Swedish Television: What is happening in the Assange case?

Swedish Television: What is happening in the Assange case?

Now we’re moving onto a much talked-about judicial case, talked about all over the world, a case with roots in Sweden. It’s the case of Julian Assange. For in the coming days, the statute of limitations for some of the allegations against the WikiLeaks founder will expire, that’s to say they’ll be written off. Assange is under suspicion of unlawful coercion, sexual molestation, and lesser rape involving two women he met during a visit to Sweden five years ago, and as of three years ago he’s at the Ecuador embassy in London, as we know. Here in the studio we have Thomas Olsson, attorney for Julian Assange. What does this statute of limitations mean actually? It means that three of the four accusations will not be prosecuted, and of course it’s lamentable that it’s taken such a long time to wind up this case. This should have happened long ago. But isn’t it also embarrassing for Julian Assange? He doesn’t get closure. The suspicions are still there, and the matter is not investigated. What people often forget is that Julian Assange voluntarily attended the first interrogation and answered the questions he was asked. Then the investigation was closed, and then a new prosecutor arrived on the scene to open it again, and since then the case has gone nowhere, and Julian Assange is staying at an embassy in dire conditions. But it’s not all the accusations that will expire, be written off the most serious of them remains, for there the statute of limitations is much longer, twice as long, so in practice, what does this mean for Julian Assange? No, this doesn’t mean that anything changes in the short run, but I think that this development should start people asking whether the entire investigation should now be closed. If the prosecutor handles the case in this way, so that this much time goes by without anything at all happening, and if this results in the statute of limitations expiring for parts of the case, then we have to question the benefit and effectiveness of keeping the case open. So this doesn’t mean he can leave the embassy in London? No, he can’t leave the embassy as long as he wants to use the right to asylum that Ecuador granted him, and so he has to stay at the embassy. In the coming days the statute of limitations for the lesser allegations will expire. What will Julian Assange do? This isn’t something we’ve discussed as things stand, and we have to wait and see what happens when the statute takes effect. For several years now we’ve asked the prosecutors to come and interrogate Julian Assange, and as defence attorneys we’ve made preparations for an interrogation, but the matter’s still being discussed, and we still haven’t got a reply. This surveillance of Julian Assange at the Ecuador embassy has cost almost 12 million pounds, something like that. There’s been a lot of snags between Ecuador, Great Britain, and even Sweden. Is all this worth it? That’s a question the prosecution authority should answer, because for years now Julian Assange has offered to be part of an interrogation at the Ecuador embassy, the natural step to move the case forward. But for reasons which are unclear, the prosecutor has refused. The prosecutor should explain how it can be that things have gone on this long without anything happening in the investigation. What would it take to get Julian Assange to consider leaving the embassy? Well that won’t happen. The reason he’s at the embassy is his concern for being extradited to the US and prosecuted there, because of very serious accusations the US made about WikiLeaks publications and because of personal threats made by people in public office, so as long as that threat remains – and it’s a threat of global scope – he can’t leave the embassy, because then he’d lose the right to asylum that Ecuador granted him. So actually the situation is that when the statute of limitations for these three cases expires, nothing will happen to Julian Assange’s life at the embassy. I think there’ll be a lot of talk about how the prosecution authority handled this case, and we need to talk about that, because the real question is whether even the final part of the case should be written off as well considering the status of the investigation, and considering the ineffective way the prosecutor has conducted the case, and I think the prosecutors have to explain the reasons we’ve ended up in this situation if they want to justify keeping the final part open. So much time has gone by, it’s been such an unbelievable burden for everyone. The way the prosecutor handled this case is unacceptable. I’d like to point out that the prosecution authority did not have the possibility to be here tonight, nor the attorneys for the women, so this is an opinion that can’t be rebutted. How does he spend his days? A lot’s been written about it. It’s a rather meagre existence? Yes of course it’s unbelievably limited – he’s been at the embassy for several years, he’s had no opportunity to get outdoors at all, and he just has to use his time to, so to speak, study things, but for more detail about that… He reads a lot of books? He reads books, and things like that, but for more detail about that, he’d be better able to tell you. How much contact do you have with him? Oh it’s off and on. What does that mean – off and on? Well, several times a month. Sometimes it’s more, perhaps several times per week. It all depends on whether things are happening in the case. So his spirits are good, or is he starting to get desperate? Julian Assange is an individual with an unbelievable sense of integrity, and over the years he’s demonstrated a moral courage and an ability to keep his eyes on the target in a way that dwarfs most of what we observe in other people. Thank you, Thomas Olsson, attorney for Julian Assange, and in the coming days we will see some of the accusations against him reach their statute of limitations, but not the most serious one.

