Part 5 – HF Ham Radio or CB Mobile – Grounding Antennas to Car / Truck Body

So this project’s been all about getting
the TS2000 in the trunk, the boot of the car on a custom plate which we’ve
had to make some adjustments and using the remote head up front so I had to
learn whole new set of skills and connect it all to the battery get a
couple of aerial mounts in and I have never taken a car apart before so
the coax line control line, speaker, microphone… but good news is after getting it all
back together it all worked and so pleased that the RC
2000 the only bit you can see in the install and seems to work a treat – now I
want to get on HF and the keen viewer will notice that we haven’t used any
sort of bonding yet but this is my new 40 meter antenna and this episode’s
all about the bonding and how I installed them. So I started off with
some old coax ah what is this now? Aircell 7 and I stripped it down and took out the
braid and then what we did is made a couple of fork connectors because I need
two bonds because potentially I could run 20 meters in 140 meters on the other aerial but of course for a sort of quarter wave mobile to work on
HF we’re gonna need some really good bonding so that’s why I’m making two of
these there are a couple of other things that
spring to mind here is I’ve got on order from Amazon and I thought it was Amazon
Prime some liquid tape. You’ll spot in a minute where I splice this in is that
there’s gonna be some potential for serious corrosion not only in the
bodywork but in the coax as well liquid tape would make an ideal solution to
stop not only the bodywork rusting but also where I splice this into the coax. What we’ll do is we’ll race down the workshop on tomorrow before it
rains but it’s been dry last couple of days
and as you can see in a minute you’ll see exactly where I need to put this
some amalgamating tape but I thought bonding it to that bit of
the coax there and that part of the bodywork there was probably good enough
rather than trying to bond it all the way at the bottom of the antenna you ought to know the most roof bars
aren’t bonded to the metal work of the car itself I have no idea maybe there’s
some sort of a glue that they use before they bolted up or some sort of ceramic
washers but I did get a multimeter between the body and jammed into the
roof bar and I wasn’t getting any sort of continuity anyway I was a bit clever
here and I came up with this little sort of wire wrap technique to keep the strap
against the coax and before I got the soldering iron on it of course going mobile on 40 and 20
meters is a severe compromise and I can tell you that alert received quite well
the old transmit ability is pretty abysmal to be honest so I’ve never drilled into bodywork
before what exciting really I was trying to find a three millimeter tap but
instead I’ve used these self tappers and of course this is where I need the
liquid tape both the top of the thread and the other side to stop all water and
oxygen getting to the bodywork here and we did it on the other side as well okay so you talking about 40 and 20
I bought these diamond antennas from Martin Lynch. The HF20 FX and FXW for the 40 interesting aerial the obviously has tightly wound two or three coils to get
the impedance right apparently and then they just screw on and instructions again in Klingon so that’s a permanent fix with the grub
screw look and we’ll do both while we’re at it and
then as is interesting college affair with the element which slides up and
down and it tensioned by the college on the left-hand side dialogue I really
like this so to tune its final tuning you don’t need to keep screwing the
collet on and off you just lift it up and down by the way that’s not
conductive on the outside it’s some sort of composite material there must be some
copper running up to this Corona discharge ball well moment of truth this is the 40 so you can see it’s a really sharp dip
there at one seven one five six best I There you are. SWR 1.31 it says.. Hello M0MCX.. Of course I didn’t realize I was only on 5W I’ll never
get through on that! so there we are next part of the
projects we need to get a serial port USB line up to the front so I can run my
computer logging at the front we need to make a little platform for the laptop to
go on the steering wheel and they say you have to stay tuned for that
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