Sailing La Vagabonde on the NEWS!!!

Sailing La Vagabonde on the NEWS!!!

Now if [you’re] sick of this antarctic blast we’re getting then you’re going to want to see this next story
They’re the Adelaide couple who have decided to make it their life’s work to chase the sunshine
And how they’re funding their endeavors is amazing. As [annalise] [Nielson] reports while the pay isn’t great
It has some amazing fringe benefits
Riley’s still in bed so I’ve taken the tender around the corner this morning
and I’ve found this little beach
We found [an] abandoned jail on the top of a hill so we climbed up there and we watched the sunset
Who hasn’t dreamed of running away and escaping to Paradise?
But what if you did?
any last words
…… before you die?
It’s a question this couple didn’t want to leave unanswered
Riley Whitelum and I’m from Adelaide in South Australia.
My name is Elayna. I’m from
Western Australia a little coastal town called Geraldton
Not only have they embarked on a journey to circumnavigate the globe when you hear how they’re doing it you’ll be stunned
When I went over to italy and picked up the boat I’d had only sort of I would say ten hours of actual sailing
Riley is from Country South Australia. Just near Port Lincoln
He was working on our rigs as a fly-in fly-out worker off the west australian coast
When he thought he wanted a bit more out of life
He went on holiday to South America and in a freak accident broke his neck body boarding
that could have been the catalyst I think……as I said my friends and family would probably say that it was
after six months rehab he jetted to italy on a whim and bought this yacht the vagabond and
Sailed to greece where by chance he met Elayna, a country girl from WA working as a singer
You saw my [moustache]. [I] saw your moustache. Yeah, I was like that’s a cool moustache. that must be love
Very romantic yeah, and it took almost no convincing to get her to join him on his journey around the world and it’s been
Awesome having a liner there now because I was getting a bit lonely there
He was talking to the Bilge pump before [I] came along……. I] started befriending inanimate objects
They’ve travelled over 11,000 miles together now
But it wasn’t smooth sailing to begin with they headed to turkey knowing almost
Nothing about boats or sailing we go got [it]. Yeah. Well we’ve had to google everything yeah
[YouTube] thank you, Google
Elena’s Main project is documenting their travels
making some movies
Someone’s got to do it and these movies are more than just a fun souvenir. They’re actually funding the adventure
They’ve gained a bit of interest so I
heard about a crowdfunding site [where] you can put like individual independent artists can put their stuff [up] and
Fans can just give you money
the websites called patreon. It’s already generated thousands of dollars for the couple
We sort of just fell into it, so I suppose
I didn’t know if I was I was pretty sure that I’d love it that I hadn’t been on a boat before
The vagabonds now waiting patiently in Granada while Riley and [Alayna] try to work to fund the next leg of their round-the-world
Adventure [we] have finished [at] we’ve still got a few thousand miles to go

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100 thoughts on “Sailing La Vagabonde on the NEWS!!!

  1. I believe in what you young folks are doing 100% , taking a bite out of life and going for it ! I am going to subscribe to help you out and because I enjoy the freedom of your vids and the way you both make us folks feel . P.S. you both have beautiful smiles . Enjoy life !

  2. Had Riley not by chance met Elay, was he planning on sailing back to Aussie alone?? I've often wondered what the initial plan was for that.. I see that others have pondered this, but hasn't been answered…

  3. Incredibly beautiful story! life seems to be treating you good, it's nice to watch. Hope al goes well and you get to finish the trip! lots of love from Italy. x

  4. wow feels good to watch you guys on you tube look like you have been together for a long time keep doing it .best wishes for both of you. leaving the life.

  5. Awesome! Awesome! Story and videos from a new follower that wants to do something similar! I would like to know your thought on that boat choice and what you might change about it? Thank you!

  6. you guys are so fantastic and inspirational!!! This is the stuff life is really made of! Thank you so much for sharing your adventures!

  7. You contribute ZERO to the Earth and it’s people. Go away.

    1. You’re using peoples music without permission
    2. Using facilities that other people pay for
    3. Stealing water that the locals use
    4. Ignorant “killing to help the environment” excuses. How would you like to speared in the face and eaten? Think about.

    You are Zero’s. Con-artist freeloaders.

  8. How genuinely lovely. People like this don't exist anymore. Smooth sailing from Breakfast Point, NSW. Can not fund though.

  9. amazing and incredible. my life feels like a jail cell by comparison. absolutely inspiring. don't ever stop. may join you some day!

  10. Riley I been following you both, you guys are amazing ,it takes a lot of courage on what you guys are doing and it inspires me to take up sailing classes.

