Alisa Miller: The news about the news

How does the news shape the way we see the world?Here’s the world based on the way it looks — based on landmass.And here’s how news shapes what Americans see.This map — (Applause) — this map shows the number of secondsthat American network and cable news organizations dedicated to news stories,by country, in February of […]

Sailing La Vagabonde on the NEWS!!!

Now if [you’re] sick of this antarctic blast we’re getting then you’re going to want to see this next storyThey’re the Adelaide couple who have decided to make it their life’s work to chase the sunshineAnd how they’re funding their endeavors is amazing. As [annalise] [Nielson] reports while the pay isn’t greatIt has some amazing […]

Why Is World News So Ignored in the US?

look Vargas is joining us he’s the United Nations correspondent for talkradio news service he has beenall over everything going on at the UN Ireliever for the last couple of weeks up in Midtown which is cause all sorts oftrafficcraziness getting back into new york city but my personal complaints asideLukeI wanna talk about syria […]

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