Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – December 1st, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – December 1st, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

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100 thoughts on “Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – December 1st, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

  1. @08:30, with over 46 years in D.C., why is zoe lofgren identified as a Veteran Lawmaker when she is nothing more than a political hack? This old hag should've returned to civilian life decades ago. In reality, she's an example of what's wrong with Washington. Criminals like lofgren need to be replaced ASAP and prohibited from lobbying for 10 years. It's a national disgrace to allow this type of behavior

  2. Why are they removing Confederate memorials @ a record rate & erecting new statues for civil rights activists? Like trying to rewrite history using modern standards

  3. Starting January 1st to December 31st, I'm going to keep track of how much different ethnic groups are on NBC's final news tonight. Curious to know if my suspicions are correct.

  4. this is normal for Mass , and colorado ain't got nothing on Mass.
    people up here in Co, don't know how to deal with this snow ,they drive and act just as stupid as most people do.
    "arrogance , an american tradition".

  5. No one should suffer thru illness kuz they can't afford a doctor! Medicare For All is way over due! Love each other enough to elect Bernie Sanders in 2020!! Equality Now!

  6. SUGGESTION : MAY… BE …TOO…LOGICAL…! Why not move Thanksgiving day to the FIRST Thursday of November, when weather may ….MAY…be less severe? .USA goes through the same weather related air travel problems around the Turkey Holiday every year. !!

  7. Loughlin girl is despicable and doesn’t deserve to go to college, because college is to learn a skill to improve her life,NOT Just to attend parties. Can’t believe some kids like her are going to actually be our next generation of adults.

  8. Doug Collins, John Kennedy, Lindsey Graham, Jim Jordan, Mark Gaetz, Mark Meadows, Jordan's female "sidekick….wow…where did they crawl out of? GOP's down the tube.

  9. Byrd Brain: often the mother will not care for it, if she senses her offspring was touched by another.
    War Strategy: Public School, and I don't know you.

  10. Every year since I can remember there has been snow and snowstorms, why oh why are we paying these people to tell us what we already know, it's gonna snow and it's gonna be alot!!!!!

  11. Hahahaha. Dont care about school. Lol spoiled brat. Nothing new though rich people been buying there way in and out of everything for a long time and will continue to

  12. And after all the school drama scandal little spoiled girl says I don't even want to go to school but I want to go to go to game days and party…WOW

  13. Trump takes down the nation, corruption of the election process and he will never serve a day in jail, truly a two tiered justice system, Barr corrupt to the core, Machiavellian Evangelical falsehood criminal conspiracy

  14. Yo daughter Of Lori, everybody wants to go to the right school at the right time, I don’t believe minority students want your parents in prison they want a living wage🌹

  15. Who is Olivia Jade trying to fool? She didn’t miss her fans, just her famous status. If I were her I would be hiding under a rock at least until it has all blown over. If she can’t talk about it then get out of here!

  16. "The whole thing is a hoax!"
    – Donald Trump
    I just realized Trump may have tried to help America but we are too discombobulated!😂😂😂

  17. I’m to dumb to go to school and my only job skills are YouTube and mom and dad paying my allowance. ….she should stay off YouTube. Spoiled adult.

  18. Loughlin's daughters are stupider than a box of rocks. I have no idea how they made it past second grade!!!

  19. Please,Trumplickers,Red Hats and fanboi imbeciles= please try to get a grip and face the facts

    Your hero is flawed corrupt & impeachable big time.Don't be embarrassed to tell people you voted for him.Nobody's perfect- and who can blame you for loving The World's Best Con Man?
    He's everything flawed Americans want in a POTUS.Obviously

    You CAN see common sense right around the bend- get a hold of yourselves and SEE that it's the End for The Fuhrer,and the Rethugnican Party.In just a few weeks,this nightmare of thuggery by The (Red Hat Maggats) will be over

  20. Wow! It snowed; human endeavor is challenged but remains impudent.
    BTW, no statement from gun rights activists concerning their rights to own firearms regardless of the consequences.

  21. Oh no, not winter weather again ,!!!!, after all, it only happens ,every year, at exactly the same time, every year !!!!!!

  22. An that's why i live down south !!! An keep that beautiful white stuff up there !!!! It is the 3rd. of dec. Ab its ip in the 50 rest of the week 50. 57 58 temp. !!!

  23. "A California Democrat who voted against the Clinton impeachment" has an opinion about president Trump?
    What made her try to let Dirty Bill slide, was the white stain not big enough for her biased partisan opinion?

  24. Springfield Massachusetts got at least 16 inches of this snow! Merry early Christmas to us. Happy Holidays Everyone🌲🎅🎉!☺!

  25. They shouldn't be enrolled in any colleges. They're really not there to use their brains like normal students does. When your Parents are rich and famous what's the use. Another brain thrown into the frying pan "wasted" l feel sorry for their parents, just give in Lori! and take your punishment before it gets worse you two.

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