Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – September 20, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – September 20, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

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100 thoughts on “Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – September 20, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

  1. LMAO @ climate change protest. If you want to convince anyone that it's possible to reduce the rate of climate change, then you'll need to spend every minute of your lifetime on physics research. Get back to school.

  2. The best way to combat Isis is to give the children in the camp access to entertainment from around the world.
    Open their eyes to the much larger world out there, children aren't stupid they will see their parents are full of crap

  3. LOVE those Demonstrators worldwide! It is their future. She is right the house is on fire, while some in power are looking the other way. Please continue!

  4. The U.S. helped create ISIS. Now we will help them grow if we go into Saudi! The world should back away from the military decisions and foreign policies of the U.S.

  5. I feel so bad for the children that are growing up now and yet to be born. They will inherit a world on the verge of catastrophic collapse. Things are accelerating now in that way that when something reaches a tipping point and then tips. There is no going back, and its the human race that will become extinct in the end. Our days are truly numbered.

  6. #TrumpTerrorists acting up as they threaten 2 yrs ago. Any talk of #impeavhingTrumpNow sets them off. They are plotting to attack public spaces, malls, festivals, large gatherings. Running down with vehicles like the brown terrorists are known to do, these nazis are also using vehicles as weapons.

  7. No word on them chem trails from Greta. I applaud her yet it seems strange mums the word in them chem trails=global warming

    I have no comment at this time. I may have more to say at a later date as more details become available. Thank you for your continued and valued support.


  9. Greta you are a stupid child. There is no such thing as CLIMATE CHANGE. Climate change started the day God created the universe.

  10. Well can you blame the man for driving through the mall those sales people in the walkways are like mosquitos that haven't eaten in years. The guy probably just wanted to go to Apple store to grab his phone..

  11. Okay so Walmart is not going to carry e-cigarettes anymore but they're going to carry regular cigarettes that makes absolutely no sense eight people have died from e-cigarette how many millions have died of lung cancer from regular tobacco cigarettes? The hypocrisy is astounding

  12. Want to change climate change– change your living and shopping habits. Don't wait for a government or someone else to do it for you.

  13. I'm sure Walmart's reason for the stop of e-cig sales is not only because they want to comply with governmental regulations, but to also save their skin from getting sued by the families of lost ones.

  14. All nuclear plants need to be dismantled. They are all dangerous. Good riddance 3 mile danger zone. Stop all nuclear power plants from being built.

  15. Woodfield mall is a strong destination for holiday shoppers just before Christmas I always came from West Michigan for their sales Nordstrom is awesome

  16. If I was an e-cigarette, I'd file a discrimination lawsuit against Walmart for continuing to sell tobacco products and not me. Oh Lester please!! ( Eye roll) Don't act like you actually watched friends!

  17. trump has ruined our country. This country has fallen and hanging on by a thread. God only knows what kind of destruction awaits us when the thread completely unravels. And it will come down on us all. Even his supporters.

  18. NBC news is disingenuous. The whistleblower law states all info MUST be forwarded to Congress, not hijacked by Barr and withheld in more obstruction.

  19. This is regarding the comment made about 6 people on the couch talking, well its so true, I know I don't talk face to face now, including my sister in the next room, its easier just to have my butt planted and text what I need to say, besides if you are mad at a person texting avoids a shouting argument.

  20. E cigarettes is a coo, the government is recognizing Marijuana Vape and weeding out people who vape marijuana. We will never know what kills people in E Cigarettes.

  21. Want action on the climate? Stop buying Chinese products. They are the primary culprit of climate change. A million species endangered because of climate? That claim needs to be fact checked.

  22. How does little Greta think she gets her vegetables, and how are all those magazines that she is featured in and on, get delivered?! Think people, and stop spewing slogans!

  23. Patriot drops a player because of 2 accusations. But we have a sitting president with similar case or even worse. I guess pro football have more strict requirements they don't want any bad rep tide to their team's name.

  24. They must have those 'new' bulbs in the Oval Office, because he was looking really orange there (7:25) – why wouldn't he have the bulbs in his office changed.

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