  11. Hi GUYS,

    I love your videos.

    You have inspired me to start up my own Travel Blog.

    Thank you so much keep up the good videos!

  12. Imagine a great white shark, launching out of the water on the starboard side, somersaulting over the boat, as it becomes "right side up" it turns its head, grins and then says, "that's right!" before turning and diving back into the ocean on the port side.

    Surely if such an event occurred you'd respect the sea because that would just be mental and would seriously make you wonder what the heck was actually down there. Unless it was in a kid's film and then it would be typical.

    Moral of the story? Always pay proper homage to Seabeard.

  13. Your skin is made of dead bodies. millions of thousands of dead bodies. that is why we can swim. Underwater. Dead bodies don't float

  14. Wow that seems so great! the fact they makeing such a big amount of $ per vid is insane. I see they have a large crowd of followers, thats a job very well done. They seem like a great team, have good journeys and keep it going

  15. And all you need is a few hundred thousand horny teenagers who want to watch the girl. After watching the videos, they think they can actually meet her and, well, you know. Horny men have financed all kinds of things in the hopes of sex. Practically every youtube site that focuses on young pretty women are primarily watched by horny teenage boys. I know. I have nephews. Both of whom subscribe to this channel. I come home to use my computer, and find that they have subscribed me to it, that's how I found out. Neither one knows jack shit about boats or sailing. You do the math. To paraphrase another saying, no one ever went broke overestimating the horniness of teenage boys. No one.

  16. WOW! Inspirational story guys. I just found your channel from KombiLife's video and Now i am hooked. So great to see a couple from Aus, and even a country girl from Gero. Wishing you both an incredible adventure and fair winds.

    One Life, One Search,
    Peace Out,

  17. Wow – I knew you were from Australia – but Adelaide too!! Fantastic. What an amazing story! x Abbie (Harper's mum)

  18. Just subscribed to your channel after a friend of mine told me all she watches you everyday whilst she is getting ready for work! Excited to follow your adventures!

  19. hey guys or should i say sailing la vagabond" my partner an are have been watching your youtube clips as is everyone els on the planet right now haha " but we are very intrested in doing what you guys do. i would love to know the ins an outs of how you guys do the internet side and also how use had the balls to sail with no experience. my partner daniel he is already a water guy " so to speak" and we have been talking for a while now about leaving our home in the bush in tasmania. an going sailing. but in saying that we also have two small children who happened to appear in our lives haha 😁😂✌ ace is 18m old jet is 5. we would love to start sailing in the next five years wen ace is old enough not to fall of the boat haha. but yeah! i really would love to inbox or speak to u guys personal about well i supose your life… very amazeballs guys. just wicked how use did this. we are very jelouse haha we would eventually have a cat also as we have kids . but plz get intouch guys. my email is [email protected]

  20. I'm a mechanic a handy man and a mechanic I'd really love to learn to sail because.. id like to buy a sail boat in 4 yrs and become a missionary for the rest of my life… if you are in florida and would like some company…for a few weeks I'll go with you as a ddeck hand with my wife…and you can stay at my place for free


  22. Been watching these videos for two days now and love them. Couldn’t believe when I heard Port Lincoln as that’s where I live 😆

  23. I was one of the first subscribers. Just now I saw I was not subbed. Resubbed. Wondering how that happened. Has this happened to anyone?

  24. seria mucho mejor si haces los videos en espanol con subtitulos en ingles. ; )
    just kidding your aussie accents make it what it is.

  25. Ya little rippers . Love your videos . Shame as I’ve started watching them all back to front but I’ve watched so many will be a while but I’ll get round to starting from day one . Stay safe you lovely people

  26. ❤️🌈☮️ Hearts rainbows and peace love and happiness what you bring to me and my life, you are special in your Lives‼️💚❤️😈🔥🦞🦞

  27. God sent these people my way, to bring happiness every single day‼️ Jesus sent, tears of happiness you bring me‼️

  28. When you pronounce my name and your name, it sounds the same 😂😂💘💞💓💗❣️💕❤️🧡💛💚💙

  29. #bludge life. Looool ya realize most people see straight through you fucking drain on society go do something productive jesus

  30. People living their dreams and technology and the rest of us help support it! It's like world-wide DIY. Love it. Very romantic .. Just be careful not to waste too much time watching and live your own adventure too! 🙂

  31. Hello Guys! I just found out about you through Lost Lebland Channel. Nice time in antigua. You are a beautiful couple.

  32. Really Happy for you guys! I know that videos on youtube never show the hard times, but I hope you two manage to love each other and continue your journey together.

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