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27 thoughts on “Swedish Television: What is happening in the Assange case?

  1. Assange is a living legend of our times and should be protected at any cost. Fugitives Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilén should be brought to justice along with Sweden's rouge prosecutors and Sweden's corrupt Judicial members who do the beckoning of the US. This is a prime example of how SOME women can fuk up your life. "To draw Dragon's from their caves"- J.A. and he's done that and more. Bravo Julian. Keep on these jokers.

  2. Can we hang all the lawyers? Law has some huge flaws being able to prosecute without evidence. Fucked up and stupid and we must be morons for not coming up with as more honest system. The attack without evidence should be a major crime in itself. A kind of murder, caricature assassination.

  3. This is our world – mindless obedience and trust in Authority and the unchallenged honesty of mainstream media versus some kind of living sense of morality, outraged interminably by any basic facts regarding Assange or Manning or many others.  Outraged by basic facts themselves, I suppose.

  4. It's a pitty for Sweden to use  and condmn people without proof like they did in medievel times and judge them to be drowned in a swamp, coz this is what's going on in sweden Europe  !

  5. "in a way that dwarfs most of what we observe in other people"…this tells a lot.

    Julian Assange is unbreakable, this is what both the swedish prosecutors and the United States don't like.  This also why those losers are going to pay a heavy price for this injustice.

  6. Bloody Pommies keeping the hero, the legend of our times, "encapsuled" in the Embassy of Equador" for over three years now. They'd better reinvestigate their involvement in Iraqi and other wars as US satellite. PM Gordon Brown, the first class bastard, is to cover himself with his long ears. More and more "whistleblowers" have been emerging all over the world as the legislation of their countries have started enacting this matter in a fair way. Allow  Assange to go to Equador as he's any way been protected by the exile law granted by the Republic of Equador. Sweden, the country I've appreciated as one of the leaders in the social-democratic and other public-serving matters, allow the corrupt Judical members who do the baconing of the USA keeping Assange "on ice". Shame on them! May they burn in Hell! BRAVO JULIAN! The entire justice-loving world is backing you up

  7. assange is a hero…he is the invisible enemy for every goverment and all those charges are fake..its a set up between swedish🐏🐑🐐 sheeps and the united rich motherfuckers(usa)
    its not just my opinion..

  8. sweden will always be america's little bastard if they can do this to Julian just think what they can and will do to non famous people ,, no swedish fish for you

  9. Many of us who walk "free" while Julian Assange is in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, England must keep him in our prayers every time we think of him or see him in the news for safety in his life and blessings to come to him.
    Also, Edward Snowden needs our prayers! Bless them both ! Much love & respect to you Julian and Edward! We are thinking good thoughts and sending lots of love!

  10. Imagine if those 100 Million SEK could have been used to prosecute the offenders of the horrific Stureplan rapes and the fight against rape overall, and or domestic violence.  What other alleged rapist have had these amount of monies spent on his/her case?

