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Hello and welcome to
My name is Michael Kuhlmann and I am
the lead developer of
the shop team
and I would once again like to show you
the new features that we have developed
our goal is to create
a fantastic shopping experience
for our customers and to connect
shops and customers, in order to make
shopping as pleasant as possible
therefore we also want to
make the necessary payment at the end
as pleasant and unproblematic
as possible for the buyer
so I will show you what
we have developed recently in accordance with that
which is currently in a testphase but will soon be
on the shop page
first I will just use the shop as it is
nothing so far has changed
here we have the search
and the results…we can add filters…
so let’s say I choose a
product, as a buyer, and would like to
purchase it now…we have always
had the possibility of paying for it
but now we have improved that
we now have the option
to not only pay with credit card
but also with instant transfer
or giro-pay. However we also have
a new feature for the credit card payment.
Now it is not necessary
to enter credit card details
every time
with each new purpose
now you can save credit card details
I will show you how this works
if no credit card has been registered yet
then you only have the
option to add a new credit card
so that there
is a credit card at all
if the credit card number is valid
which during test-drives is always the case
then I just need to click on add
then it will display a
mastercard. you can see here that
with encryption you can see which
number the card has. this means you
can compare, when there are various cards,
which one is registered already
that one is then pre-selected so
that I can continue paying and
I can also delete it again at any time
as a normal buyer, I have registered it
so that I can actually make the purchase
I am clicking on continue
which leads me to the overview
nothing has changed here, it was like
that before already. There I need to
confirm again and click that I agree
with the policies of the seller
then I click on buy and wait
a small moment while the
card is being checked and the page
is loaded…and done. I did not need to
enter any further information, this means
I can, for example, also keep
shopping und will now search for
a different camera
now for example, if I bought Sony
then now I will search for Canon
now everything is simple and I can
choose the credit card again.
In production we will then have
preselected the credit card, since we
used that credit card the last time
that feature is not yet in this version
as I said we are still in the testphase

It should then be so,
that you do not need to select anything else
except the last used credit card, in this
case there is only one card anyway.
I don’t need to do anything else
I can click on continue
I can confirm without having
to enter the credit card details again
I will normally just be able to pay
but now it is showing me that it
will not let me make another purchase
but that is only because it is a test card
which only allows you to
make one purchase
and not a second one
to also test the case of an error message

with a real credit card I would
already be finished and have paid
additionally I have now chosen
a product in Swiss Francs which
cannot be paid with
direct debit or giro-pay
that is simply because the payment provider
only allows payments in Euros
I am now going back into my
account area and will say
okay if I cannot buy Canon
then I will stick to Sony products
and will now choose a different

now it is in Euro again so I
I have the option to choose direct debit
or use giropay
direct debit is, at least in Germany,
the most common payment method
It basically means I am paying via
debit authorization, I give my
my account details and the money
is taken directly from my account
this is a very nice option, especially
for those buyers who do not have a credit card
or the ones who don’t want their credit card
data to be used on the internet
who prefer the
classic bank account means of payment
I am now back on the overview page
when using the direct debit option
I cannot register my details beforehand
With direct debit
you always explicitly
need to log into your bank account
so you cannot save anything
the reason for that is generally because
a tan needs to be
sent to your mobile
or to your smartcard
and because the payment cannot occur
through our shop but rather through
the page of
that is why I need to enter this separately
which in this case
will not work
as this demonstration bank
does not normally exist
here I am selecting the account holder

normally there is only one
and the tan is that which normally would be
sent to your mobile or to any
internal bank app
to make sure that only authorized payments
are possible
I am being lead back to the merchants page
so now I have paid via direct
debit from my bank account and
could now continue shopping.
So this is how we try to make the payment process
as easy as possible for the customer
and wish, of course, that in the end
everyone is satisfied
the shops can offer their products on the marketplace
and the customers have
a pleasant, fantastic
shopping experience without
having to worry much about the payment process
only that what is necessary to
authorize a secure and safe payment
and to avoid any kind of fraud
that was it for now, our short update
we will, of course, continue
to add new features and as
soon as we have developed something great
that we can offer you, then
I will be back with another update!
Take care, yours, Michael

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