Hans Rosling: The good news of the decade?

We are here today because [the] United Nations have defined goals for the progress of countries. They’re called Millennium Development Goals. And the reason I really like these goals is that there are eight of them. And by specifying eight different goals, the United Nations has said that there are so many things needed to […]

This is BBC deja vu! Pro. Robert Kelly and a sudden interview! [The Return of Superman / 2017.06.04]

(It’s an unfamiliar living room.)This is an unfamiliar living room.Whose house could it be?The crawling baby looks like William.(However, he looks a little different.)He’s saying hello to the cameramen.Hold on, it’s not William.Who are you?(Who are you?)There is a cute young girl as well.Are we meeting a new superman today?Mom, I spilled milk.Yena, take these […]

மகளின் ஆசையை தீர்க்க ரோட்டில் இறங்கி பிச்சை எடுத்த தந்தை | Latest Tamil News

hello yes not now Miss Anju tonday a bit over today I will be checker and LM sorry I will chorus or and LM sitting in the Oracle Endeca Mohammed and Ani panda and the coroner are CNA rivetti pogrom mangas eluana in the Mario Sam bungle marina Masamune channel data recording or a cigarette […]


Welcome dear viewers, to the show; It’s onlythe start of 2012, but already, coast to coast wehear reports that humanity has evolved, globallynow that we know the cause of all our woes – Joseph Kony.The world’s now on a better path, and the panaceaseems to have come from this hero white man here:whose internet video […]

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