President Donald Trump’s Unsecure Communications | Deadline | MSNBC

President Donald Trump’s Unsecure Communications | Deadline | MSNBC

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100 thoughts on “President Donald Trump’s Unsecure Communications | Deadline | MSNBC

  1. Hillary Clinton's unsecured communications oh, that's OK cause she's not trump , her emails are not an issue either right.

  2. We support him!

  3. Trump is communicating with Russia every minute of every day by using unsafe communication methods making it so easy for Russia to be with him at all times. Trump and his Corrupt Band of Republican Sycaphants use Russian Talking Points at all times. Cheers from Michael. Australia.

  4. LOL! IRT donald's electronic communications, where does the Whitehouse Communications Agency fit in? Is it an innocent bystander?

  5. Russia, if you're listening…..and any other subversive government who wants the inside scoop on my schemes. No wonder the leaders of historical allies laughs at him. It would be funny but sadly it is not! The president is the number one national security threat to our nation.

  6. Money, Money, Money – Stock Market swings when China trade war is close to settlement, or not – who is making money from insiders listening to these phone calls.

  7. He needs to smash his phone with a hammer, bleachbit all of his servers, share top secret info with friends… then get our servicemen, ambassador and staff killed, lie to the country and their families on how it happened ! Then we could all forgive , forget , and move on !

  8. lol u guys are always being taken in by russia , even now you are crowing the great hero JFK who stared down the russians in the cuban missile crisis , when really he was a fool , totally taken in by the russians……

  9. The Government or communications always knows the cell phones and computers and smart TV…are spying BIG TIME. .so they know conversations even regular people!!

  10. Giuliani is not over there in the Ukraine taking care of business for trump. He's over there giving Putin information from trump.

  11. Moscow was in charge of the Ukraine plotting. Trump acting on Putin instructions.
    Is this fake news. Oh the outrage of unsecured communications.

  12. Sondland & Nunes also had unsecure communications b4 Sondlands testimony. Sondlands ‘I want Nothing” fake statement was preplanned. Nunes is a dirty dog!!

  13. You Americans are so gullible, of course it’s intentional, DT is an Russian Asset. 45% of your country do not care that he is an Russian asset, 45% want to give him the benefit of the doubt or make excuses for him and are in denial. As for the other 10%, they know what he is and are still wondering how it come to this.

  14. Sorry America. From an Irish/European point of view, we would prefer that Trump finishes out his term and a normal, functioning human being takes over the Whitehouse and restores some dignity to America. Mike Pence, the women fearing, homophobic, white nationalist, would be a worse President because he actually believes in the bile and hatred he espouses. At least Trump believes in nothing except what will benefit his own self.

  15. Yeah, this is right up there with Hillary transmitting Top Secret information across an unsecured server, and then lying about it. But I suppose no drone who sits in front of MSNBC/CNN would know that…..

  16. Dear friends of MSNBC, this is a simple PSA. I know you’re probably a proud democrat that loves this network but please please check out these shows that will tell you what’s really happening.. MSNBC will NOT

    Secular Talk
    The Majority Report
    The Rational National
    The Young Turks
    The Jimmy Dore Show
    The Grayzone
    The Michael Brooks Show
    Redacted Tonight w/ Lee Camp

    The internet has given us so many places where you can get authentic and thoughtful news with real investigative work being done to uncover what’s really happening in the world and in Washington. What America is really doing in places like Chile, Venezuela, Yemen, Syria etc… If for some reason you did not know, please take this time to realize NOW YOU KNOW. I find it extremely important to share these outlets with those who do not know them. I’m just a regular guy. Working class.

  17. He wants the Russians to be listening in. He obeys Putin not the American people. Of course his deplorable supporters with 5th grade reading levels don’t know the difference.

  18. How stupid do you have to be, to still be uncertain about Trump’s extremely peculiar behavior regarding Russia and how it always benefits them by some strange coincidence?

  19. It doesn't matter. Trump and Giuliani very confident criminals. Unsecure never applies to them. For they are who they are and all secure people know them who are both- unsecure and insecure.

  20. With everything the media and all the democrats do continuously to demoralize and hate on our President on a daily basis, he still manages to make an unannounced trip to Delaware to honor 2 U.S. army pilots killed in Afghanistan when their helicopter crashed. Trump saluted the flag draped remains. How difficult this must be. Shame on all of you haters and especially the media

  21. Clearly republicans don’t care about national security, lies, corruption, cheating, stealing, allies, and impeachment but they love Russia and racism! Super deplorables!

  22. Why is he getting away with this??? Come on folks, it's been intentional since day 1.The US isn't even gonna make it to elections. We are gonna be annexed to Russia by then.

  23. What! The Bat phone isn't Secure.
    ( Enters Mulvaney in his "Robin: cosplay suite) We will get it secured right away but we may have to bribe or do quid pro quo with AT&T.

  24. The corruption was way back with George Bush senior. The CIA., drugs and lots of money. He has been cleaning up the swamp. Too bad he hasn't been able to clean up the news stations.

  25. Ok, really? He has been in bed with them for years. He lets them in INTENTIONALLY. He was convicted on laundering money for the russians in INDIA Trump Taj Mahal. And Trump Towers N.Y. sells condos to russians that do not live there, for inflated prices. Not to mention Betsey DeVos' hhusband's company that also launders russian money. All of the evidence that has been pointed out. He got rid of russian sanctions the day he took office!!! They finance his golf clubs . He does not want US interpreters, he has private meetings with Putin, he had meetings with Vlad just prior to the Ukraine fiasco….WTF does it take for people to see this! Come on…….

  26. We LITERALLY have a traitor “president” the GOP are traitors for enabling this treason.

    They MUST be removed in a blue tsunami next year to save our country, and we will!!!

  27. This buffoon is briefed daily on national security issues. How do we know if our military personnel is being protected? What about covert missions, who blabbed & put our top asset in the Kremlin at risk? How much time & money did it take to get someone to that level? Is anybody listening that we are being attacked on our soil more often than ever since he's been in office! This is about inciting both domestic & foreign assault.

  28. If every adversary is blackmailing Trump, you would just have to go through his tweets and on air segments. Other than Russia and North Korea, what other nation has Trump been brown-nosing?

  29. Of course the Russians knew-its their turf and cell phone towers. The prefix location code on the electronic signal immediately identified the signal and hence was immediately identified, translated and forwarded to Putin. As a result, he may have planted some stuff for 007 Giuliani to run across.

  30. Fake NEWS. Maybe Clinton did it read President Trump's tweet. Oh right MSNBC can't read. Lies again. Sally Yates hilarious.

  31. Just contact the service provider, they'll can get or sell Trump mobile records for BIG BIG DOLLARS! 🤑🏥🏧💰💳💵💴💶💷💲

  32. Yo msnbc…where's the recession you promised? I only see unemployment rates dropping and more and more people getting a job !?!?!? mindtroubling your promises msnbc…..😒

  33. Well, the NSA was listening in Merkel (and probably other western allies, too)…so you bet that we're listening in when we can after that came out.

  34. All the president's contacts use burner phones. President of what? A mafia? A cartel? No. It's actually the president of the US and put the cherry on the sundae, he talks to those burner phones using an unsecured cell phone. I'll just drink coffee and watch the SHOW!

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