RNC Spokesperson: Pelosi has no idea what she’s doing

RNC Spokesperson: Pelosi has no idea what she’s doing

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100 thoughts on “RNC Spokesperson: Pelosi has no idea what she’s doing

  1. LOL LOL LOL Pelosi knows EXACTLY what she is doing and Republicans are frustrated knowing they can’t do anything about it. She is pushing this issue into the election cycle, and she is working over 4 Republican senators that might turn on Trump IF they see has no apron strings (and he doesn’t, ask the gov. Of Kentucky and Louisiana). The longer she ropa-dopes this the more frustrated Trump gets, the crazier crap he says and does (like windmills cause air pollution). She is as dumb as a fox.

  2. It's like a person the doctor told them they have 6 months to live. She is doing anything and everything be damned her legacy, credibility, and be damned this nation and citizenry. She should be approached by Secret Service before she gets on the grounds of Congress, she is unstable, an anarchist, gone rouge, and smearing our constitution, a document most of us think matters for something.

  3. This far left wants to bring socialism to America looked to Venezuela country same of my family fled the country they lost houses they busnines

  4. Sure she does… The SUN-Sentinel in Florida said, "Rep. Nancy Pelosi has taken her place as one of the greatest Speakers of the U.S. House. 😀😃😆😅😂🤣😭

    Got to live it!

    TRUMP 2020

  5. If an employee did anything close to their employer or CEO, that Pelosi is doing to Trump and US Constitution, they would be stopped before they got to work the next morning, and escorted off the grounds if they were already at work. That is exactly what should happen to her. In her own words "we don't have TIME to go to the courts " so just kick her the hell out, now !

  6. Nancy you just don't get it you never going to impeach God Trump is working with God and all you Democrats are the evil devil in the year 2020 all you Democrats are going to suffer the wrath of God

  7. President trump made America greater with her policies he's the greatest president Americans had so far kept he's processed and much more

  8. American peoplr they blessed to have predident trump and lucky too he reslly csres about people how elected him he kept hed promesses not vortupt like this far left

  9. But, but , but she’s the paramount political mastermind! In reality she’s the frontman for the real brains behind the curtain.She’s an alcoholic brainless twit.All people need to do is research her pedigree which ain’t good!Her old man destroyed Baltimore and her brother continued the destruction.Look at the mess she’s made in San Francisco so I don’t want to hear anything about her leadership and astuteness.She’s a lowlife criminal fraud!

  10. When the hell I action going to be taken against the Democrats and all who conspire with them ……I'm tired of talk …..arrests need to happen…assassinations….coincidental freak accidents…ECT thisnis getting ridiculous

  11. She is a Democrat! Of course she is clueless!! EVERYTHING those bastards touch is an epic fail! EVERYTHING they run! EVERY city is a disaster!! Enough! Those Commies have got to go!

  12. If I were POTUS of the United Skates of Americards, I would quit playing Euchre , dividing the country by making them play with only half a deck of cards, is kin to living in a sanitarium in a " One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest " poker tournament. What we need is one side of the house to play Hearts, and the other side to play Spades for a proper tournament face off, using bowers that know how to bow eye to eye.

  13. Until Ms Pelosi delivers articles of impeachment to the US Senate, there has been no impeachment. Just a lot of psychobabble and hearsay. Trump has yet to be impeached, until Ms Pelosi stops playing games with the articles of impeachment.

  14. Pelosi and the rest of democratic rat party think they can steal votes by soiling Trumps image with this fake impeachment campaign.

  15. Nancy Pelosi is so stupid,that she still hasnt got a clue that she has destroyed the democratic party and garrenteed a Trump win followed by republican house and senate.When it finally dawns on her shes going to blame everyone and everything on someone else.

  16. Maybe craps will be able to get a job exterminators, but they would have spray themselves being cockroaches! Biden pay for play. What a bunch of MORONS!

  17. I was a True die hard Dem, but after this embarrassment of Impeachment of TRUMP, I'm changing teams to the Republicans…Dems have become so bizarre !!!

  18. She is delaying because she knows it doesn’t stand a chance so they are looking at the Muller investigation to see if they can find something,anything!

  19. No,she does not know what she is doing ,

  20. Pelosi adam shifter nadler an others Democrats gone nuts
    Making up her own laws
    Screw America laws and constitution
    Just make up new laws
    Pelosi hate trump an others Democrats
    Hate will burn hole in your soul
    An will have nightmares about trump accomplish
    An Pelosi adam shifter nadler waken up middle of night hiding from police coming get them
    Cell next to Hillary Biden mopping floors in prison
    Pelosi is lost trying find her doctors physicists an priest for help. Catholic don't lie

  21. Pelosi is one the smartest women of my time. I'm glad you think so wrongly about her, because that will give her the advantage. Your bullying will return to you and against you like a boomerang. We just need 17 security agencies to get together and the FBI to determine how much of Fox is owned by Vladimir the supporter of Maduro and the guerrillas of FARC and the destruction of Western democracy. Good Fox your turning into the rabbit!

