Tesla Time News – NHTSA’s Misleading Cease and Desist

Tesla Time News – NHTSA’s Misleading Cease and Desist

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into it Jess cease and desist now when I
was a little kid I always thought that
it was cease and assist no there’s no
assisting here no it’s deesis to assist
stop opposite of assist yes stop it stop
it so the nonprofit group plain sight
got a hold of some documents from the
National Highway Traffic Safety
Administration Nitsa through a FOIA
request you know to FOIA request is
Freedom of Information Act yep so they
got these documents last week showing
that Nitsa sent a cease and desist
letter to Tesla to stop making safety
claims about the model 3 oh my goodness
and Nitza also subpoenaed Tesla to get
info on the number of crashes involving
Tesla so nitsa took exception to Tesla’s
blog post from October seventh of 2018
in which Tesla claims that the model 3
had the lowest probability of injury of
any vehicle tested by Nitsa so nits as
guidelines asked car makers not to use
terms like safest Nitsa is also asking
Federal Trade Commission to look into
whether the blog post by Tesla was
unfair or deceptive now you got to
remember that in 2013 Nitza also took
issue when Tesla claimed that the Model
S had achieved a safety score of five
point four stars Nitsa only gives up to
five stars and Nitsa doesn’t want any
manufacturer claiming anything more than
just saying like we got this number of
stars so oh my gosh this is like this is
some terrible news right because the the
MIT’s ascent of cease and desist letter
to Tesla I mean what is Tesla’s recourse
to this well first of all it’s not that
big a deal I mean a cease and desist
letter just means stop what you’re doing
please you can respond to it it’s not a
legal document or anything okay and so
their lawyer did respond to it
Tesla’s response and it’s as follows
dear mr. Morrison we are in receipt of
your letter requesting that Tesla
discontinue use of public statements
that the Tesla Model 3 long-range
rear-wheel drive achieved the lowest
probability of injury of any vehicle
tested in it’ses new car assessment
program or endcap respectfully we
disagree with the agency’s position
Tesla’s statement is neither untrue nor
miss leading to the contrary Tesla has
provided consumers with fair and
objective information to compare the
relative safety of vehicles having
five-star overall ratings nits –is
endcap has succeeded in challenging
manufacturers to develop safer vehicles
and now with approximately 40% of
vehicles receiving five-star overall
ratings it is more important than ever
to help consumers differentiate Tesla’s
blog statements are entirely based on
actual test results and Nitz –is own
calculations for determining relative
risk of injury and probability of injury
based on this published data the model 3
long-range rear-wheel drive has achieved
a vehicle safety score of 0.38 that
translates to an overall probability of
injury of 5.7% nitsa has rated almost
1,000 vehicles since the current end cap
began with the 2011 model year we have
compared these results to every other
public test report no other vehicle has
ever achieved an overall lower score Wow
yeah now I did dig through a lot of
documents to find that response guy
because there’s just a lot of disk
emails back and forth but that’s
basically Tesla’s response to knit some
so Wow there is a lot to talk about here
yeah so first of all there’s this thing
with the five-star crash safety ratings
I’m not paying attention to every single
car that is a five-star crash report I
don’t have like a big thing on my wall
that’s keeping track of all this stuff
you’re telling me that 40% of car is
being sold have a five-star crash safety
rating yeah so I mean that’s it’s good
it would be bad if they all had one-star
right but you’d think that if you know
most of your class is doing pretty well
you might want to make the test a little
harder I mean this is like if you were a
teacher in a class and 40% of your
students we’re getting A’s but some of
the students were doing a lot better
than the other kids that were getting
A’s and you didn’t change anything which
is fine like an L in elementary school
or just you know oh we’re just trying to
meet up to the standard but this no it’s
like a competitive thing and we’re
talking about safety here I mean if you
want to have the safest car which you
should right then it’s not true that all
five-star cars are the same realm or
better than others it’s just like it’s
not like they’re perfect right it’s not
like you can’t get hurt if you get into
one of these cars
that’s not true Tesla is being a
try-hard here you know to use the school
example you know they’re trying all this
extra effort putting into their school
project or whatever to get ahead and to
be better than everyone else
and basically all they’re asking for
from nitsa is like would you please just
acknowledge like let us acknowledge the
fact that our cars are the safest
because they are according to nits as
data and that’s the weirdest part about
this yeah so digging through this FOIA
request I found that nits is only thing
they could really hang their hat on is
this statement here nits is big claim is
that nits as guidelines explained that
comparing frontal crash ratings or
