100 thoughts on “See moment President Trump is impeached

  1. the simpsons are now predicting that nancy pelosi will forget where she put the articles of impeachment thereby causing a delay in sending them to the senate…

  2. Bribery or quid pro quo didn't make it in the final cut. Yey, make it about something concrete like 'abuse of power'.
    Obstruction of justice wasn't even considered so they had to make it about obstruction of Congress. The whole shebang is so shabby that they need to fix it before passing it to the Senate. Trump hasn't even been impeached yet.

  3. What a Joke! It's all a big circus for the American taxpayers and the rest of the world to watch. I'm not a trump fan by any means but misuse of power?? LMAO! What's next speeding tickets at the Indy 500? The particular misuse of power probably wasn't popular enough to warrant it to be swept under the rug. But this is whole shit show are the fruits of the Electoral college shit canning the popular vote which should be considered the popular suggestion because it sure as shit not a vote! So those of you who think something will be done about Trump are sadly mistaken. A high school civics class could surmise that much!

  4. the mainstream media has spent the last 3 years trying to smear president trump as their
    news has been about 95% negative and they have been caught lying repeatedly. this is called
    information warfare. once you create a narrative that trump is bad it gives the mainstream media
    a license to interpret anything he does in a bad light. you can take just about anything and twist it around
    to make it appear negative and that is exactly what the dumbocrats have done throughout the entire
    impeachment process.

  5. trump is surrounded by obama administration holdovers waiting for any opportunity to stab him in the back (et tu brute?). they have been waiting and waiting for trump to make a faux pas or do something wrong but he never did. finally after 3 years they start to get desperate. with time running out they decided to go with the best thing they had which was really nothing: a routine phone call to a head of state. ironically, if joe and hunter biden had not been involved in acts of corruption in ukraine president trump would have never had to bring it up on the phone call in the first place. how ironic is that!!!!!!!!

  6. Can people pls stop talking bad about America, it's not everyone's fault that he was voted for 😪, if you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say it.

  7. and by the way, while i am on the topic, who does this whistleblower think he is to try to micromanage the timing of how president trump gets things done?? and then melt like a snowflake when the president doesn't do everything exactly the way he would do it? and then have the unmitigated nerve to call for the impeachment of the president as a result? i am sorry but this whistleblower is suffering from serious delusions as are all of the dumbocrats. since when does the timing of unrelated events imply causality? gee, markets are down 30,000 points today… sorry it's all my fault i dropped my baloney sandwich on the floor this morning…

  8. Yeeeessssssss remmmmmmovvvvvvve hiiimmmmm nowwwwwwww heeeeeee haaaaaasssssss dddddooooonnnneeeee tttttttoooooo mmmmmmuuuuuucccccchhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. This is your daily reminder that:

    Barack Obama asked Ukraine to investigate his political rival's campaign manager

    3 Democrat senators asked Ukraine to investigate Trump

    And the DNC solicited Ukraine's help to dig up dirt on Trump

    And the media was silent about all of it


  10. Everyone sing along…."Follow the yellow brick road….follow follow follow follow….follow the yellow brick road"..
    Didn't anyone just see what happened? Is everyone so blind from hatred that they don't care?
    Does anyone remember the scene in the Wizard of Oz where Toto the little dog pulls back the curtain and the Wizard is standing there pulling the levers?
    That is what just happened. The world just got a peek into what real government is doing.
    The former VICE PRESIDENT of the United States is laundering money through his family member using the Ukraine to do so. Did everyone just completely miss this?
    This is how it works…. X politician works their way up the policatal ladder until they control U.S. funding of …. pretty much anything, then authorizes that funding and takes a cut of that money through back channels.
    And nobody, not Democrats or Republicans want light on this because it happens at every level inside BOTH parties.
    You all just walked by the open curtain and for a split second thought "did I really just see that??", and then the curtain quickly closed and the Democrat and Republican theater went "LOOK OVER HERE!" Trump said "US a favor"….ummm…but he meant "Me a favor"…..EVERYONE LOOK!
    This entire impeachment was drummed up as an emergency measure to cover up what your government is actually doing. It is a grand distraction, when some dumb orange person screwed up and bumped the curtain.
    Democrats can't have this, and Republicans can't have it either. The investigation of one man, or one party would lead to the investigation of other members of other parties, and they all know that very few people are going to come out clean. Obama, the Bushes, the Clintons, and countless others at lower levels going down.
    That's why we have this emergency rushed spectacle impeachment. That is why we have FOX and CNN and all the networks going nuts to polarize everything as quickly as possible and to create as much hatred and emotion that everyone very quickly forgets what we just saw. We saw the truth.
    Unplug people. It doesn't matter if it's REP or DEM, it just happened to be a DEM that the forbidden curtain was opened for a moment on, but both sides have these curtains…en masse, and you are now being shown a big drama..with fireworks, and banners, and butterflies and squirrels to keep you believing that you only dreamed it.
    100's of thousands of careers and billions of dollars depend on not breaking this illusion they make for us. The illusion that politicians make for us, that FOX and CNN make for us, that the FBI and even the leaders of other countries make for us. This is HUGE business and that curtain can NEVER be drawn open.
    Big Orange is a klutz. He started to open that curtain without all the knowledge….the knowledge that his own party has their own curtains which would also expose the Republican wizards behind them. And now he is also playing along with the emergency distraction effort.
    …and amazingly it's working! People don't even seem to remember or care. That is insane!
    A high level elected politician has a son….who is not from Ukraine, making millions of dollars being a board member of a Ukrainian energy company that he knows nothing about, and when a Ukrainian prosecutor begins investigation on this oddity, that same high level elected politician threatens to withhold a Billion dollars in funding if that prosecutor is not fired.
    Does anyone get "I'm in control of US taxpayer money and I'll give you some if you give me a cut of its though some back doors"???
    What level of incompetence of the US public is required to simply overlook this and stay tuned into big show?

