Roman Reigns vs. Dolph Ziggler: Raw, Aug. 19, 2019

Roman Reigns vs. Dolph Ziggler: Raw, Aug. 19, 2019

>>Roman Reigns trying to build momentum
and fire up here against Ziggler, who’s had his own problems as of late. Not just Goldberg but Miz last week.>>Dolph’s his own worst
enemy at this point.>>And
just continues to run his mouth, king.>>I know it. He’s getting that mouth shut up tonight.>>Eight, nine, ten! [SOUND]
>>Roman in a zone now.>>[LAUGH]
>>Reigns with a big boot, down goes Ziggler.>>Look out.
>>Uh-oh.>>Dolph Ziggler locked and loaded.>>Wait a minute!>>The superman punch, Dolph from behind. Rollin’ up Roman. Two count kickout near fall for Ziggler.>>DDT.
>>That did it.>>Ziggler for the win and
what a win it would be over Reigns.>>Kicks out at two.>>That was close. [APPLAUSE]
>>Look at that face. I don’t know if you guys know this,
but Roman Reigns is a pacifist. He could pass a fist right through
his face in just about 30 seconds. [LAUGH]
>>And that’s what Roman Reigns would love to do again. [APPLAUSE] The big dog, fired up! Ziggler trying to make
it back to his feet. Roman Reigns has Ziggler in his sights.>>Uh-oh.
>>[SOUND] Roman went for the spear. Famouser by Ziggler.>>Are you kidding me?>>That’s gotta be it.
>>Countered by Dolph, hooks the leg again on Reigns,
who kicks out at two. [APPLAUSE]
>>Everyone knows I’m better than you.>>Evil thoughts going
through that head of his.>>You had your chance and you blew it. You blew it, idiot.>>Again, Dolph getting carried away.>>Do something. Do something Roman. Do something
>>One, two, three. Come on, back it up, Dolph, come on.>>Now we end this.>>Dolph signals, says, now we end this.>>Roman Reigns says, yes, we do. Cover on Ziggler.>>My gosh.>>The big dog with the win.>>Goodnight GZ.>>Roman Reigns. [MUSIC]

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100 thoughts on “Roman Reigns vs. Dolph Ziggler: Raw, Aug. 19, 2019

  1. I hate Roman Reigns……I feel like when he said he had cancer it was just to finally get over with the fans because he came back less than 5 months later recovered from cancer and with hair???! Cmon lol idk why so many people believed that

  2. tired of seeing guys like dolph and miz constantly being fed to the top carders. not only does it ruin their career but also makes wwe very boring and predictable.

  3. Why all these guys are testing Roman emperor.roman its not a wrestler he is a best rugby player he knows how to spear with in seconds

  4. OMG the Close caption is Finally working in WWE official Youtube channel, Thank you so much WWE, i hope you have a good life!
    now it's time to make 4K 60fps HDR youtube videos please make it 8K is coming soon this year

  5. So nobody gonna talk about how amazing it felt to listen Jerry on the Commentary .Nobody sells a fight better than the king.

  6. Ok, that "pacifist" pun is right up there with the YouTube comment that said Boris Johnson should have retained Kim Daroch so they could partner with someone named Dwayne and be collectively known as Dwayne Daroch Johnson

  7. Dolph Ziggler is too damn good to let WWE make him lose match after match go to aew Dolph be the champion that you should be in WWE

  8. Remember when Roman give spear to Dolph before 6 years. That spear is similar like this spear at corner of the ring

  9. I wish Dolph could get out of his contract. He’s showed how good he is time and time again and yet gets no major push, except for winning the World Title 1 time for a short stint. 1 of many examples: Survivor Series with an assist by Sting. Go to AEW Dolph! Your dues have already been paid 10 fold. At least you’ll get used proper there.

  10. I don’t care what no one says Dolph is the best thing goin he is good on the mic and in ring he deserves a title shot

  11. Dolph Ziggler you are the better of toilets
    Roman Reigns The best in the world
    Roman Reigns the most complete fighter in the WWE

  12. To be a professional wrestler you need have to have athleticism and Acting skills, Roman Reigns is without a doubt the WORST actor in all of professional wrestling. Not only can he not act worth a shizit he can barely wrestle, his wrestling skills are mediocre at best.

  13. When exactly will the wild card rule end?I keep hearing Vince does not want to end the brand split but,when superstars are appearing on both shows.What is the point of a brand split anyway?

  14. 1:32 Ziggler’s small tantrum made me think of Christian’s tantrums during the early 2000s. SOMEBODY CHANGE HIS DIAPER! POWDER HIS BOTTOM!

  15. I really do hate what WWE has done to ziggler. He has always been my fav but every damn time I get my hopes up. Vince repeatedly punches everyone with hope in the balls

  16. Nice, keep making Ziggler a pathetic losing heel. This guy has been in the WWE for 10 years, delivering awesome shows and sells. And you do this to his character…

  17. That was so predictable of course DZ was gonna lose to someone that always wins like Roman Reigns when was the last time DZ won a match

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