overall vehicle scores of two or more
vehicles with a weight differential of
more than 250 pounds is inappropriate so
their claim is basically your cars way
different than most other cars so you
shouldn’t be comparing apples and
oranges so I mean this would mean that
if you were you know driving something
really light I don’t know what the
really light focus or the focus or you
know an even smaller car like a like a
all for something and then you got into
an accident with a big truck that like
oh well there’s no no knowing right the
safety margin is there but Tessa had a
pretty good response the model three
rear-wheel drive long range has an
average curb weight of about three
thousand eight hundred and eighty-five
pounds according to EPA the average
weight of a light-duty car or truck in
2016 was four thousand thirty-five
so although we never intended to comment
on weight the weight of model three is
closely associated with and within 250
pounds of the average vehicle it may
impact as well in addition according to
IIHS in 2016
forty-one percent of car occupant deaths
56 percent of SUV occupant deaths and 59
percent of pickup occupant deaths
occurred in single vehicle crashes
therefore a majority of potentially
serious crashes involving a model three
can be expected to involve no other
vehicle or a similarly heavy or lighter
car truck or SUV I don’t think in it so
it really has a leg to stand on here
other than they just don’t want car
manufacturers to stand out in the crowd
I think that they set up these standards
so that all car manufacturers could get
to safe right and then it’s like okay
don’t don’t
nobody’s gonna stand five stars what
more do you want what more can you ask
for it’s five star you want this car
it’s five stars you want that card spot
starts you don’t want that car over
there it only has four and a half stars
but this one is five stars and so does
this one so what’s it gonna be right and
I mean it’s such an American way of
doing things because you know it’s like
there this is safety this is right this
is not like I don’t know we’re not
talking about hot dogs or something
right this is safety so having the most
safe car in the world could be something
you would want why why not continue to
differentiate the safer and safer and
safer cars and you just only have one
car that has five stars this is the one
car that has five stars that one only
has 4.9 – exactly no you’re absolutely
right and that’s one of the biggest
complaints of Nitsa system is that it’s
usually way far behind the times usually
it takes
few years from to catch up to some
whatever the newest safety features are
so in the meantime there’s no incentive
for a new manufacturer to even include
that right so I’m getting so excited
about version 10 software coming soon
Elan just said Tesla software version 10
is looking real good releasing too early
access lists soon so then on Twitter
Pauline said will version 10 be
available end of August in Germany – or
a bit later
neon said might take a bit longer to get
through regulatory approvals likely
September so it looks like Europe is
gonna get a little bit later than we are
here in the US but we’ll we’ll get it
warmed up for you get yet you know get
it working for you and pass it on to you
and rightly so mark Lindsay Jenn asked
any teasers and Ilan said video is
amazing with the Tesla sound system will
include karaoke this man didn’t think
that was gonna happen I did not think
that was gonna happen but apparently
we’re gonna have video that is awesome I
could have Netflix in the car you could
have now you know in the car yeah
YouTube Netflix I hope they have all the
other streaming services since Netflix
isn’t going to cut it in terms of being
able to watch all the shows you want to
watch that’s a completely different rant
but anyway that’s awesome
and then you have the Tesla sound system
which is super exciting yeah I mean a
couple weeks ago I went to go see a
movie in a drive-in movie theater and it
was great cuz you hook up the you know
you get the radio and so you get the
full surround sound
bassy everything it’s way better than my
TV which just vibrates that way to many
frequencies it resonates them but the
only problem was I was facing the wrong
so like when an explosion wouldn’t
happen over here I would hear it over
here because I was I was looking out the
back of my car
so having so seen in the front no it’s
it’s all fixed cuz having the screen in
the front means that we’re gonna have it
facing the right way
and then karaoke which I’m just so
excited for well and someone said what
does the new update include looking for
more teasers here and Ilan said tons of
fun which is true
you put YouTube in your car that’s tons
of fun and karaoke I look I don’t get to
do karaoke enough karaoke it’s I know
it’s karaoke but in the car it’s karaoke
I don’t get to do karaoke enough it
wasn’t fun now but like you have to go
to a place spend a ton of money to sit
in like a gross room and you have to get
a ton of other people to make it worth
it and so you’re only singing part of
the time and the rest of the time you
have to like cringe and listen to your
friends again big bonus you can do
karaoke in the car with just yourself
you don’t have to have anyone Ellie’s a
it’s probably how it was intended and
actually karaoke yeah it was like this
