39 thoughts on “Sheinelle Jones Steps Back From Weekend TODAY, Will Remain On 3rd Hour | TODAY

  1. Love her personality and bubbly spirit I’ll miss you on Saturday’s but believe me I’ll keep watching you on the 3 hour of Today ❤️😊

  2. President Trump has black, Hispanic Asian and female unemployment All Time Low. Average household income at all time high.

  3. Sheinelle, love you on the 3rd Hour.
    You always remind me of my Germantown (21ST & 65TH Sts.)
    Neighborhood's coolest Mom.
    My favorite moments. You saying, WHO are YOU?!?! ROTFLMAO!
    Poor Peter.
    He's going to be all alone next week. Weekend Today.
    Can we meet his wife?
    Saw her back today.
    And can we please. Hypnotize Peter, and Sheinelle?????
    Maybe 3rd hour????
    Love ya, Sheinelle!

  4. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 she is so annoying. I know they could get someone better to host. She’s silly, unprofessional and too girly.

  5. Disgusting your grandfather is my FATHER’s Age!!! (He died in 202) How old were you then, Shenille?Thanks 🙏🏻 GOD I’ve NO kids

  6. Alo mami radio. Guapos. Te llege les puse algo. Para. Ty na sabes no les gusto ni decir. Me. Uy mami radio guapos te llege ok navidad. Viví sabe Kien. Saludo. Lo. Cas co.

  7. Wow congratulations to Sheinelle And Dylan luck to the both of y'all Congratulations to the new baby boy we Will missed alot.

  8. Dillion enjoy ur new baby & maternity leave…Sheinelle ur doing the right thing as a parent. Ur kids wont stay little forever. Time dont wait for nothing…but we will see u on Today 🤗💕

  9. Sheinelle Jones y’all almost gave me a cardiac infarction because I thought you were leaving NBC. Great to know you are still going to be hosting the third hour of The Today Show. You and Craig Melvin are among The Thousand Points of Life. Kudos😇

  10. You have made a great decision your children are only little once and they grow up way to fast! Love every moment with them.

  11. So sick of Dylan and her mommy obsession. Just stay home Dylan and change diapers. Maybe eventually you’ll get your retina torn out like savannah. We need to stop glorifying motherhood!

  12. DEAR LORD…… these are OVER-PAID knuckleheads… so why are they being given gifts and glorified?! If Dylan really didn't want the attention given to her, I'm sure she could just say, "no". But, only an egotist would allow it! It's like an adult who throws a birthday party for themselves. LOOK AT MEEEEEE… I NEEEEED ATTENTION!


  13. Sheinelle you are so missed on fox 29 Philadelphia. It hasn't been the same without you. Mike is not as funny without you.

  14. I am going to miss Sheinelle on the weekend. It’s the o my time I get a chance to see her since I work during M-F. You are an amazing journalist. Regardless… wise decision— family first.

  15. I don’t watch Today but all these who’re women look sound the same. This show us very whitewashed. Savannah, Jenna, whoever this lady is. Smh. I only clicked to hear about the African American woman.

  16. I don’t watch Today but all these women look/sound the same. This show us very whitewashed. Savannah, Jenna, whoever this lady is. Smh. I only clicked to hear about the African American woman.

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