Television Credits | David Mitchell’s Soapbox

Had a brilliant time – Talin’s great! It seems odd that we all now accept without question that credits on TV are scrunched into a tiny box, and talked over by a continuity announcer, even though that’s something that absolutely no-one apart from the people who pay the announcer actually wants to happen. Surely if […]

The Television Tag | CharisseAudrei

[Music] Hi, my name is A-U-D-R-E-I Audrei and welcome to my channel CharisseAudrei Today I’m going to do. I’m gonna do a TAG today called the Television Tag I’ve seen CC from problems of a book nerd do it, I’ll leave her a video down below I’m also Have another background let me know in […]

myWorld / Lyoness pyramid scheme on Deutsch television (captions)

The controversial shopping community Lyoness may find itself in a precarious situation. ‘Money back with every purchase’, with this promise, Lyoness attracts its customers – but not always to their full satisfaction. Especially controversial are the systems behind the shopping community. In November, Eva-Maria Kaiser first reported about victims feeling deprived of their money. The […]

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