  22. Biden is a idiot , why the hell has he been in Washington for 50 years ? If a good president only has 8 years then these life long thieves need term limits too , just doesn't make any sense .

  23. Pelosi does'nt know what she is doing! It's easy to understand simple like make america great again! There's dumb people in the society…heuu oh you've stop reading? You better not vote and have wonderful years to come!

  24. This is the nature of Degeneracy. These people committed gross crimes against themselves and mankind and their only going down hill faster and faster. They fooled people for year with their maniacal nature against the innocence, selfishness and vulnerability of mankind. All they had to do in the past is lie with a straight face but once challenged their house of straw collapses.

  25. In 2020 Joe Biden will become a three-time loser and Nancy Pelosi a two-time loser. They are pathetic losers who should have never been in the government in the first place. We have to hold our politicians to a higher standard or we will always get mediocrities like them. I want someone with at least a half-a-brain to pass laws and create policies that affect my life!

  26. This women she's shameful imagine working with this women every day knowing she's here's you and chumer another beauty God bless prisendent trump

  27. It's very sad to see w hat this swamp creatures doing to the best president Americans have and has you are blessed to have a president like him emagine if he was like the maduro president of Venezuela country people they starving and its of young people students died in the streets to manifesting against he's policies emagine that a far left president you will lose your freedom good Bye American freedom and became a socialist country like Venezuela no more freedom

  28. Everthing what Mark Tyler Taylor write in he's nooks about president trump was true the profesies becoming true God is in he's side amen

  29. Mark Taylor write in the books becoming true so the swamp creatures same of them they will be soon behind bar's they too corrupt

  30. The Supreme Court of the United States will up hold the law of the Constitution. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas will literally save America and World. Presiding over the U.S Senate Impeachment Trial of President Donald J. Trump. Judge Clarence Thomas will set the record straight. The common liberal ideas are worse than the Klan. The Liberal ideology is bases on being Anti-Family Anti -Union Anti-American. President Donald J.Trump will not be impeached so help me God.

  31. Quack quack quack quack quack quackquackquackquackquackquackquackquackquackquackquackquackquackquackquackquackquackquackquackquackquackquackquackquackquackquackquackquackquackquackquackquackquackquackquackquackquackquackquackquackquackquackquackquackquackquackquackquackquackquackquackquackquackquack ….. and was a leader in last administration? Where is his proof of his Green ??? Quacks I personally think….

  32. The ridiculous thing is the demorats are the only ones guilty of every accusation they make against the president and yet they aren’t going to trial

  33. Oh she Knows. Its all on purpose. Its all or nothing right now. The articles are being held for a reason. Shes shrewd and corrupt like most Democrats and some Republicans. Our President is a smart man and they are afraid of the Durham and Barr report. They know whats coming out about them and they are in a panic.

  34. This isn't about impeachment it's all about hiding the 2020 spending bill and the investigations into the Homobama administration.

  35. I hope president Trump doesn't allow this pile of stink wreck his Christmas. Pigs like Piglosi , Schiff and Nadler will never be able to walk down the street with their head high. All aboard the Trumptrain🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂

  36. Pelosi knows EXACTLY what she's doing. Trump and McConnell are now between a rock and a hard place. This impeachment will NOT be bad for Democrats! You people are absolutely delusional! No impeached president has ever been re-elected! Trump is history. And, just to set the record straight–HE IS IMPEACHED–now and for all time. The House decides this; it doesn't depend on the passing of papers or a Senate trial. Impeached is impeached. You people at Fox are not newsmen; you're propaganda marketers.

  37. Pelosi is due our "Thanks" for being so stupid! She couldn't fight her way out of a wet paper bag! Lord, who knew we'd get such a gift for Christmas…..also thanks to Schiff, Schumer, Nadler & all the corrupt deptartments of the FBI who so lovingly supported all the lies in the Fisa court! Comey, et all too! I'd wish you all a Happy New Year but I don't see that down the road for you!

  38. Pelosi wants to add more articles of impeachment, using the failed Mueller report, or anything else she could create out of thin air.. all Democrats should see what their party is doing to our Country.

  39. Biden is a criminal with no future on our planet.
    Is Donald Trump the greatest leader to ever walk the Earth ?…………quite possibly !

  40. Pelosi has passed over 400 House bills and one Impeachment in 2 years, but she definitely doesn't know what she's doing 🤣

  41. Pelosi has shown that regardless how much political savvy she supposedly possesses…has made incredibly stupid decisions….she now has proven to be a complete idiot

  42. 🇺🇲 McConnell needs to change the rules that the House has two weeks to send the articles over or it's nullified

  43. Nancy Pelosi and Shifty LIAR Adam Schiff should be ARRESTED and charged with Obstruction of The United States Senate, Treason and Felony Perjury and Lying to Congress and Lying to the American people and Raising an Insurrection Against the Executive Branch of the Federal Government and trying to overthrow the Government.

  44. No one says you have to be competent to be elected to public office. Just look at Hank Johnson who feared Guam might TIP OVER if too many Marines were stationed there. He later tried to cover his incompetence by saying it was a joke. Look up the original video of him speaking at the official government hearing. This guy really does not know islands are mountain tops!

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