CATV47 (K47MU-D) Cheyenne and Arapaho Television

♪[ MUSIC ]♪ Announcer: “All right. Friday night contest … Junior Categpry 7 to 12. There will be a contest in cloth.” “We’re at the Barefoot Powwow.” My name is Morning Star Hoffman. I am 15. I am Cheyenne and Arapaho and I dance Teen’s Jingle. [Gourd dancing in progress] Morning Star: “I like to […]

Television for doctors, circa 1991 – part 1

[rushing water from fountain] ♪♪ [slow synthesizer fanfare] [ominous stinger] [whoosh] In your search for the ideal antihistamine therapy … when treating congested allergy sufferers, your choices have been limited. [crash] Now, when congestion complicates allergy symptoms, prescribe the only non-sedating antihistamine decongestant that lets patients stay alert. Introducing Seldane-D. For dual-action relief that lets […]

Television Credits | David Mitchell’s Soapbox

Had a brilliant time – Talin’s great! It seems odd that we all now accept without question that credits on TV are scrunched into a tiny box, and talked over by a continuity announcer, even though that’s something that absolutely no-one apart from the people who pay the announcer actually wants to happen. Surely if […]

Is Netflix Killing Television? | Mashable Explains

Streaming video services are now used by a whopping 42% of American households – because we’re Americans, and we love binge-watching episodes of House of Cards more than we love apple pie and low test scores. Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Video are considered a form of over-the-top media, which means it is delivered directly to […]


I have the perfect furniture to take advantage of my dinning room this TV panel is a furniture very singular and practical where I can install any flat screen the best is her two functions If you like watching TV from different angles any problem thanks to her bracket as a revolving arm I can […]

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