100 thoughts on “President Trump Speaks At The World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland

  1. Where many see only darkness, President Donald Trump sees light. Davos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_lpVPh6LeU8

    Green Peace Founder, Patrick Moore, explains the need to release carbon sequestered in petroleum, coal and other hydrocarbons to green the earth and feed all things. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFHX526NPbE

    NASA agrees. Nothing has done more to "GREEN" our planet than modestly elevated levels of carbon dioxide in the presence of moderate warming resulting from the "Modern Grand Solar Maximum" during the second half of the last century. https://www.nasa.gov/feature/goddard/2016/carbon-dioxide-fertilization-greening-earth

    "You must be suspicious of claims of certainty. You must critically observe the latest discoveries."-Ben Davidson

  2. P E S S I M I S S M that is the word which Trump cannot read from the tele-prompt. His delivery is jerky and without emotion because he finds it hard to read. He remains an embarrassment internationally. Fact checking will happen in what he is saying. Ask the average Americian if THEY feel better off under the Trump administration.

  3. Wonderful news. Congratulations to the american people!
    It’s incredible how much you can achieve in a short period of time.

  4. Trump, you're stable genius is breaking down to the fact that you made some enemies and those enemies were standing beside you as you proceeded to make more. Trump you haven't a friend in the world save maybe High noon and McConnell. maybe a few others that were compromising this country's security. Putin's Trump grenade that is now showing signs of hitting Trump himself.

  5. Great comeback .. lol .. Trumps increased the US deficit by 18% , so remember his book quote from ‘Art of the deal’ .. “tell a lie 3 times and they’ll believe anything”. Millions have fallen for it

  6. I'm looking forward to the fact checking of this one. And what was that line about celebrating God's glorious creation in the form of oil? Who comes up with that nonsense?

  7. Best POTUS in the past 40 years. Not sure why he wants to speak with these idiots at davos. they were probably shooting eye daggers at him the whole time.

  8. Possibly the worst President in US history to say GREATEST is another LIE BUT WELCOME TO TODAY'S AMERICA WHERE LYING IS THE NEW NORMAL FOR SOME

  9. Hahaha Most anti Trump comments are made from empty sock puppet accounts. In other words: paid agents, fake people.
    Kind of makes you think that Trump might be the real deal, after all…

  10. Bravo, POTUS! From his "3- years Economic Achievement", he spoke to the world's Economic Forum!

    He well exposed the vanity of the doom and gloom environmental forecasters!

  11. Had to stop at 2:03. He lies when he knows he's lying and his audience does not believe a word he speaks. We deserve much better than trump.

  12. and it is time for usa people to start companies that use va (virtual assistants) jobs . and that means the non americans will be doing the usa customer service jobs over the expensive usa workers. and I am a usa citizen….

  13. Love our President He is amazing. So what would be the benefit of Globalization?? I wonder what everyone else (nation) is thinking. Thank you so much Mr President for everything you have accomplished in the 3 years. You have done so much for our country and the people and has a positive influence with other people *buy maybe not the leaders, no one can hold a candle to your efforts

  14. Trump is 50 lbs over weight and physically and mentally and emotionally unfit to pick up horse manure in a parade. He has early stage dementia and soon Alzheimer's haha 😆

  15. This is stupid, Davos has becomes the 2ns Oval Office for this Orange Idoit to lie and boast… America is gone with Trump.. The start of a Decline of an Empire…

  16. So the whole statement from the left, "he's ruining everything".
    The thing hes doing is cleaning up a mess left over from greedy politicians whom seek to thrive on its hungry nation. A two tier system that cuts out a middle class, its a dangerous road when the middle line is pulled from existence. We thrive by the process of dreams and the middle class is the path way the generations have to endure. To much power separated with a mountain of debt, means slavery. A middle class ensures that a social slavery system can not exist.

  17. This exposes the whole central bank system. The manipulated employment and unemployment model of the central bank system is a failure and not needed, it's manufactured.