    I'm Libertarian. I don't like Trump, I don't like Clinton, I kinda was entertained by Obamas eloquence but yeah…no.
    But damn, from the outside I watch you REP's and DEM's just completely getting taken.
    Seriously, how blind are you people?

    Wake up and do something about a government that has fooled you. Have both parties investigated….start a movement, realize that half of your hatred was by design and DO SOMETHING!

    Lambs to the Slaughter.

  11. His NOT IMPEACHED. Technically they've only started the impeachment process he has to go through due process the courts first then he can be impeached otherwise he still the president…lol this should be a clear sign to all you sjw feminist and leftist on how short your IQ truly is cuz you're willing to believe anything the media dishes at you even false information like that.

  12. Well the jackass in the highest chair knows this won’t get past senate, can’t wait till he is re-elected and she looks like a idiot, as if she doesn’t already.

  13. Trump can’t wait to be impeached His ties with Russia would broken loose.
    He would have no power and they could not use him for all the strategic moves Trumps been making for them.

  14. Who cares what the president from Queens does long as he keeps gas prices down and does something about the debt and keeps jobs coming

  15. This is fake news because it’s completely untrue and any one with coming knowledge of the law would know this

    SEE THAT!!!

  17. The United States of America has always been accustomed to appearing to the world as a just country, but in reality it is the last country entitled to speak of justice …. We will not forget Hiroshima … We will not forget Palestine. … we will not forget Iraq … We will not forget the crimes that were committed against black and red Indians … If it is truly a just country, do not prosecute all the crimes that it committed against the people … 180 thousand people died because of the nuclear bomb that Thrown on Hiroshima as well as Nkzaki. Millions of innocent people were killed in Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan. .. millions of black Africans enslaved and kidnapped from the continent of Africa to America and 70% of them died by drowning … 200 million red Indians were killed …. the United States of America is a bloodstained country with a history of bloody red … whatever they are, they will remain a criminal state and not It was related to human rights … but the world is revolving

  18. I am sorry its time to go Republican in 2020, Democrats obviously can only control the swamp disgusting abuse of power .

  19. The people of America once again all together are put into a Jigsaw Puzzle, by whom? By their own beloved politicians, either they are in Power or waiting to get the power in 2020 elections. This is a situation like a 3rd world country political fish market setup. Now who will come forward & let all these Democrats & Republicans, once again let them sit with the Primary Class Children in a school, where teacher asked them to write down 1000 times on the black board " The people of America needs betterment for their life by their Politicians, not the musical chair of Allegation Games on their Tax Money & Votes"?

  20. President Trump 16 more Years!

    People that have a sense of humor probably gave this comment a 👍 and sensitive snow flakes❄️😢crybabies gave it a thumbs down 👎 ( darn i wish i posted this sooner🤣)

  21. I love how she had to silence the applause if that does not show political bias idk what does. I bet some of you liberal idiots think hes out of office now!

  22. This was a great day in history when a racist sex predator president used his power for corruption in our constitution speaks on that what we did on Christmas Eve was we toast the Democrats for doing their jobbecause they took an oath to protect the United States citizens in the United States Constitution and our democracy and that is what they doing and they took the first steps in impeaching this Presidentfor the corruption of our Constitution and what the founding fathers laid out in for the protection of United States citizens in u.s. army in servicemen all over the world that is risking their lives to protect the United States in the United States citizens and the keep our democracy safe in our constitution intact there is a God and God do not like ugly or corruption we must remember this is a sexual predator who said on national TVthat he would wait till everybody leaves his pageants and wait to the little 12 and 13 year old girls get naked then he carries his old self and stand there and watch them 12 and 13 year old girls while they were naked and he thought that was so cute but it was so demeaning to me to say that on national TV

  23. Well we must follow the lawsonce our constitution does not exist anymore we no longer have a country we have a dictatorship

  24. Trump is still president. He's still better and out doing every Dem candidate. And I'm still voting for him in 2020. Left really shot themselves with this dog and pony show.

  25. Democrats: We have several witnesses of Donald Trumps crimes and abuse of power

    Republicans: Where are those witnesses? Can they testify?

