Television for doctors, circa 1991 – part 1

[rushing water from fountain] ♪♪ [slow synthesizer fanfare] [ominous stinger] [whoosh] In your search for the ideal antihistamine therapy … when treating congested allergy sufferers, your choices have been limited. [crash] Now, when congestion complicates allergy symptoms, prescribe the only non-sedating antihistamine decongestant that lets patients stay alert. Introducing Seldane-D. For dual-action relief that lets […]

What is Black Friday BBC News

Black Friday is an American tradition. It happens the day after Thanksgiving. Retailers offer huge discounts to kick-start the Christmas shopping season. A few years ago British retailers decided to join in on the act, a ploy to get us to part with our cash. Experts predict a record-breaking day, with online sales set to […]

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