President Donald Trump Faces Private Landowners In Challenge To His Border Wall | NBC News NOW

President Donald Trump Faces Private Landowners In Challenge To His Border Wall | NBC News NOW

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100 thoughts on “President Donald Trump Faces Private Landowners In Challenge To His Border Wall | NBC News NOW

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  2. This is ridiculous. Here comes the USA doing what it does best; stealing, bullying other nations, and calling it "protecting our national security." So sad this country is nothing like what the founders thought it would be. Times are in fact different, but the US was founded on immigration. They used to give land away to people that could settle it. Now they want to take it away. Most of all, the people that never get mentioned are the hundreds or thousands of Indian tribes they murdered and stole the entire U.S. territory from in the 1st place to even live here!

  3. Don't you build no more of that wall. Donald Trump don't pay no contractors. Donald Trump will take whatever money United Statesr allocate him and put it in his pocket and head to Russia.
    I bet you he'll go to Russia when we kick him out cuz he ain't going to jail. They'll find a loophole there for the orange turd.

  4. Democrats didn't have a problem with local governments taking homes to sell them to developers, now they object to eminent domain for scrub land.

  5. Yep put them on the south side of the fence. They want them people let them have them. No problem for me. Along with the rest of the people that want them. All go on the south side of it. Both side happy then!

  6. Getting humanity primed to put the wolves dog tags on and be the something irrelevant for the battlefield, yet again.

    Just toying with the trained dogs to gear the war machine.

    You need the Pope's new message of "Peace" Trump.
    Because watching falsified peace enactments on your part and his is a joke of a peace treaty.

    Did you get Kim a vase filled with disposable heroes dog tags???

  7. If you had deleted hate messages and self-praise from the Internet, which Trump tweet would have survived?

  8. Seizing land through imminent domain? No, screw that. Republicans are all for private property rights until it suits them.

  9. Why should the landowners in Texas give up their land. For a few midwesterners whom know nothing about the Border. And here to the whims of a narcissistic excuse of a president. Stand strong homeowners It's Your Land.

  10. North Dakota North Dakota has so many human rights violations they should not be awarded a government contract. You don't reward someone for bad behavior hello. Trump is just awarding the contracts to his buddies.

  11. Fuktard has no idea about construction. There are hills, valleys and washes. Build on a hill and shovel out a tunnel. Build across a dry wash and the erosion from the monsoon will etch out tunnels. One good ladder with a rope is all it takes.

  12. wow, nine miles in three years
    so lets see The United States' border with Mexico is nearly 2,000 miles long.
    at 3 miles per year it's going to take… how long again?
    but didn't the fat bugger just tell his minions it's almost complete?
    ah, Donnie lied again, who would have thunk it?

  13. crazy dog Trump mistakes are barking at my CHINA,CHINA,,CHINA,,CHINA,,,,mad Trump could have some hint from my Emperor Mr.Xi about how the ""GREAT -WALL OF CHINA was built,so that the wall mentally deranged Trump want to build be admired my the Yankee cowards,,crazy dog Trump have a big problem with his my C H I N A ….

  14. If a North Dakota company wants to build a wall, let them do it in North Dakota! What a waste of money How much are these court cases costing us taxpayers??

  15. If you voted for Trump and you lose your
    land go back and look at your nice wall Trump will be at his estate. Everyone got what they what they wanted enjoy.

  16. Eminent Domain is constantly being abused by corporations who own Capital Hill… It needs to be redefined or banned. It's stupid, the way it is now.

  17. The government can seize land under Eminent Domain. They force the owner to relinquish all rights and the government takes control. Seen it happen in Boulder county, Colorado. Don't like it? Move and get nothing. Happens a lot as population increases and there isn't enough property to go around without stealing it from the original owners. We are all tenants under our government.

  18. Eminent Domain TRUMPS all. This is how America was created – interstate highways, dams and bridges, cities, infrastructure, pipelines… Without Eminent Domain we would all be property owners with a say about what happens to our own land. My heavens, doesn't everyone know that the gov know more than we do? I mean we are complete idiots in their eyes, and laws. Give up peacefully or go to jail and lose everything.