    Also Democrats: Um…they uh…couldn't make it. There real sick……..achoo (@[email protected])

  26. you cant win nancy no matter what you do here, so you might as well shove your impeachment articles up your old wrinkled ass for all we care, either way its gonna be TRUMP2020!!, with an even bigger landslide this time, you see crazy nancy and your moronic freshman idiot bartender aoc, hard working tax paying LEGAL americans dont want our country to turn into venezuela or california!!!! hope you all have another good cry in november, hateful losers like you people deserve it the way youre acting.

  27. People who vote trump are all boomers like these boomers who are trying to keep him as the president. Why even elect him if this was the outcome? The problem is we never have good people to elect I guess.

  28. It’s OK to say we were domino to vote for him the first time but if you people are so dumb but you can’t see through that piece of shit and see what he’s doing to our democracy and blasting our country in America discriminating toward women and black Santa Spanish entrance of the military and making stupid decisions overseas you are stupid to

  29. Please change this title, it should say, see the moment nasty polosi thought she impeached trump! Lmao!!! This loser couldn't impeach a banana!

  30. Trump's not impeached. Dumbocrats needs to be jailed for abuse of power. Biden needs jailed for quid pro quo. Trump 2020

  31. In my opinion, trump commited mistakes by ordering another country to investigate joe biden. Yes. I agree. But i also agree that FBI should investigate joe biden if he has done wrong doing in another country. Unless otherwise you us citizen wants possible future preaident who has made criminal act in another country

  32. He's not in paged until it goes to the Senate and he has a child a Nancy Pelosi is in violation of our constitution by not sending it to the Senate she's a hypocrite she is guilty of what she accused Trump of

  33. @Justinsime That president, I’m sorry, former president, has done nothing for the Black and Mexican community but bring us constant pain. If you call the parents being separated from their children, and having the children stay in those horrible conditions. Having the children fend for themselves, and some even dying. Having white policemen kill innocent black teens, men and women, and little white boys going into a black church and killing people. Having the president praise those people for doing that. If you call that the “most a president has ever done” then you’re confused. Thing twice before you call me out, out of everyone who said the same thing I said. I’m happy that trump was impeached. Thank God!

  34. Read the transcript. No quid pro quo. Pelosi has got to be the dumbest politician in history. I at first had reservations about Trump, but after seeing results, this man will go down as THE G.O.A.T. While career politicians just go thru the motions, Trump shows us that he is the HARDEST WORKING PRESIDENT EVER. WORK ETHIC UNMATCHED! He's got my vote. #Trump2020 #KAG

  35. Hahaha House is going to jail for their illegal monitoring of and the abuse of power in the USA FISA courts! Trump 2020 clean that swamp again!

  36. This proves the American people have no clue whatsoever about different laws there isn't a single legal ground to even hold a hearing by the way this entire hearing is fraudulent mainly because the top people holding this hearing have never been sworn in so therefore they have no Authority and no jurisdiction in the matter

  37. This idiot doesn't even understand high crime and misdemeanor and if she did she would be hiding because she's a thief and stole America's money and broke American laws she is not helping the American people this must end

  38. CNN has become pathological, a
    postmortem case study for future journalism classes. They have become our Tokyo
    Rose, our Baghdad Bob. The National Enquirer is more reliable. Evidently,
    liberalism has become the new bigotry. You can't tell bigots a thing.

  39. Impeached President is signing hot checks and ordering air force strikes in Syria and Iraq…in retaliation to actions by Iran…Democrats need to curtail his power until he is cleared by a senate trial…VP Pense should take over now…Even a hopeless drunk like Kavanaugh escaped these sit on their thumbs Democrats…recusal for Harris…Booker…and Scott…McConnell…Lindsey Graham…31 other Republicans….44 of 65 will be 2/3rds for removal of current President Dimbulb.

  40. What has he actually done that they can prove? Can someone shed some light on what he actually did because I honestly don't understand. 😦

  41. Hello I am from canada and I'm looking at how shitty this shit is. Even though in canada there are rivalries basically the conservatives and ppc verse all left wing groups. In the debate the everyone jus got mad at Maxine bernier for being "racist" and the Trudeau vs scheer. Even tho trudeau won again most of canadians voted for conservatives which I think Is the only problem with the election system. In America it is the left wing who are reasonable people vs snowflakes that jus get mad over the most irrelevant things that wont change anything in history. Saying hello to a girl should not throw u in jail or fat shamming. Its completely ridiculous on how these dyed hair fattos are giving kids a bad role model. I'm sorry if I offended but u gotta suck it up bitches

  42. why are there only 2 articles ? why pelosi doesn't sent it to senate? why trump doesn't get due process? being someone who's never been to the US, it is a dream to immigrate, but this polarization of the country is terrifying. i would urge both the left and the right to look not at feelings, but facts. if trump blundered, prove it in a fair trial, so his supporters see the truth. if the evidence is not sufficient, then propose policies that will solve issues that got him elected in the first place. the country should unite. To the left: watch fox news, daily wire, etc… and fact check them… to the right: listen to andrew yang, tulsi etc…

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