is this is the right way to learn music
and then they’re like that’s an
expensive machine I guess we need more
people to make it worthwhile so remember
last week I put out the call for our
viewers somebody to help us because you
know Elon puts out a lot of predictions
and people are always like always always
late well I wanted some data on this and
I wanted some help
and we got some help our friend Zeke
helped us out hey Zack Jesse Zeke here
from sunny San Diego California well
it’s Saturday night so it’s not so sunny
right now but I wanted to introduce you
to the Elan time converter spreadsheet I
got this idea from you actually on your
Monday show you said hey every time Elan
makes some crazy amazing world-changing
new product and service and gives us a
date on that maybe we could use some of
the data to convert that to our earthly
calendar time so that’s exactly what I
did let me see if I can show it to you
here so first I just compiled a whole
bunch of data from Ilan’s tweets and
press releases and was able to to
document you know all the way back to
the 2000 or to the Roadster launch and
roads new roadster battery you know when
estimates were made what the date of
that completion date was and then what
the actual date is to get you know the
difference so I used that data then to
build a model and create this converter
tab so in summary of the 31 predictions
or promises 16 were laid by an average
of two hundred and twenty five days so
about half fifteen were actually ahead
of schedule or on time with an average
of 55 days to are cancelled and
included in the data like the Tesla
minibus was cancelled and full
self-driving coast-to-coast and really
that’s because the Tesla minibus is not
needed because of the boring company
tunnels will solve the same issue of
traffic and then the the coast-to-coast
drive is just a PR stunt and Tesla is
really focused on making building out
full self-driving to be dynamic for any
road trip right so I don’t blame him for
canceling that so to get into it to give
you an example oh and I’ll point out
that when when there was five instances
where Elon gave an exact foresight state
and all five of them exactly on that
date it was delivered so when you start
getting at these predictions like here
where it says by end of year or certain
month it gets a little bit harder to
predict so – for an example the solar
roofs ramping up production
I imported the inputs here and that
gives me an estimate Elon says by the
end of this year so we put 12 39 2019
but based on the past data we calculate
an on-time probability of 38 percent and
if it is late it more likely it be close
to August 28 2020 I do want to give a
big caveat we’re dealing with time
timelines and predictions I tried all
kinds of regression models and really
wasn’t able to find one that was
significant these p-values are terrible
but what what I am what I did want to
point out is Elon has changed in the
world Tesla employees are changing the
world SpaceX boring company and whether
they’re a little bit late the bottom
line is this quote right here I always
deliver what I say just maybe not in the
timeframe that I say it and that’s fine
because at the end of the day
Tesla employs SpaceX boring company
you guys are dragging humanity forward
sometimes dragging us by our hair and I
really appreciate all the hard work that
you guys are doing I just created a
funny little spreadsheet I don’t know
I’ll put
the Internet in case people have better
ideas or want to kind of expand on it it
might be a fun thing to do and I’ll just
make one plug I’m trying to be the
first-ever person to crowdsource a Tesla
Model 3 online go to go to the GoFundMe
I’ll send you a link but what I’ll do in
return for it is eight hours a day on a
Saturday I’ll stand in front of a car
dealership of BMW dealership near my
house park the Tesla Model 3 there with
a big arrow side saying free test drives
drive electric and try to convert some
of those would be gas owners or or
customers into a Tesla Model 3 purchases
or Model S or X or just you know bring
them over to the evo revolution so
trying to crowdsource that I will post
those videos online the eight-hour
footage I’ll speed up I’ll make it
entertaining and I’m gonna do that I
think I said for 24 Saturdays and
document it and film it and if I don’t
I’ll sign a contract or all I’ll commit
to raffling it off – and you want any
one person that actually donated so just
think if we get 6000 people to give ten
bucks we can get me out there on the
street giving up free test drives and
even make some more more evey customers
all right guys keep up the great work
see it the regression stuff yeah yeah I
mean it would be really weird if you
could predict it really accurately like
signal maybe again I mean he’s got a
spreadsheet we’re gonna put the link
down below so that you can you know try
it yourself yeah we’ve uh we’ve just put
in some calculations here remember
Ilan’s tweet about holding the Tesla
pickup reveal event in September October
of this year
mm-hmm well according to Zeke’s
calculations that is a 36 problem that
has a 36 percent probability that it
will happen on that date more likely
though it will happen near March 17th of
2020 so let’s see if it’s correct
interesting all right I’ve been
wondering this for a while and this
