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a big game hunter paid the Pakistani
government $110,000 eighty-five thousand
pounds to kill a rare Himalayan screw
horn goat Bryan Harlan splashed the
incredible sum of cash on a hunting
license to kill the wild a storm our
chorus you Horn goat living in the
gilded ball eastern region of the
northern him away ‘as he was then seen
beaming towards the camera as he posed
with the corpse of the stunning creature
Harlan a banking executive from Texas
went on to brag to a local TV station
how he has hunted almost all animals in
the region but was saving the marker
until last in the past month Harlan and
two other Americans are believed to have
paid to hunters prompting fury from
animal activists reports the Dallas news
speaking about his hunt Harlan said it
is an honor and privilege to be back in
Pakistan this is the third time I am in
Pakistan I have hunted almost all
animals here
I saved the mark Horus for the last a
YouTube video of the hunt shows Harlan
firing at least one shot towards the
animal causing it to leap into the air
he then celebrates with other members of
the hunting party before the men dragged
the kill up the mountain
Harlan then posed with the corpse of the
stunning creature grinning to the camera
as he held up its head but the Pakistani
government claimed the hunting permit
program actually helped save the species
from extinction by deterring poachers
efforts to preserve the market
population were bolstered in 2011
reports when it claimed there were only
2500 left in the wild du poaching
military action and deforestation while
the local hunting of the animals illegal
the government allows 12 male goats to
be killed per season so long as a hunter
has been given a permit the money paid
by foreign hunters is divided with 80
percent going to local communities where
marked Horrors live in 20 percent going
towards wildlife agencies in the country
tabouret cola who has served as a guide
to Harlan and other
American hunters said the hunts promote
conservation contribute to the local
economy and promote tourism Allah said
this is not just about hunting the
number of animals is increasing and
these foreign hunters are millionaires
who go back and tell the world that
Pakistan is safe
hundreds of thrill-seekers have traveled
from around the world to the icy climes
of Canada to let their hair down in 20c
the hopefuls turned up looking to bag
the top gong for the best hairdo at the
international hair freezing contest
giant quits and spikes are just some of
the wacky looks created at tahini hot
pools in Whitehorse the capital of Yukon
curly wurly the attraction in Whitehorse
Yukon sees people from around the world
enter the water of the hot springs and
then battle it out for the most whacky
frozen hairstyle letting it all hang out
the contestants take the plunge anytime
it’s cold enough for wet hair to freeze
instantly at below 20 °c and then snap
photos of their cool hairstyles frozen
in time another jaw-dropping hairstyle
from a previous year and competition
manager Andrew Umbridge explains the
purpose of the contest is to create the
most creative frozen hairdos possible
starry starry night manager Andrew
explains that organizers collect all the
pictures during the contest and the top
three snaps are chosen as the finalists
bit of a frozen flop this contestant
snapped his hairdo after it started to
defrost putting himself out as a runner
for the top gong in the bizarre
spectacle in Canada stretchy and ghoul
the bizarre contest kicked off in 2011
as a spinoff of the local Yukon
sourdough rendezvous where
thrill-seekers would compete in winter
sports by day and later chill in the hot
pools the messy look fun-loving
followers of the wacky competition
travel to Yukon from around the world to
let their hair down in the freezing cold
dead ringer for Santa Claus bonkers
contestants battle it out for the gongs
as Best Male best female most creative
and best
and their hairstyles are literally
frozen in time Ryan Adams has been
accused of sexual misconduct and
emotional abuse by seven women including
his ex-wife Mandy Moore and an underaged
fan in a New York Times report published
on Wednesday musician Ryan is accused of
being manipulative obsessive and
controlling it’s claimed the senior
songwriter was emotionally abusive in
relationships and made sexual advances
while offering to help the careers of
his accusers severing ties with them if
he was rejected
Adams denies the accusations made
against him and insisted they’re
exaggerated misrepresented and outright
false in a statement shared via Twitter
he said as someone who has always tried
to spread joy through my music in my
life hearing that some people believe I
cause them pain saddens me greatly
I am result to work to be the best man I
can be and I wish everyone compassion
understanding and healing but the
picture that this article paints is
upsettingly inaccurate some of its
details are misrepresented some are
exaggerated some are outright floss I
would never have inappropriate
interactions with someone I thought was
underage period Adams continued I am NOT
a perfect man and I have made many
mistakes to anyone I have ever hurt
however unintentionally I apologize
deeply and unreservedly Adams is former
wife of seven years this is a star Mandy
came forward and accused her ex of being
psychologically abusive during their
marriage she claimed to the NY Times
that Adams impacted on her career by
persuading her not to work with other
producers his controlling behavior
essentially did block my ability to make
new connections in the industry during a
and potentially we could have Tom my
entire mid to late twenties she told the
publication a 20 year old woman named
Ava has accused Adams of engaging in
sexual conversations over the phone and
online when she was just 14 years old
Ava recalls during one Skype
conversation Adams was naked when the
video call connected she provided the
NYTimes with over 3,000 text messages
Adams had allegedly sent her over a
nine-month period with Adams reportedly
sending one text that read if people
knew they would say I was like are Kelly
sick law he is also seen expressing his
concerns over Ava’s age in the messages
Adams has strongly denied the
accusations made by Ava with his lawyer
releasing a statement to the publication
