Rambert2 BBC London news piece – Nov 2018

NARRATOR: Rehearsals of
world leading contemporary dance
It’s almost 90 years old, but these are the
future faces of the Rambert Dance Company
Formed in 1926, it’s Britain’s oldest,
but this is a youthful new ensemble called Rambert2
The dancers were picked after a hugely
competitive and gruelling audition earlier this year
MESHACH: I remember walking through
the doors and having this kind of like buzz,
umm, and not knowing what to expect
and the audition was 4 days. So…
BENOIT: Well it’s so stressful cause
you see all them trying to get the job and
if I could get an 800 dancer company
I will do it, but it’s not possible.
So out of 800 dancers I found 13 of them.
Amazing dancers coming from all over the world
and they have something to say, a story to tell.
And go [SNAPS]
Chh [SNAPS] and
NARRATOR: Now they come to work each
day on the South Bank, some as young as 19
to finesse the repertoire,
develop as artists and train hard.
SALOMÉ: It takes up
a lot of your life and you have to,
obviously like, find the balance, but
I remember when I was younger I use to
always miss out on like parties and stuff
cause I was like “Sorry guys, got dance on the weekend.”
But, like, I’m grateful that
I rode it out because I’m here now.
JOSHUA: Sometimes I have to pinch myself because
you’re surrounded by such incredible people
who constantly support you and push you,
umm, and there’s also a little bit of pressure because
it’s such a large name and people know the company
FAYE: 6 days a week, 8 hours a day
umm, and it’s just, you just keep going.
You just keep, keep going.
And, you know, it really
teaches you how to be a professional
NARRATOR: Rambert2 will performance at
Sadler’s Wells from November the 6th to the 10th.
BENOIT: I’m very excited to show
off these dancers to the world. I think
when you see them onstage you will see this…
a hunger. You will see this youth
and this passion, raw passion
NARRATOR: Wendy Hurrell, BBC London News

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