tweet just kind of answered it Daniel
Mendez said how can I get into the early
access I have full self-driving Nealon
said priority / early access will be
automatic for all users with full self
okay because I’m a little I’m a little
angry if you haven’t sensed it already
right I’ve had full self-driving signed
up I bought it day one and I’ve not been
part of the early access program and so
I’ve always been like well did I say
something wrong did I was I taking off
the list
maybe I did but this never been cleared
me I know people who are on the early
access program who got their car after
me yeah so what I I mean what
all right so Bob Julie says awesome is
it still planned that early full
self-driving buyers like myself will be
in the early access list because it
hasn’t been the case at all feeling you
and Neil on said thanks for reminding me
will rectify okay that’s a blow down
there Elan thanks for reminding you
don’t you have some other people that
work on your team right could be
reminded that I like it shouldn’t this
be is he nice Google calendar in the
company this is not your problem
Elon this should not beYOU should not be
rectifying this you should be calling
someone and saying hi hello you’re fired
and also just leave on the desk that
they should fix this problem yeah like
I’m sorry but like someone should be in
charge of this and that someone should
not be Elon Musk because he has so much
to do yeah he has so much other stuff to
work on
this should be the last last thing you
should be thinking about is like who is
on the early access program and again if
you make us the VPS of Special
Operations we’ll take care of this stuff
for you yes that’s me in the lunchroom
I’m gonna find out whoever that guy is
I’m gonna give him a big nookie and
we’re gonna get that settled out because
like this is ridiculous yeah now Joost
went on say bought full self-driving
three months ago will I still qualify
for early access and Elon said full
self-driving owners will get priority in
the upload queue which is not what early
access is or was no yeah so early access
program was supposed to be a bunch of
kind of beta testers who would test out
things like the new advanced summon
right where you you want people you can
kind of trust to you know use it
properly and to give you feedback right
or just a small numbers that way if all
of them crashed in one day it wouldn’t
be all
the Tesla cars in the world it would
just be a smaller number which could be
a little bit more manageable if you’re
saying that all of us on full
self-driving are gonna get the upload
first what you’re basically saying is
that there is no early access program
that everyone just gets the updates all
at the same time and we just happen to
get in an hour or two or a day or two
early but that’s not true
no so no because I know the people are
on the early access program because I
talk to them and they tell me yeah and
they and they have these connections
they say oh I know this guy why do they
know a guy there should be no knowing a
guy this is not the Mafia okay we should
just have a system and follow the system
I hate to be mean to Tesla I hate to be
like dragging down on Tesla there’s
enough thought out there already but I
am so sick and tired of this like
lie that that some people have it some
people don’t that should it’s just
annoying I kind of picture a dawn up
there in the early access program hey
Jess yeah you want to be admitted you’re
gonna have to do me a favor get one
little favor you you get it the favor
I’ll do it I want enhance summon right
now all right get a carpet and some
chain and some duct tape I mean bleep me
in the alley behind Fremont all right so
model three is poised to be the number
one global premium car in 2020 so this
article by clean Technica gives the
story of a very conservative outlook for
Tesla which would make the model 3 the
global number one premium car in 2020
and it’s not like if everything goes
right it’s actually being I think way
too conservative and so you can see here
on this chart the red line there is the
Mercedes c-class the yellow line is the
BMW 3 Series and that blue line of
course is the model 3 and you can see
it’s just growing and growing and
growing well while the other ones are
staying stagnant and stagnant and so by
2020 it looks like the model 3 will
overtake those two cars to be the number
one premium car in the world in the
world now why are you saying that this
is conservative well because the numbers
they ran are basically just assuming
kind of steady state growth like nothing
crazy basically look going off very
boring quarters I think there’s no
reason to think boring is
gonna happen at all I mean once Shanghai
gets going gangbusters there’s plenty of
demand there and there’s plenty of
demand here it’s just that everyone’s
been reporting lately like oh well why
don’t I see people lined up in front of
tosyl stores you know that’s because you
don’t need to anymore so apparently Elon
Musk supports Andrew yang for president
pretty early in the campaign for him to
even come out with a choice and just odd
for me because I can’t recall any CEO in
my life
who’s ever come out in favor of a
candidate where it wasn’t like right
down near the wire or it was the
candidate that like everyone knew was
gonna win
Andrew Yang is obviously a longshot and
