President Trump Spoke Publicly for 56 Total Minutes Last Week

President Trump Spoke Publicly for 56 Total Minutes Last Week

-Let’s get to the news.
According to CNN,
President Trump spoke publicly
for 56 total minutes last week.
Even though the car behind him
was honking the whole time.
Investigators are saying that
the guards at the jail
holding sex trafficker
Jeffrey Epstein may have been
asleep at the time of his death.
Worse, they were asleep
in their beds at home.
“Oh, we were supposed
to stay there?”
Politico has published
an article about
two college students who have
become popular deejays
amongst Trump supporters and go
by the stage name Milk N Cooks,
which is incidentally the
Secret Service names
for these two.
Walmart has launched an
after a North Carolina mother
found that the baby formula
she purchased turned out
to be flour.
She suspected it was flour after
noticing changes in her baby.
“No, he seems fine.
He’s very happy.
Yeah, no, you touch his belly
button, and he just giggles.”
The blog Vogueworld posted
an article yesterday
entitled “Brad Pitt Proves That
Fedoras Can Actually be Hot.”
Although, I think a more
accurate title would have been
“Brad Pitt’s
Hotness Overcomes Fedora.”
Ohio State University has filed
to trademark the word “the,”
due to its inclusion in the
school’s formal name
and the tradition of pro
athletes referring to their
alma mater as
“the Ohio State University.”
Said a judge, “That is
‘the’ dumbest thing
I’ve ever heard.”
[ Cheers and applause ]
The producers of “Star Wars”
have announced
they’re partnering with Mattel
to produce a new line
of Barbie dolls
based on the movies.
But they are creating
unrealistic body standards
for Hutts.
I like a joke that
I would have got in 1984.
The band Guns N’ Roses has
dropped a copyright lawsuit
against a company that was
selling a Guns ‘N’ Rosé beer,
which is good news for the
makers of Sweet Child O’ Wine.
And, finally, a venomous
3-foot-long snake
has now been missing from the
Bronx Zoo for over a week.
“I haven’t seen him,” said
a cashier at the gift shop.

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100 thoughts on “President Trump Spoke Publicly for 56 Total Minutes Last Week

  1. Unfortunately I live in Ohio. These people actually believe that they have cornered the market on everything. So it's good to see somebody actually slap them in the face and say no you're in reality land.
    There's a reason it's called the Buckeye state. Because everybody here is nuts.

  2. "Ohio State University filed to trademark the word The –"
    Is not the dumbest thing ever heard; Remember when The Donald tried to trademark the phrase "You're Fired"?

  3. The Ohio University, my Alma Mater, is the oldest (1804) university in Ohio. OSU is a bigger school with a bigger brand. What else do they want?

  4. Look out for Ben and Jerry's new Trump Administration themed ice cream flavor "Cheetos 'n' Cream".

  5. As a graduate of THE George Washington University, I would like to tell THE Ohio State University that no one uses the 'THE' to refer to you, outside of official documentation. No one went to TOSU – they went to OSU. Get over your dang selves

  6. 56 minutes of pure D 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩🍊lard azzzzzz demon

  7. I like watching Seth Myers because he is low-key boring. Does that make any sense at all?
    I'm being completely serious.

  8. The leaders of this country is treating each state as a departed state. In stead of a united states. these people voted in is to run these states for the major corporation of D.C. of Washington. For all corporation to be as one. on this continent Once you become a member of the United States. You are to uphold its purpose. That the founders of this country fought for. And for all to be equal. even tho there still issues of the constitution, of the United we stand, in the states of America. This is not what's understood for America.

  9. The Hutts joke is wrong. Hutts see being fat as a good thing as it is a symbol of your powerful. You can spend all day on your ass while your goons do everything else.

  10. SO FUNNY !!!
    LISTEN (CLICK LINK BELOW) " (Short but to the point) "I AM A CRAZY DEMOCRAT SONG""

  11. Is Pitt actually wearing a fedora in that shot? I thought it looked like a Panama. 🤔 Maybe a trilby?

    (Edited to add the trilby.)

  12. .
    Any of these comments could be fake. I want assurances that I'm getting real people's opinions. X
    Companies or governments could cheaply influence public opinion through fake comments. Google needs a fix fast.

  13. 56 minutes, eh?🤔
    That's one minute for every time t'rump fantasized about banging his own daughter.
    That week.

  14. LMMFAO unrealistic body standards for Hutts! They might be getting harassed by the rest of the universe, though..considering the best known Hutt standard is currently the resident in the WH.

  15. 56 minutes of shouting over the noise of helicopter engines, the sound of smooth running engines preferable to the empty noise coming out of his lying mouth, at least they work and serve a useful purpose.

  16. I worked at a multi-billion dollar company as a Security Officer…we had one officer in another building come clock in while wearing her robe and slippers. Apparently she had done this for years without an incident…but when the sprinkling system, fire alarm and robotic machinery went wild  she was busted.  This company was and is an international company moved it manufacturing plant to Mexico and builds computers for the world.

  17. 'WASHINGTON – The federal prison system paid $1.6 million in bonuses to its top executives and wardens during the past two years despite chronic staffing shortages and sharp critiques of prison management leveled by Congress.The payments – the latest in a series of annual awards – ranged from $5,400 to $23,800 per official. The largest sums went to the agency’s leadership team, including $20,399 to the U.S. Bureau of Prisons' acting director, Hugh Hurwitz, and the wardens of prisons who confronted what union officials described as dangerous shortages of guards"… USA TODAY.
    U.S. Atty. Bill Barr is the authoority over Hurwitz. He should recuse himself from the investigation.

  18. I like it when Don the Commie is "trump-splaining" something and he realizes he doesn't know enough about the subject, and goes into his woody-allen hand gestures. Finishing by telling us that it was Clinton's fault (or Obama) and stating that only he can fix it. Trouble is: he is not a comedian -but a poor excuse for a president*.

  19. Trump spoke publicly for 56 minutes. It was the live, commercial free premiere of the new season of American Horror Story.

  20. 5+6=11
    Inside Freemsons: ILLUMINATI
    You bet you a$$ they want to take over the world, so either buckle up or hopefully take your gloves off!

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