‘Shut up’: CNN Charlottesville panel gets fiery

Charlottesville is an egregious symptom
of whether you want to keep jumping
trollop I want you coming from one claim
I mean factual and you are dismissing it
and you know perhaps if you would
actually speak to the heart I know we
could generalize I got some on let’s get
a point of clarification Ken what are
you disagreeing with exactly Simone’s
argument likely that you know you know
what why primarily are about you know
what robert e lee evokes that’s what
they use for the basis for coming
together what is your point of
disagreement exactly well my point of
disagreement is that that was an excuse
to bring these groups together the local
bloggers who got the permit to protest
the removal of the robert e lee statue
then glue this up that was an excuse
look at the nebula now they got the
permit and can I finish Simone we just
shut up for a minute let me follow me in
that matter all over the country more
when they both of you stop for a second
Simone now we’re on this project now we
file again and come on hold on a second
you need a reset you need a reset Ken
you don’t want to use language like that
when you’re talking to someone you can
just agree but you don’t you don’t talk
like that on this show you know but I’m
not getting interrupted
I know but then we don’t tell people to
shut up on them

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