‘President will work with whoever wins’ – BBC News

‘President will work with whoever wins’ – BBC News

again most of the candidates that the
president actually went in campaigned for and who embraced the president are
doing well tonight but at the same time we’ve got a long night to go a lot of
races left and at the end of the day the president is going to work with whoever
comes into office we have a lot of things on our agenda and we look forward
to getting them all done you

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46 thoughts on “‘President will work with whoever wins’ – BBC News

  1. We expect House Dems in control to be very aggressive in fighting the corrupt trump regime! Texas voters did our part!
    Now, we can protect Mueller's work and check trump the pervy traitor!

    Beto is such a great man! Texas Dems won (flipped) the State Senate seat-totally a giant win that would have been the biggest story except for "Beto vs Cruz" story. Allred won and Pete Sessions(in office for a half century) was finally defeated by a DEM-OMGosh, truly a Blue wave-then Texas Dems flipped 4 House seats, and elected all Dems in nearly all open local races! 5 Repub's who messed with immigrants lost their offices to DEMS.
    Really, a Blue wave in Texas-despite a somewhat predicted Beto loss.GO TEXAS BLUE wave!

  2. Despite all the huff and puff from all those millionare celebrities trump has came out on top again . Clearly the majority of america still backs him despite the propaganda.

  3. It was certainly not a wave. Obama's first midterm saw far more losses for the democrats. The worst mistake that the democrats can make will be to hound Trump for the next two years as this will likely backfire heavily on them in 2020. If growth stagnates because of their obsession with impeachment and stalling tactics designed to frustrate the presidency then the public will not be forgiving. Interesting times ahead

  4. Anon lied to you. How do people still fall for things like that? 60,000 democrats arrested…have you lost your mind to believe something like that?

  5. We need a elected president in the UK.We have a democratic deficit in the country with people in power through appointments or by birth not by secret ballot.Over 800 unelected lords.We need reform.End human rights crime as the head of state is exempt from the human rights act.The British system is backward and corrupt.

  6. We all seem to forget this is the first mid-term for prez thrump. To lose a house so early in a presidential career is sure to be damaging in some way no matter how many supporters of him spin it.

  7. Let's hope that midterm fair results will lessen the media hostile rhetoric to pdt trump and the obstructionist actions of his opponents,nevertheless,it remains an outstanding victory if we look at the manner he faught his way out and what he endured in his first two years in office.

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