China’s Geography Problem

This video was made possible by Squarespace.Build your custom website for 10% off by going to is a country both blessed and cursed by geography.On one hand its land has allowed the country to grow to almost 1.4 billion people but onthe other hand it really doesn’t have great geographical protection.The beginning of what […]

We Eat Like Donald Trump For A Day

– I wanna be the best.I wanna be number one.– That’s right.– Keith first.– Keith first. – Keith first.(laughs)I want to be number one.Today we’re gonna eat like Donald Trumpfor all of our meals.– Mm-hmm.– For breakfast, we have an Egg McMuffinand a Diet Coke with a strawand no coffee.(somber music)(groans)It’s good.How many Diet Cokes?Are […]

Trump & End Time Events Foretold by Ancient Prophecy! | Jonathan Cahn: The Oracle

My guest, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, New York Times’ best-selling author, is going to release brandnew, end-time revelation.I promise you; you have never heard such information before.Are you ready?Audience: [Applause] [Music]Audience: [Applause] SR: You know, many of you know Rabbi JonathanCahn.He’s had so many New York Times bestsellers.You’re probably familiar with The Harbinger.But this new book, […]

Harmonious Monks – World News (Official Music Video)

Fuck an assumption!I’m buckin’ at Donnie Trump and Then somethin’ is bein’ done andI promise a storm is comin’!No runnin’ from nothin’!I am A Native Son of OrionAttackin’ the wacker masses– To get em cryin’ like onions!The gun is my fuckin’ written; I’m makin’ you eat ether…You didn’t see this angry shit comin’?Well me neither!A […]

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