Elon is coming out for him early in the
campaign and so that we basically we
just get this tweet from Elon that says
I support yang he said he would be our
first openly goth president I think this
is very important he’s not goth right
now maybe he was goth is I think he was
goth as a like a teenager which makes
sense that’s kind of when the craze kind
of happened it’s right around when yang
was teenager but I think that there’s a
reason why he is supporting yang and
that’s because yang is all about all
about automation what it’s going to do
to the to America and what we can do to
kind of offset the damage that it will
do in terms of jobs and stuff like that
so I think that that’s why Ellen is
supporting yang I mean they’re also very
similar ish people I mean yang is a
venture capitalist and Elon is an
entrepreneur those they kind of go hand
in hand ya know it’s interesting because
having this discussion this early in the
campaign is great I think because we’re
gonna start to talk about topics that
aren’t traditional political topics
usually it’s just you know education on
favor of jobs but now we’re gonna have
to talk about well what are you gonna do
if the jobs turn into be robotic jobs
are you how are you gonna pay for things
what happens when a lot of the
truck-driver jobs go away because Elon
Musk disrupted them away right it’s nice
it’s really it’s kind of nice to have
Elon supporting a candidate that is
going to try and fix what would happen
with the disruption of jobs due to
automation which Elon is causing or
could be potentially caused right
like you could imagine in a cartoon
you’d have some characters it’s like I
wanna steal all these jobs and go yeah
those suckers will never know what hit
right whereas Elon is actually like oh
I’m gonna support a candidate that if he
wins would make a system that would
hopefully help people avoid the troubles
of automation yeah so I think it’s
really interesting so when I read this
in The Guardian I well I got the press
first then I got angry first I didn’t
believe it yeah I kind of thought well
it’s the Guardian that they’re they’re
from England they don’t understand that
we have a constitution here in the
United States what I’m talking about the
sort of thing that we tried to get away
from with those those dirty Brits
exactly so what we’re talking about here
is that 18 states 18 United States want
to outlaw protesting pipelines oil
pipelines so when I first read it I
thought well that’s something they want
to do but it’s not gonna happen and then
I read that it’s actually passed in some
of the states so for instance
state yeah so in five states it is now
against the law to protest an oil
pipeline being built in your state let
me just quote George Monbiot who is the
Guardian columnist we are told to fear
the extremists who protest against
ecocide and challenged dirty industry
and the dirty government’s it buys but
the extremists we should fear are those
who hold office if you think it’s just
the states you should be worried about
in June Donald Trump’s administration
proposed federal legislation that would
jail people for up to 20 years for
disrupting pipeline construction take a
look at this map here Jesse so this is
showing you which states have enacted
these laws which states have are
proposing them in which states it hasn’t
passed but that’s not not a small number
that that’s 18 states so when the Texas
law goes into effect on the 1st of
September it will make impairing or
interrupting a pipeline construction a
felony punishable by up to two years in
jail and a ten thousand dollar fine if
an activist is alleged to have intent to
damage or destroy a pipeline facility
they could face a third degree felony on
par with attempted murder and up to ten
years in prison and any organization
found to be some
le culpable could face a $500,000 fine
little little history lesson the United
States made a constitution a lot of
people like the Constitution a lot of
people support the Constitution a lot of
people have little pocket constitutions
so the First Amendment goes like this
Congress shall make no law respecting an
establishment of religion or prohibiting
the free exercise thereof or abridging
the freedom of speech or of the press or
the right of the people peaceably to
assemble and to petition the government
for a redress of grievances so peaceably
assemble well I will say the argument
you’re gonna hear back from these people
is they’re gonna say no no if you
peaceably assemble that’s fine it’s just
that you can’t have the intent to damage
or destroy a pipeline facility okay so
let me just walk through how this
usually goes now usually you’re in front
of Town Hall right and Town Hall there’s
maybe some news organizations they have
cameras everyone’s got a phone it’s all
connected to the internet all you’re
talking about like if you do uh if
you’re doing any kind of protest
attention you know you’re usually in
front of you know some building some
building that has a lot of important
people in it and you’re usually in a
city or capitol or something like that
and so you’re protesting something there
so if you get arrested there is clear
you know people can watch you get
arrested and be like oh that guy look at
this video evidence of this guy not
doing anything wrong and getting
