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Hello everyone. Welcome to Sign1News. I’m Crystal Cousineau. Here are your top stories for today. Interstate 10 bridge near Houston is closed
after being hit by barges during Tropical Storm Imelda. Authorities say nine barges broke loose along
the Jacinto River in Texas. At least one of them struck the westbound
bridge along Interstate 10. Authorities say that crews are assessing the
damage. Imelda has not only caused damage to the bridge
but has left hundreds of people stranded. Officials say more than 400 high-water rescues
have been performed. And more than 300 cars are stranded as a result
of Imelda. The storm also leaves two reported deaths
in Texas. Last week Saudi Arabia suffered a crippling
attack on two of its oil refineries. Iran has been accused of being behind the
attacks. But Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif has
denounced those allegations. Saudi Arabia is doing its best to try to prove
that Iran was responsible. The country says it has recovered debris from
the attack that ties Iran to the strikes. A defense official in Riyadh says 18 drones
and seven cruise missiles were used in the attack. And he showed reporters maps, surveillance
footage and other data. But while he made clear that Saudi Arabia
believes Iran is responsible, he could not say exactly where the drones and missiles
were fired from. He only shared that they did not originate
in Yemen, and it was somewhere north of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is now working on repairing its
oils facilities. On Sunday police officers in Georgia threw
a surprise birthday for a boy with cerebral palsy. 13-year-old Tye Clinner was diagnosed with
the condition when he was born and is unable to walk or sit up on his own. Clinner’s mother, Crystal, wanted a special
cake to celebrate her son’s birthday and his upcoming trip to Disney. Crystal got in touch with Lieutenant Brandy
Forman of the Smyrna Police Department in Atlanta, Georgia. Forman likes to bake and volunteers with Icing
Smiles, a nonprofit that provides custom cakes for families with ill children. Forman decided she wanted to help with “way
more than a cake.” Forman and fellow police officers coordinated
a surprise party. The Smyrna Police Department shared party
information on social media and opened it up for the community to attend. The theme of the party was Disney and Pirates,
two of Tye’s favorite things. Officers gave Tye a chance to play with their
normally off-limit gadgets. They even let Tye sit inside a police cruiser
and gave him his own officer shirt. Tye was all smiles during the celebration. The police who helped him celebrate say it’s
an important part of being involved in the community they serve. The attorney for an American Airlines mechanic
says his client’s case has nothing to do with terrorism. Ahmed Alani was indicted Thursday for allegedly
trying to sabotage a plane. That plane was just minutes away from taking
off from Miami when pilots noticed a problem and aborted the flight. According to court documents, Alani told investigators
he tampered with the plane so he could get more money by working overtime. But during a bond hearing Wednesday, prosecutors
told the judge they believe Alani is a terrorism sympathizer. Friday his attorney disputed the claim. At Friday’s arraignment hearing, Alani pleaded
not guilty. He is being held without bond. A Kansas city man moved into an animal shelter
to help a dog find its home. 3-year-old terrier mix Queen has spent more
than 400 nights at the Great Plains SPCA. The Great Plains SPCA is a nonprofit organization
that helps community animals in Kansas City. The dog is having a hard time finding a forever
home. So animal advocate Scott Poore decided to
keep her company while she waits. He says Queen is a loving dog. And he’s hoping the extra exposure might generate
some leads for her and dogs like her. And those are your top stories for today. I’m Crystal Cousineau. Thank you for watching Sign1News. Remember to follow us on all our social media
platforms and be sure to download our app too. Sign1News. Your life. Your language.

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