  11. I hope the US understands that if they charge him they are saying that we don't have the right to know when they work for us. We somehow were taught to believe the govt is allowed to be secretive. You all work for us, the people. I don't see you hiding things from your boss and you shouldn't. Your boss spies but sadly we are the boss of your boss. All that we forgot and took for granted and allowed. Oh, all govts are seedy. Now, we know why. What comes first really? Your laws to protect illegal activities and doing a bad job for your people, or the rights of the people. This will be a huge trial that the US will lose, that all politicians will be called to the stand and if it is found that they are guilty, why is the UN not charging them? If they did break into govt files, and if the docs are true, then the people named are guilty and need to be charged accordingly. Are you sure Julian actually did anything? He isn't some one like all others saying they have info? As soon as you all admit that those are US docs, boom boom hari hair, jail for each of you. Isn't so? I just quoted one of the most evil gurus ever because I like that. Not every deed is evil. So now we have the people vs the govt going on because they admitted through Snowden, through that MacKenzie guy, that those are real documents taken from govt files. This means you should all be in jail. Not by US laws. By ICC, UN. other countries. Is that what you all want? Should we? Should we send in NATO again to the US? To the UK. So make sense. I keep seeing our world leaders on a scale of being bright and smart and all that very low. Not because I say so. I only tell you, because I don't have a phone to pull info from and you can barely find my frequency, that many people on earth know this. It's not about actions or that someone writes it, it's that souls are programmed to know and not trust and when we hear it we say, figures. How sad is that. This man did so much good work for the OM. He should study the Gita and the Dalai Lama and while he waits, hopefully not till 2020, he will read and realize he is so enlightened and a servant of God that he will have more protection. I love Ecuador. I went there. Dated a guy from there. They have a beautiful country and they treated us like gold. Royalty. I'm so happy they are so Catholic too. It gives us a good name that you are being so kind. There is no such things as good or evil. This man is virtuous, so nice, like nicest person, I think he's like an ET in disguise, I really am moved by him, captivated, in a soulful way, so focused, never losing sight of the ideal, and so smart. How did he read all those docs. Did he get it all right? Can't the US say, he's misconstruing, taking out of context, or something. But they just react violently while admitting it is true and saying we are bad for knowing. This is the problem. Maybe we need to call Putin in. He will say save democracy? We want it back. It didn't work. That's good to learn. So we need a new system of freedom and rights. That's a fun thought. I ask that we let Julian go home please, don't charge him, and don't use women to charge men if nothing happened because this is why men don't believe when women are actually abused, and think about your future lives to come. The Elite is so repetitive, there are people no longer believing in using the stock market. No longer wanting to be a part of it. Dissolving it instead. Work for the company if you want shares. There are always other ways. We need to keep exploring beyond the known democracy. It sucks. We can do better.

  12. If Julian is just sitting there reading, I have many books you should read. Then you will understand the Elite, the shadow govt, ETs etc and then you will realize yourself, then you will realize Brahman. Once you show and I have just now, but once you show you are Brahman, satisfying all the requirements, they cannot kill you. It's the worst sin of life. 1000 yrs in hell for certain. Think of ISIS. Really, they will experience all those deaths, all the harm they have done to others, and they will suffer so deeply, you can have nothing but compassion for their situation. I really hope all those deaths were fake and a lie, I really do. Army guys fighting is a different story. I'm talking about the planners, the selfish agendas. They know their fate is soon, they are all old, and they know they must stop or they will die, they will not have an evil kingdom as promised or whatever, they will end up in avichi hells and worse, and I've been there, it's not good times. They didn't study, they didn't practice death and dying or meditation or how to get out of hell quickly or even how to stop it. They believe evil gurus and maybe offerings they give, but they don't know. They know that they will repay the universe. They learned a lot, listened, read, and evolved, they really did. They sometimes do good instead of bad. We need a fair trial for each of us but it won't be in this world. So we must be kind, give as much as we can to them, because they are going to suffer a great deal. If we can see Brahman in them we help them. To do this we must study. However, I say that Julian is Brahman too. He has all the compassion for humanity, isn't really mean or negative to the criminal govts, sees their side fairly and doesn't judge but sees their way of doing things. He has a good mind, smart as can be so young. He does have concentration, stays on topic, never drawn into samsara or away from the ideal. He has collaboration, working with everyone for the greater good of all. This is the thousand year mark where Krishna anyway, sends devotees to do work and He takes in the material world, destroys what He wants and then creates anew. God has been so kind to the Elite. They are kind to many. I just wanted to say, um, yes, he's Brahman. Most aren't. I've watched that moon leak guy and Snowden with Putin and I don't know about his stories but maybe I do. I'm not saying anything for them. I'm saying that most out there are not really as concerned for all beings. More violent and aggressive and resenting the US but this guy isn't. He went to my beloved Ecuador, it's all over my fb pages, the one guy who drove me mental, he didn't go to Putin or get have some karma to get stuck there of all places. I believe his eyes are so dark, black and odd yet they never stop having Ahimsa, no harm at all. No negativity. No reaction but calm focused on the ideal. This means Buddha. This means he works for the higher entities. He's affectionate in his love for humanity as he speaks. He's not hurt or sore or retaliating. He's caring. He's selfless love for humanity saying I did this for you, I sacrificed everything for you, I love all of you more than me and my infection, more than my kids and family. Only Krishna ever said that. Did that. Showed that. He was almost upset that he couldn't be honest with how many kids he has. Like, why ask me something I can't tell you. More heart broken that he couldn't be honest about it than not seeing them or for putting them in that position. He just breaks my heart. But he also makes me feel calm, quiet, soulful, buddha mind listening. He is a higher soul by all the teachings. Guilt doesn't exist in Buddhism, why ask? Doesn't Bush Jr feel guilty hanging with the Dalai Lama? Regardless of dirty deeds, I imagine just being a president doing the regular work would bring guilt. It's past oriented. Let it go, move on. He doesn't have any wrath for what was done by the govt or the women or reporters etc so his karma is shown to not having karma to be on trial or be given wrath back. Plus it was a virtuous deed if he was given safety. Good outcomes. We must know who to go after, who to harm, and who is Brahman. Very important. I'm glad I stopped by. Now the govts will give him protection from lone wolves I hope. Divine beings surrounding him taking care of him. I pray for all of us in this situations. It will work itself out. Harm gets destroyed. Ahimsa gets asylum. 🙂 God bless…

