Senatori americani ricevono briefing riservati sugli UFO – Servizio CNN – 2019 (Sub. ITA)

Senatori americani ricevono briefing riservati sugli UFO – Servizio CNN – 2019 (Sub. ITA)

Is something really out there three more US senators received a classified briefing about UFOs
at the Pentagon or in current lingo unidentified aerial phenomena
You may have heard the pilots and other military personnel been reporting these
Kinds of sightings for years a couple weeks ago the Department of Defense even released footage shot by a navy Super Hornet pilot
But you may not have known of it back in 2007 Congress directed
The Pentagon is set up a 22 million dollar search for the truth
And Tom Foreman is with me more on the advanced aviation threat identification program
Um, so Tom talk to me about the these senators getting the classified briefings on UFOs. Yeah. Well, here’s the interesting thing
it’s easy to laugh at this easy to think it’s silly or it’s just a bunch of
Hokum out there, but Senator Mark Warner, who is the vice chair of the Intelligence Committee said look
I think it’s important. You told us just this afternoon
I think it’s important that the military is taking this more seriously now than they did in the past
So what are they thinking seriously those videos you were talking about relate to a couple of different sightings we’re talking about in 2004
There’s one called the tic-tacs sighting they called it that because they said it looked like a tic-tac flying out there
Very close to the water on the west coast and then more recently there were some out on the East Coast
That people were talking about
2014-2015 where these pilots were describing seeing these things up to
30,000 feet in the air flying at extraordinary speeds hypersonic well over the speed of sound
changing direction in the most astonishing ways and
Seemingly defying the laws of physics listen to what one of these pilots had to say
No distinct
wings no distinct tail no distinct exhaust seem like they were aware of our presence because they would
actively move around us
So that’s what has everyone excited here
These reports the release of these videos and you mentioned the program that was originally started by Senator Harry Reid
Because they said look we just need to know what’s going on. It only lasted about five years
It’s been shut down for a number of years and they said they really didn’t find anything but Brooke
You know the obvious question here is is there something out there not that’s early
extraterrestrial but is there something else ahead of drone some kind of secret technology something that maybe we control maybe we don’t
So yeah
Maybe they’ll get to the to the bottom of that
I know that an April the Navy actually issued guidelines for pilots to report any sightings of there were the unidentified aerial
Phenomena, are you surprised this kind of information is now getting out to the to the public?
Well, I think it’s been a long time incoming Brooke
I mean, this is a sort of thing back early in my reporting career some 30 40 years ago you would hear about
But at the time it was just a released. It’s not a bunch of crazy
Conspiracy theorists with a bunch of ideas out there and people taking pictures of an odd-shaped cloud in the sky
I’m not really surprised that we’re finally getting to the point of looking at this more carefully and
Particularly Brooke when you think about the technology we’re dealing with today. We’re dealing with technology that we really haven’t seen before
remember when the first stealth fighters came out there had been pictures of
These things taken from very far by civilians saying there’s some kind of strange aircraft out here that we’ve never seen before
Eventually, we found out what it was. But initially it was just a mystery
So I think for a lot of people who aren’t looking for space aliens
This is still very interesting because they’re saying is it something even if it’s not space aliens?
Is it something that will make a difference in the future? And again, is it something that the u.s
Is controlling or is this some new technologies that somebody else has developed what 30 seconds time what has President Trump said about this?
Oh, you’ve got to listen to what President Trump said about is really interesting. ABC asked him about it. Listen to his comment
Well, I think my great our great pilots would know
And some of them really see things that are a little bit different than in the past
So we’re gonna see but we’ll watch it. You’ll be the first to know
So the top levels of government they’re talking about a Brooke no answers yet, but a lot of questions

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