100 thoughts on “Police raids uncover Nazi propaganda and weapons in Italy

  1. Oh the horror! The outrage! I can't live in this terrible, racist world anymore! I'm going to just end it all! Don't try to stop me! Goodbye world!

  2. This is a real problem and nobody takes it seriously here. It's illegal to have items for nazi-fascist glorification. But the police is a big part of this problem. Not everybody but it's well known that liberal views and leftist are not accepted in the defence department. And racism is a big issue too in Europe.

  3. Trump's Maga hats is just another disguise for the swastika the design is different but it's the same meaning may all these neo-nazis burn in hell right along with Hitler.

  4. Sorry but the view from that driveway is stunning, why would anyone have hate in their heart when you're surrounded by such a breathtaking landscape?

  5. This is a fallout of the raid 4 month ago when the Italian police raid that found large number of arms and a missle. https://youtu.be/BSKegZxWcKw

  6. I have been saying for years, that the rise of these groups, are connect to the populist movements, also that these groups are connect to each other, by funding from Russia, ever day more and more I'm proven right,

  7. Wow , I found out the real story . The cops found 4 pellet guns . As in air rifles . LOL . So the real crime was that they wanted to start their own political party . This is what political persecution looks like . Notice they say that the conservatives just let it happen . Well that's because they didn't actually commit any crimes . This is the kind of things that the liberals do . But CNN wont tell you that part .Notice they wont tell you what crimes they committed .

  8. this is how italian parents teach ww2 history to their kids… germans+ nazi… germans are the abd one and the japanese even worst, the USA fought and won. the end… i think they conveniently left something out… i wonder what could that be…

  9. italian brain washed in action… italian in america think we forgot that they join the nazi side in ww2… doesnt matter that you dont tell the full story to your racist kids… we know the truth !

  10. But but but antifa is actually big threat to world, they only…punch nazis and fascists and have killed nobody. Jokes aside, thank god an actual threat to society was stopped.

  11. So the pro Jew organizations are free to spread their propaganda and control the media but pro Caucasian groups have no rights in Caucasian majority nations !!!!

  12. italian americans in denial… can not even recognize that italy fought in the nazi side ! … italian parents this is how you teach ww2 history to your racist children… germany were the bd one and japanese even worst, the USA faught and won THE END !….

  13. Who would ever have guessed that they would find fascists in the homeland of the biggest fascist cult ever – the Catholic church.

  14. heya idiot…where is the promised recession you were talking about??? how long do we have to wait? why are you not talking about anymore?

  15. Wow. Those Neo-Nazi thugs got busted by the Italian police. It goes to show that the people of Italy does not want to go back to its notorious past. Mussolini, the fascists, and all of that. I'm sure that the Germans are not going back to their notorious past. The people in Germany do not want history to repeat itself with Adolf Hitler's brand of Nazism. Boy, was Adolf Hitler a badass Nazi dictator.

  16. The day y'all find out all these people work for the devil y'all going to have that Priceless look on your face. Nazis can't survive in America too many disagree citizens willing to kick their doors down and will kill them. guns or no guns

  17. Its a global situation created by the mega wealthy, the very people that support the left support the right so they can play both sides against the middle and collect all the benefits on very level ..Just likes arms dealers

  18. And the propaganda machines of the corporate billionaire globalists Hebrews are in full hear!. It will not matter, your little globalists new world order is being kicked to the curb all over the world.

  19. Frightening isn’t it. But there are groups like this in the US that are connected to. The hate groups feed off of each other

  20. When the leader of the nation that had previously bombed and killed the vast majority of Nazis supports Nationalism and behaves like a blatant racist….of course this evil will return around the world.

  21. Italians are ripe for another resurgence in this ideation: Roman's and the Sicilians especially . Italians are highly racist, and smug about it.

  22. italian racism lives in denial ! denial of their JUS SANGUINI !!! but how can they recognize such a thing if they dont even know their own legislation jajajjajajajajaja

  23. BREAKING: trump tried to see if his pardon power worked in Italy…


    Just send them to the USA…wherein Nazis are considered (by trump and his 19%) “very fine people”…
    Trump will give them pardons and cabinet positions.

  24. As an italian is weird to see an american news network focusing so much on the "nazi" part of this story.
    Here in Italy the focus was more on the fact that they had connection with organized crime, the nazi part is really secondary.

  25. Maybe people hate the Jews for a good reason you ever think about that? Jews have been banned from many countries for a reason.

  26. Neo-nazis are angry because of years of looking down at that little dick. Hell we have a Nazi party here called the Republicans.

  27. I live in Europe and those were probably keyboard Nazis, unlike the very real and murderous terrorist in London; it seems like CNN wants to counterbalance that ISIS attack!

  28. Here is why the nazis need to stay extinct:

    Electing an insane dictator from Austria as leader of Germany

    Making racist laws against the Jews

    Invading too many countries especially Poland, France and Russia

    Bombing London


    Making evil allies with bad countries that want to take over the world

    Making terrorist organizations especially the gestalt

    Scaring the whole world especially America with a world war and the nazis war crimes

    Finally making illegal terror weapons(King tiger tank which kills all tanks in one shot, the Bismarck battleship that terrorize the seas along with U-boats and the Me-262 which terrorized the skies of Europe shooting down tons of allied aircraft).

  29. Crossbows and Japanese short swords means a political party in Italy? LMOA! Here in America every armed citizen looks like a Ammo Depot for the military.

  30. Blades and air guns, such nothing weapons and all that reaction. Interesting to see the western European reaction to what in the u.s. Would be a non story.

  31. I really don’t get it…

    Italy was actually the only fascist government not to take part in the Holocaust (while indendent). Why Hitler.

    I mean Mussolini brought Italy to the ground, which also makes it weird, but why Hitler, he invaded Italy. I really don’t get it.

  32. Good for Italy fight to take your country back from the traitor liberal leader who handed it over to “people” who wish for your death.

  33. Meanwhile, American domestic terroris…sorry, conservatives are looking at that weapon collection and thinking "Pfffft, bush league. Can't murder minorities and liberals fast enough with that trash…"

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