that read mr. Adams unequivocally denies
that he ever engaged in inappropriate
online sexual communications with
someone he knew was underage if in fact
this woman was underage mr. Adams was
unaware Adams is ex-fiance Megan batter
Werth who he split from last year was
among those speaking out against him and
claim the star was controlling and
emotionally abusive throughout their
relationship senior Courtney J and
musician Phoebe Bridgers also spoke out
against Adams in the article while two
other female singer-songwriters chose to
remain anonymous
mederic out UK have contacted a
representative for Ryan Adams
ariana grande has proven to be a good
sport as she has supported a campaign
against her own single seven rings fans
of the pop star have unexpectedly
launched a movement hash boycott seven
rings to be thrown the song from number
one on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart
but it’s not because they’re not loving
the track it’s simply so another of
Ariana’s songs can claim the coveted top
spot yes Aria Nader’s can’t get enough
of break up with your girlfriend I’m
bored which features on her new album
Thank You next and are hoping it can
replace seven rings at number one those
sneaky fans smart move there guys
surprisingly it seems ariana 25 is open
to the chart swap and through her
support behind the campaign by laughing
it all off well it is a win-win
situation for her as she’ll still be at
the top either way if fans get their way
that is reacting to the boycott ariana
tweeted on Wednesday all are so insane
and funny and I love you nothing’s
funnier than boy cost 7 rings I can’t go
what Evers meant to be will be babies I
ain’t goin nowhere sick fans then
pleaded with Ariana to actually use the
hash boycott seven rings hashtag on the
tweet and she reportedly obliged stating
are you happy now
before deleting the post when one of her
devoted followers revealed they were
having a streaming party to block seven
rings ass-ton re replied this is a wild
time for Russell now do our thing but
also like how is this art problem Aaron
what the fuck
break up with your girlfriend I’m bored
has proved to be a standout cut from
thank you next and the music video is
ultra sultry featuring a love triangle
between re her lover played by Riverdale
actor Charles Milton and his other woman
who is a doppelganger for the singer
Arsen when she claims Dortmund star
jadon Sancho disappeared in his side’s 3
2-0 defeat to Tottenham because he could
not handle the physicality of Mauricio
Pasha Tino’s side Dortmund were on top
during the opening 45 minutes but
conceded just two minutes after the
restart when whom in Sun Valley Dillon’s
Jan Vertonghen and Fernando Laurent he
added two late goals
Sancho was Dortmund standout performer
during the first half but Spurs
nullified his threat after the restart
as they took control of the time and
when he believes the teenagers struggled
to deal with the physical nature of the
challenges Spurs were putting in on him
he disappeared when Jat old bint sports
when the game became more physical and
he was beaten in many challenges maybe
he is still not used to the physical
intensity during 90 minutes I think he
was impressive in the first half but he
lost that penetration instinct tears
naturally it didn’t come out with that
at all in the second half when she
revealed before the match that he tried
to sign Sancho when he was at Manchester
City it’s an incredible story because
the pressure on these young boys from a
young age is very big Wenger told in
sports the second thing is the pressure
form all the club’s dots I say that
freely because I wanted to take him from
City when he didn’t get the games I
tried to lie him because he’s from
London I tried to get him to Arsenal I
must say they get a lot of money before
they have played games that doesn’t
improve their hunger for these boys are
to test because they are rich before
they play
Lyonne midfielder tango in tamil is Pep
Guardiola’s number one choice to replace
fernandinho according to reports
Manchester City have been frustrated in
their attempts to find an air for
fernandinho with George no picking
Chelsea over the Etihad and Fritz
signing for Manchester United
Guardiola suffered another transfer blow
in January when Ajax midfielder Frankie
de Jong announced he would be joining
Barcelona in the summer but Guardiola
believes he has finally found a suitable
replacement but will once again need to
battle United to seal the deal the son
claims city are preparing a pound 17
million bid for dom l who is also wanted
by Juventus and Amell has made a name
for himself this season impressing for
Lyon in the Champions League as his side
finished second in their group behind
Guardiola City the 22 year old has been
never present for Lyon this campaign
missing just two games so far this
season with 33 appearances in total city
are also interested in another Lyon
midfielder handsome hour but will focus
their efforts on signing Dom L before
rival clubs can snap him up dumbells
current deal with Lyon does not expire
until 2023 and City know they must spend
big to land the Frenchman
Mesut özil appears to be in high spirits
after being dropped by uh nyah Murray
for Arsenal’s Europa League clash
against bait Boris off on Thursday
evening the midfielder has played just
102 minutes of football this year and
missed Arsenal’s win over Huddersfield
Town on Saturday due to an illness
özil recovered enough to take part in
training on Wednesday but Emery insists
the 30 year old who is the club’s top
earner on 350,000 pounds a week is not
fit enough to take part in Thursday as
Europa League tions did not travel with
the team to Belarus we are here with the
players who I think are okay to play
Emery said before the team flew out to
Belarus on Wednesday the players not in
the squad is because Ramsey has not
trained with us socratis has started to
train but not enough message is the same
but in a message to supporters after the
training session
özil indicated that he was feeling no
ill effects after missing the game
against Huddersfield with a picture of
himself celebrating with Pierre in
Maricopa mang and Alex IOB after Arsenal
clay bate Boris off on Thursday evening
Emery side are not in action again until
the following Thursday for the return
leg at the Emirates Stadium

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