  13. Everyone is thinking, yay, she found someone showing the reality of Krishna loving everyone more than Himself. Yes. I've looked everywhere for that one aspect of Him. I think no one believed that that existed. Now I have an exemplary leader to show, demonstrate how it's done so yes, it is true and exists, not just myth. Making exemplary leaders godly. Krishna said, see me in all. This trait of the Krishna Lila with the peacocks couldn't be found, till now. I'm so happy. Thank you, Julian. I hope you get to realize this. Namaste.

  14. Krishna was born in jail. He was sought after by the Elite Evil shadow govt King 5000 yrs ago. Like Jesus, like the Dalai Lama. You are taking back the kingdom for the good, to keep a balance. Krishna and Shiva would run from the battlefield and wait, figure out what to do. It was an article in the news just yesterday. So Krishna is working it out now I guess. Seeing as I found you one day later. Explaining the cyclic moment and the lesson and wisdom usually helps our cases. I hope all are benefiting and enjoying how Krishna manifests through His devotees of the year 2000.

  15. Yes, you can call Modi to the stand as a character witness, or me, or the Dalai Lama, a master in Hinduism and Krishna and this situation. Maybe even Putin. Or all. Then we can help the Pope make the one religion only Krishna. Krishna doesn't want that though. But we can go to court and cause enough doubt that this is God doing this, and you will be free while we prove Krishna is the supreme godhead, in court, forever, all must bow to him. Why do they bother good people really? Stick to those who harm. And stop shooting people, black or white. God bless Canada and India forever.

  16. If Krishna is having an incarnation then showing govt docs is like Him teaching the secret Bhagavad Gita. Like telling us, this isn't a war of land like in Israel or whatever. This is a war between the moon dynasty, such as Islam and Judaism, against God, the solar dynasty. This is the Mahabharata 5000yrs ago, still. It is a war to balance good and evil. They back then had demon kings, snakes, giants fighting. It's not new. It's the norm. The East always knew. The West said we want Jesus only and refused to study other than that. Krishna promised every thousand years He would come and fix it. This is why everything began to go wrong for them. How things are being leaked. All kinds of things. The more the ones against them know, the more power it has, according to their ways, which is why they wanted you to leak that stuff. However, sitting there waiting, God is coming to fix it all. I'm happy you told us. Thank you. Hugs and really take care of yourself happily. Enjoy the flute music, that's Krishna's instrument and Ecuador music is divine. 🙂 (When Krishna plays His flute, He controls the frequency of everyone because He's the supreme)

  17. "The suspicions are still there"

    Hahaha. No one outside of Sweden would take that sexual assault accusation seriously. We know he's only being prosecuted because men are scond class citizens in Sweden. A sexual assault accusation in Sweden is like a Latin Grammy.

  18. when you speak out they will come with all kinds of allegations to shut you up its how the game is played!!! funny that the very people who run things in the country coming after him are suspects in child rape funny how that works!!!

  19. "Julian Assange" is the Name of The Doctor in Doctor Who TV Show and subject to COPYRIGHT by Marcus Hearn.Originally in 2010, "Julian Assange" was PROMOTIONAL, for the Doctor Who TV 50th Anniversary Special."Julian Assange, the real one." – Matt Smith (Eleventh Doctor) in the "Eleventh Hour" original air date: April 3rd, 2010. BBC Worldwide.Unfortunately, a disgruntled ex-BBC employee made up disgusting lies about The Doctor Who TV Show character in Sweden, and the 50th Anniversary Special has been postponed.Doctor Who TV Show is rated PG, and printed LIBEL about rape is inappropriate both for the timeslot, and at home family TV watching.

  20. So ashamed off this Nation & Mainstream media not checking their facts straight. Where is the Common-Sense?

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