts
a coalition of 16 US states led by
California has already sued Trump in top
members of his administration to block
his emergency declaration Kerry Katona’s
young son was beaten up by school
bullies who are targeting her the celebs
go dating star has claimed the mom of
five was forced to drop everything and
rush to ten-year-old max’s side after he
received a black eye and small cuts to
his face from the thugs Carrie 38 shared
the chilling pictures of Max’s injuries
to her Instagram and vowed to come after
anyone who tries to hurt her children
had to come home from work early
yesterday as some little shits in high
school did this to my max she road next
to the whirring images he’s only 10 do
say what you want about me but when it
comes to my kids I will repairs off
Carrie hasn’t revealed whether she’s
reported the bullying to the police or
the school where the alleged bullies
attend it comes after a rough week for
the former Atomic Kitten senior who was
dumped as a friend by Daniela Westbrook
after speaking about her on loose women
Daniela currently in rehab to prevent
another cocaine relapse ring her maid
from inside the drying out facility to
accuse her of making money off her while
she’s out of the spotlight the ex
EastEnders star lashed out of Carrie
over the phone before blocking her on
all social media and even got her son
Kai to ring Carrie and tell her she’d
upset his mom
Daniella then raged on Twitter telling
followers she only has loyalty to what
makes her money and pays for what she
needs she bangs on about being in
recovery and gets tipsy on a celeb schoo
dating last night
clearly relapsed from her 12-step
program Daniel added you’re no
inspiration to me thanks for money out
of me whilst I’m getting well
the cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer
reunited on Saturday 16 years after the
show ended and divas hit us right in the
fields the Scooby Gang is back together
Sarah Michelle Gellar David Bowie Knotts
and Anthony head were sadly missing but
a licen Hannigan and Nicholas Brendon
who played willow and Sandra were both
in attendance and we’re joined by
charisma carpenter who played Xander’s
high school girlfriend Cordelia amber
Benson Sarah James Marsters spike Alexis
Denisof Wesley Julie Benz Darla Claire
creamer glory high or a lemon Kennedy
Amy Acker Fred and James Leary Klum were
all also there for the conversation
which saw them discuss Girl Scout
cookies and which Harry Potter houses
they belong in the eleven friends were
all at the Oregon Convention Center
during Wizard World Portland on Sunday
and they shared their shenanigans and
social media pictures which left ship
creator Joss Whedon feeling a little
left out he took to Twitter to share a
picture of this former cast back
together in the cover Mindy Kaling’s
book is everyone hanging out without me
the show ran between 1996 and 2003 but
it was revealed in 2018 that there is a
plan reboot in the works which has left
many unhappy the writer behind the Buffy
the Vampire Slayer reboot has defended
the plan promising fans that she will
not try to replace the original Buffy it
was confirmed in August by Whedon better
reboot of the classic TV series was in
the works with a black actress
taking on the role made famous by JAL er
this announcement was met with much
inner from Buffy fans who believed the
series should be left alone as well as
women of color who called for TV execs
to give people of color their own
stories and roles Monica oh you see
Breen the reboots showrunner later
clarified that the new Buffy will be
more like a sequel to the originals
player adventures she tweeted for some
genre writers it’s Star Wars Buffy the
Vampire Slayer
is my Star Wars before I became a writer
I was a fan for seven seasons
I watched Buffy Summers grow up find
love killed that love
I watched her fight and struggle and
play there is only one Buffy one Xander
one willow Giles Cordelia
Tara Kendra faith spike angel they can’t
be replaced Joss Whedon’s brilliant and
beautiful series can’t be replicated I
wouldn’t try to but here we are 20 years
later in the world seems a lot scarier
so maybe it could be time to meet a new
Slayer and that’s all I can say
Manchester United caretaker boss so
vague on the souls Jay has advised
andreas Pereira to stay at the club and
to fight for his future at old trafford
the midfielder has made just 12
appearances for the Red Devils this term
and is out of contract at the end of the
season two of those appearances have
come as stops under soldier but Pereira
was hooked after just 62 minutes against
Burnley when he was at fault for the
clerics open era Theatre of dreams in
January Pereira 23 has enjoyed
successful loan spells of Valencia and
Granada in recent seasons and had to be
convinced by her same hour in the last
summer to return to the club United are
keen for Pereira to extend his stay at
the club but the midfielder wants
assurances over his future before
committing to a newly
soldier blocked Ferrara from leaving in
the January transfer window and HLN
understands the Norwegian has held talks
with the president in over his situation
the Norwegian made it clear to Ferrara
that he admires him and that he will not
be short on opportunities between now
and the end of the season incidentally
injuries to ander Herrera Jessie
lingered and Juan Mata since the pair’s
conversation has provided cells Jane
with the perfect opportunity to give
Ferrara game time it would Ferrara that
souls Jaya turned to when Herrera was
forced off during the 0 to 0 draw with
Liverpool on Sunday and the Brazilian is
likely to start against Crystal Palace
at Selhurst heart on Wed instead United
could be without 10 first-team players
for the trip to South London and Ferrara
will be keen to take his chance in a
season short on opportunities souls
jarred mix it’s an opportunity for the
club fringe players to stake their claim
for a regular spot in the side there
will be a chance for others said Saskia
I’ve been sat on the outside getting a
chances of play when this has happened
so we’d rather have to say players who
came me Scott lip terminate and Andi for
air I thought they did fantastic against
Liverpool so there you go that’s the way
these you’ve just got to be ready when
you get it
capo arise a pal RK reportedly clashed
with Chelsea team-mate willy caballero
after the carabao Cup final defeat to
Manchester City KP had received
treatment for cramp refused to be
substituted and was on Monday find one
week’s wages by the board for the
incident which angered Maurizio sorry
the Blues BOTS letter put paper in the
Wembley dressing room after
game and it has emerged the Spaniard
keeper also rode with Caballero it is
claimed caper told the Argentine that he
wanted to stay on for the penalty
shootout because he was a better keeper
according to the Sun the 24 year old
publicly apologized to sorry and
Caballero after being dr. weeks pay he
said I made a big mistake with how I
handled the situation I wanted to take
the time today to apologize fully and in
person to the coach to willy caballero
my teammate sent to the club I have done
this and now if I want to offer the same
apology to the fans I will learn from
this episode and will accept any
punishment or discipline the club
decides is appropriate Chelsea head
coach sorry must decide whether to stick
with tapir for Wednesday’s crunch
Premier League clash with Tottenham it
will be a decision for the group for all
the players sorry said I want to send a
message to my group the message could be
Kate who is on the pitch Ortega is off
the pitch I have to decide what is
better for my group sorry says paper
must be mentally ready to play but holes
to consider his answer the 60 year old
said he has to be ready he made a
a big
there are some consequences if the
consequence is to play he has to be
ready to play if the consequence is the
bench he has to be ready to go to the

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