  19. We've stolen Mexico's water, get their produce cheap, use their medical system for affordable health care, and still we want more without giving anything in return. We are a bunch of spoiled brats who steal and use and simply don't care who or what it degrades and kills. As long as we get what we want, for free. America, what an embarrassment.

  20. This all a smoke screen. The Truth is that Babylon is falling. Come Edom set yourself down in the dust. Now that's a nation emergency. All praisesTMH.

  21. Eminent Domain sounds like Satan's way to say: "You don't own sh*t. It's mine. The money is mine, the land is mine, and the kingdoms on it, all mine."

  22. More fake news and not telling you the whole story.
    First of all, the border and 60 feet in belongs to the federal government. No citizen can own this land.
    In the very few places that land must be seized, the government has every right to buy the land at fair market value and perhaps $2k for moving expenses.
    Anyone who wants to fight it will only be wasting their time and money.
    It doesn't need to be a national emergency. This goes on every year throughout the country.

  23. It is really simple. Build / replace in other areas first. See if the illegals cross the private land. After a while some might even say WTF with increased traffic over their land, build me a wall. But for the government to force their way in? Texas, stand your ground.

  24. I don't see how ranchers can water their cattle with a fence blocking access. Ceding control of the river to Mexico is a non-starter.

  25. No individual owns the border. It is the government's responsibility to secure the border. No individual land owner has the right to maintain an open border.

  26. But wait they voted for Trump now they are mad. Are Trump supporters tired of winning yet keep supporting THIS insane President lol

  27. If there was a threat at their border, don't you think the landowners would know it? They would be all for a wall if they needed protection. The reports I've heard are from landowners who say they have never seen an illegal crossing on their land.

  28. It's a good thing Der Wallnut ISIS genius has his priorities.

    ISIS beheads 10 Christian captives in Nigeria as retaliation for Baghdadi death

  29. The Army Corps of Engineers has halted construction on about 175 miles of border wall

  30. I wonder how trump supporters would feel if the government came to thier land wherever it is and seized it,how patriotic would they be,they'll be crying the government is a crook

  31. They just don't get it..whoever is crossing the border dont care if theres a wall or not. It dont matter even if there's a wall one day someone will tear it down

  32. I notice that the only border patrol agents who are allowed to talk to reporters are the one's who will say they support the wall.

  33. If I'm a landowner in Texas with property on both sides of the border, and the government takes some to build a wall, can I install a tunnel under the wall?

    #shrikailasa #kailaasa #kailasa #nithyananda #nithyanandasatsang

  35. Trump is the biggest and dumbest criminal. He just got busted awarding a contract to himself for Doral. It's so nice that greedy pig doesn't learn. Happy Hillary warned us day y'all!

  36. Get used to the wall. Trump will be building it for 5 more years. Illegals Must be stopped, and those here deported. Period!

  37. Trump's wall is a joke and always has been. Obama put up far more southern border wall and never once bragged about it because hje didn't need the PR from white supremacists. Trump just needs the hate stirred up he doesn't care about immigrants one fckng bit as long as he can employ them in his 3 star and falling casinos

  38. Here is a case where imminent domain makes sense. Build the damned wall to protect all of us and compensate land owners for the few feet of their land that we need for the wall.

  39. Strange how the DIRE, National Emergency at our Southern Border seemed to vanish, like, the day after the Mid-Terms. . . .

    As an aside, wouldn't one think that the people that currently OWN the land under question on the Texas border would KNOW if there is/was an 'emergency' situation going on…. across their land? Some of these people have had the land in their families for generations. I would trust their opinion on the matter far more than ANY other opinions!

  40. What if Pelosi sits on the impeachment paperwork untill the end of the vote process in early Nov (to get a real trial)? Cadet Bone Spurs will get to see the big blue wave hit Wash DC, the end of the legal process, and then a fine send off to jail arainments! Maybe even new charges also!

  41. The sad part about it that wall and stopping stopping s*** I seen a 14 year old kid scale that wall they laughed at your anti-climb maneuver this is only for show and tell

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