10 upcoming Google Projects !

I didn’t think we could fall in love broken from the start into our past we had closed hearts What’s up guys? Hope you’re all doing well today. We will be talking about 10 ambitious Google alphabet projects. You may not have heard about Google went through a massive Reorganization in October of 2015 when […]

What is Black Friday BBC News

Black Friday is an American tradition. It happens the day after Thanksgiving. Retailers offer huge discounts to kick-start the Christmas shopping season. A few years ago British retailers decided to join in on the act, a ploy to get us to part with our cash. Experts predict a record-breaking day, with online sales set to […]

BBC News Intro

the United Nations calls the humanitarian situation in Yemen deeply precarious and says it steps away from famine the human cost of years of civil war and fears that a limited truce won’t hold even if this imperfect truce doesn’t hold people fear that even this suffering will again get so much worse as the […]

Blue Planet II : The Prequel

The Ocean … the largest habitat on Earth. A generation ago, the series ‘The Blue Planet’ took us beneath the waves. but now we know so much more Take a deep breath New science… and new technology…. allow us to voyage further … and deeper … than ever before. From the restless shores of our […]

China’s Giant Global Construction Project

Chinese President Xi Jinping calls it the project of the century. China’s sprawling belt and road initiative, sometimes called the New Silk Road. Measured in today’s dollars it has already cost more than the US Marshal Plan that rebuilt Europe after World War II. The World Bank estimates that some $575 billion worth of energy […]

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