2019.12.20 12:00 NEWS Headlines

amid a pivotal moment in Washington’s current round of nuclear negotiations with young young the US special envoy for North Korea Stephen vegan met with the senior Chinese official in Beijing while the US Senate has confirmed vegan as Deputy Secretary of State the US and China are going to sign their phase 1 trade […]

Wrap up of major world news in 2019

2019 was full of hurdles for various parts of our broad seeking greater democracy and political autonomy protests in Hong Kong continues and the UK is inching closer to realizing brexit Kim dama sheds light on some of the major headline makers over the year the year of 2019 was a full of movements to […]

Stories that shaped our world in 2019

♪ ♪ Oh my god. We have seen what we thought was unseeable . [Woman] Wow, this is my culture, my country making progress. [Astronaut] It doesn’t matter that we’re all women. We’re just pilots and nurses and paramedics and we’re here to do our job. [Man] It was like being the first man on […]

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