Saudi minister: Khashoggi killers did rogue operation – BBC News

Saudi minister: Khashoggi killers did rogue operation – BBC News

his royal highness the crown prince has
nothing to do with this issue in fact the national security advisor in the
u.s. said this this was a rogue operation we have a better sense of what
happened this was individuals exceeding their
authority and going beyond their mandate and these individuals made a tremendous
mistake and for this mistake they will pay a price

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100 thoughts on “Saudi minister: Khashoggi killers did rogue operation – BBC News

  1. The CIA has reportedly concluded that journalist Jamal Khashoggi's death was ordered by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman …

  2. Today, the CIA announced that the MBS personally ordered the killing of Khashoggi. Hopefully this will be the end of both MBS and Adel al-Jubeir. Adel al-Jubeir has been lying for a long time. People like him make the Middle East dangerous.

  3. Jamal Khashogg isn't going quietly. Those evil people will at least be exposed and wear the rope of disgrace for the rest of their tyrant life.

  4. The American media, the Washington Post, the New York Times and the CNN … who brought Khomeini and Mullahs to power in Iran …….. through the attack on the Shah on the pretext of human rights … … and tried to reach the Muslim Brotherhood For power in Egypt …….. the same argument. That attempts to bring Al Qaeda to power in Saudi Arabia

    But we the peoples of the region will not allow this and we will stand behind the Prince and the Crown Prince against all those attempts and crush them mercilessly

  5. In Yemen, there is a resolution adopted by the Security Council without a consensus, which provides for the assistance of the legitimate government to impose its authority over all Yemeni lands and to fight extremist groups in all Yemen from al-Qaeda in the south and east to al-Houthi in the north.  The Kingdom implements the decision point last line

  6. I’m the game of chess, the first to go are the pawns. They are expendable like the men who will be punished. The real perpetrator will get away unscathed.

  7. They say dont kill the messenger, but this ambassador is lying through his teeth about the political murder of an important journalist.

    I say string him up with the royal family and see how well he can spread propaganda with no air.

  8. Blabla bla, i remember the time that BBC world radio brought news from the free world, now BBC is as fake as possible. This is not BBC news but Saoudi Arabia news.

  9. Khashoggi was a double agent traitor spy who got what he deserved the pig,fuck erdogon and turkey the allies of Iran !The enemies of Saudi Arabia's. Selling government secrets to Iran threw turkey,

  10. USA central intelligence agency has said they believe the Prince gave the order in khashoggi killing. I think they said it straight after Saudi said this in the video. Cos we all know mbs ordered it and for him to kill the people who killed on his orders is crazy.

  11. That guy, the Saudi Foreign Minister, Adel al-Jubeir, is even more ridicule and surreal international polititics figure as the Saddam Hussein´s legendary Propaganda Minister, officially the Iraqi Information Minister, Saeed al-Sahhaf, "Baghdad Bob", once was, telling absurd and dark farce-comic propaganda lies totally out of reality and real world. According Washington Post and Reuters even CIA knows today that the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was the boss behind that bloody and brutal murder of Jamal Khashoggi and dismembering and annihilating his body after that in Istanbul, Turkey. That murder was too an international diplomacy insult and a crime against the State of Turkey and the Turkish Government. Greetings from Northern Europe, Finland.

  12. Lots of butt hurt libtards virtue signaling for something that didn't happen in their own country. Why don't they throw a tantrum every time a journalist is killed somewhere around the world ? Is it because it's tiring to be offended ?

  13. Compare this minster defending the killing of innocent man .. and This clip i show you Imam who is continue praying while earthquake is shaking the whole building .. Subhana Laaah

  14. I would laugh if this was funny. Whats really funny is that the real outrage is not over an ongoing genocide in yemen but the botched assassination of a journalist.

  15. What do people expect a cabinet minister to say? anyone in any government cabinet would loyal like this guy even if he knows otherwise.

  16. No surprise there! From the onset, the House of Saud name is mud: The late King AbdulAziz ibn Saud had a drink problem, the late King Fahd was a notorious heavy gambler, who lost $ 6 million at a casino, Crown Prince bin Salman, oh wait! clown prince bin Salman squandered money on a $450 million daVinci painting, King Salman is a racist pig – I say it again King Salman is a pig – khanzeer' خنزير,  accused of murdering one of his sons. To think these kings were custodians of the Holy Ka’ba, is a joke -And if that is not bad enough, unlike Israel, which is named after a prophet – Israel (Jacob/Yaqub), the House of Saud had the arrogance to name the holy land after themselves .And if that is not bad enough, this brutal regime oppressed intellectuals like, the late Jamal Khashoggi or Imam Salman al Ouda . And if that is not bad enough, this despotic murderous regime sheds the blood of their Muslim brethren in Yemen. So yeah, these hypocrites (munafiqs) are lower than a belly of a snake.

  17. They can't even get killing someone right. haven't they learn nothing from the UK israelis and the US. Ok maybe scratch the israelis they are s*** when it comes to killing secretly as well.

  18. How far is MBS willing to go to save face?
    Will he kill the people who were carrying out his orders?
    How can it be a rogue operation when it was clearly planned and pre-meditated?

  19. These psychopaths can do as they please and we will still be their friends.
    Interesting that the terrorist Saudi state is not bombed. Guess who owns your government.

  20. I always thought ‘rogue operations’ were a fantasy of Hollywood cop movies. Looks like it’s a reality at BBC news!

  21. Why does he have my grandmother’s table cloth on his head? I’ve seen those rings at the county fair once. People were throwing them onto the necks of glass bottles

  22. How conveniently predictable, true to form now extending his loyalty to the world by preparing a death court judge n jury to silence his assassination squad

  23. Khashgoggi was a fool should come to states for asylum then go to the embassy for paperwork. The states could have gotten for him ! Was he an American NO NO NO !He was born& raised in Saudia Arabia ppl he was a divisive person then he came to us whining !!

  24. The campaign launched by New York Times and the Washington Post…CNN… …….. against Prince Mohammed bin Salman under the pretext of the death of Jamal Khashoggi.

    Who is Gamal Khashoggi? He is the former friend of Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan …….. A Turkish spy died in a Turkish-led spy operation

    Who is Prince Mohammed bin Salman? He is the Saudi Crown Prince who is leading a fierce and cruel war to clean up all forms of terrorism, extremism and extremist ideas from Saudi Arabia. Is Prince Mohammed bin Salman worthy of this dirty campaign led by the New York Times and the Washington Post…CNN……?

    What the New York Times is doing is supporting terrorism, supporting al Qaeda and supporting the killing of Americans

    The New York Times has become the official spokesman for al-Qaeda and the terrorist regime in Tehran, which hanged minor children in the formations

  25. Oh, that's OK then. Sorry for the misunderstanding. 15 rogue agents, including MBS's own bodyguards, dispatched themselves off to Turkey in private jets to kill and dismember a journalist, but the man in charge knew nothing about it.

  26. Let's hope all these pigs meet the fate their kind deserves… squealing when they get undone and cut into pieces like Mr. Bonesaw and his accomplices.

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