  18. As soon as I turned TV news media on she lied about Trump, Joe Biden on a video said if you don't fire the prosecutor you our not going to get the billion, he laughed they got rid of him 6 hours, so why would trump need dirt, it's right there plus he is beating the democrats in flying colors in the election, it's really insanity, when you watch the video of Joe Biden saying that, then you say it's trump,
    really that is insanity, you want to know the truth your hatred watching these news media lie day after day for almost 3 years about the fake dossier, they had it planned before he was president, they admitted it, some, The news media people for going a long lying about the fake dossier, he could sue them for millions, plus have them charged but he has not because it might cause civil unrest, the hatred for the president has damaged your hearts, if you hate someone day after day and watch the news day after day,
    see them lie but have to agree with a lie because your minds our mixed up because of your hatred,, and I herd the phone call, than if he did say nothing wrong.
    I would of hope he did say something, because if there is illegal activities Biden is doing would not the democrats voters want too see that, would you rather there be crimes continue , that is what they teach in school, lie to fit your narrative, and the one way is there way ,want you to be like robots with no opposition.
    journalism in university they teach you too make up thing ,leave one word out for it fits the students narrative, or cause division.
    When people start to think lying is right it does something to them internally, there soul, heart, mind, they start to think right is wrong & wrong is right, they stop knowing what the truth is it's called evil infiltrate them, influence them just like agreeing with full term abortion, a little baby, crying, moving away from the liquid they put In, dancing the dead babies around, the satanic forces have done you in,, plus abortion is wrong any ways, just because people think its alright does not mean.it is.
    They our need a lot of prayer,, repentance, love in your heart not hatred , get evil out of your soul,
    i am telling you the truth, I just care believe or not , I am sure trying any ways .
    It's end of days apocalypse, carbon from pollution does not do what is going on, Get right with god and ask Jesus Christ in to your hearts and lives. Prayer does work 100 percent, if you don't believe me try pray , at least you give you self a chance.
    God will never leave us or for sake us.
    You have to make a effort.
    Jesus Christ is always there in our hours of needs,

  19. Best Potus I have ever seen. Trump is a cash cow for American workers. He loves the heck out of our country. Dude,got my vote.

  20. Trump just about got something right, the US has created just under 6.2 million jobs in the last three years but of course he lied about Obama's job creation as in the last three years of his presidency there was just over 8 millions jobs created. It is no doubt Trump has being riding on the wave of growth created by the previous administration. Economies don't change the moment a new POTUS is sworn in, it takes time to create or destroy a countries economy, time will tell as to what this POTUS is achieving. T Kiwi

  21. I bet they had him deliver the opening remarks to have a few giggles before they hunkered down for business. It's always nice when the venue opens with a clown.

  22. Hope, prosperity and reason vs panic, doom and hysteria.

    That’s why I dislike Greta and her followers: they made me start rooting for Trump!!!

  23. In my town we had about 15-20 factories shut down in the late 70’s and 80’s, we are now getting our factories back just recently

  24. Unfortunately the LibTards in Canada are not listening to the success in the US and don't get it… Fn Trudeau is an idiot.

  25. You better thank Obama! He has allowed you to sit in the oval office and eat junk food all day! No matter what anybody says Obama turned the economy around FACT that's can't be disrupted!

  26. Ai + Quantum computing + 5G + the patented Subliminal Acoustic manipulation of the nervous system (6017302) + Agenda 2030 = Horrific future and we should watch out for this Mind control and depopulation plans with FEMA camps! Maybe the Wuhan Coronavirus will be used to quarantine people? Keep your eyes open guys!

  27. Please impeach that bum and send him to Canada we Canadians need a true leader who puts his country and its citizens first. God Bless President Trump, the only world leader of the last 30 years a working person could honestly respect

  28. Why trees? Trees grow very slow.
    There are a lot of plants wich grow much faster like hemp or even normal grass. If you want to take co2 out of the air in a natural way, trees are the worst choise!

  29. I wish people who hate Trump would take a beat and actually listen to what he is saying. He is a president for the people. He has in the first 8 minutes described real wealth redistribution accomplishments done by making global trade fair. No political theories here. Real results.

  30. According to Perkins:

    “So how does the system work? We economic hitmen have many vehicles to make this happen, but perhaps the most common one is that we will identify a country—usually a developing country—that has resources our corporations covet, like oil, and then we arrange a huge loan to that country from the World Bank or one of its sister organizations.

    “Now most everybody in our country believes that loan is going to help poor people. It isn’t. Most of the money never goes to the country. In fact it goes to our own corporations. It goes to the Bechtels and the Halliburtons and the ones we all hear about, usually led by engineering firms, but a lot of other companies are brought in and they make fortunes off building the infrastructure projects in that country. Power plants, industrial parks, ports, those types of things. Things that don’t benefit the poor people at all; they’re not connected to the electrical grid, they don’t get the jobs in the industrial parks because they’re not educated enough. But they as a class are left holding a huge debt. The country goes deep into debt in order to make this happen, and a few of its wealthy people get very rich in the process. They own the big industries that do benefit from the ports and the highways and the industrial parks and the electricity.

    “The country is left holding this huge debt that it can’t possibly repay, so at some point we economic hitmen go back in and we say, ‘You know, you can’t pay your debts. You owe us a pound of flesh, you owe us a big favor. So sell your oil real cheap to our oil companies, or vote with us on the next critical United Nations vote, or send troops in support of our to some place in the world like Iraq.’ And so we use this whole process as, first of all, a means for getting their money (money we loan them) to enrich our own corporations, and then to use the debt to enslave them.”

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