arrested you know gee that sure violates
the Constitution bad things should
happen to the people who made that
happen here’s the problem with pipelines
they’re in the middle of absolute
nowhere okay so there is no guarantee
that you’re gonna have internet there’s
no guarantee that the press is going to
be there and filming it and there’s no
there’s gonna be no guarantee that your
phone doesn’t get confiscated so here’s
a problem you have people protesting in
the middle of nowhere
the police can show up arrest everyone
charge them with this stuff and send
them to jail for a really long time or
give them extremely harsh I mean this is
extremely harsh sentence what well
here’s the problem I have intent to
damage or destroy how do they know what
my intent is if I mean it’s one thing if
I’m smashing on it with a hammer
but if I’m just standing there with a
sign that says I want this out of my
state well I guess that’s my intent to
have it gone
you could we’re gonna put me in jail
because I intend to do something that
you read in my mind isn’t that minority
reports Minority Report that is future
crime right I mean like really really so
basically what this is all this is the
whole thing is just to make it so that
way if you were thinking of like dammit
I’m gonna drive out into North Dakota
and I’m gonna protest that pipeline
being built
you’re gonna think twice you’re gonna go
oh crap I could go to jail for 10 years
yeah I could have to pay half a million
dollar fine right I mean if any
nonprofit wants to like start a protest
they’re gonna think about getting faced
with a half a million dollar fine I
think they’re gonna think twice this
should not happen no this is like how
how did these things happen I didn’t
want to go here but I think the reason
why it’s happening now is because they
know that the Supreme Court the way that
it’s made up right now may rule that
this is constitutional and that’s a
scary scary thought the whole point of
having the Supreme Court it’s the whole
point of having these judges who
basically you know legislators can say
whatever they want it’s up to the
judicial branch to come in and check the
power of the lute of the legislative
branch and to be like no that’s not
constitutional that violates the
constitution of this nation right and it
just goes to show that our government is
bought and paid for by big money it’s
corruption it is absolutely corruption
if anyone tells you that it’s not
corruption you slap them in the face and
you say it’s corruption let’s talk about
a country that’s doing kind of the
opposite yeah
so here’s some good news from Sweden so
the swedish road tax is going up for
internal combustion engine or ice
vehicles and starting on january 1st the
tax is going up an average of about 30%
making it more expensive to drive an ice
car in sweden so to give you an idea of
what that would cost you in an average
car in sweden let’s take a Volvo
maybe the v60 that’s going to have an
increase from six thousand five hundred
and fifty four sec to nine thousand six
hundred and eighty-eight SEK or for
those of you who don’t know what a sec
is it’s probably not even called that
yeah that’s the Swedish kronor so that’s
a three hundred and twenty-eight dollar
increase that’s not nothing yes you
might think twice about buying a nice
car and speaking of Swedish roads we’ve
been getting these weird stories from a
lot of our Swedish viewers who have been
telling us about BMWs that have been
catching fire and exploding all over
Sweden and Europe so BMW has recalled
1.6 million cars throughout Europe forth
and 35,000 of them are in Sweden because
the diesel powered models were at risk
of catching fire and I learned a little
something from Robert Collins who is a
journalist at often blobbit he says this
I’m not surprised this is how it works
if this had been in the US it would have
been in a completely different way in
the United States if a manufacturer
knows that this product has a serious
defect and does not tell it to the
people then they will be able to sue the
manufacturer that’s not the case in
Europe here they can hold on and try and
fix it the classic is that as BMW now
goes out and says to all their workshops
these cars have this serious flaw when
they come in for another reason such as
an oil change or service then they take
that opportunity to correct the error
but they say nothing to the car owner
that’s really freaky it’s really freaky
that I’ve only been able to see these
images that you’re seeing here of BMWs
you know on fire through Swedish press
that I haven’t been able to see this
anywhere else and in the beginning I
thought well this is this can’t be true
because I’m only hearing about it from
like one source but then we heard it
from many other sources so I’m putting
the word out to our European viewers
what’s going on here yeah
but we’re not there so it’s not like you
know when the car catches on fire we can
go see it keep your ears to the ground
and like let us know like get it get in
touch with us on Facebook and just tell
us what’s going on
and I just want to say you know if the
if this were a flood story about Tesla
that you know 1.6 million Tesla’s that’s
more than they even have yeah we’re
catching on fire that you know there’ll
be a huge flood story right but instead
it’s another company and so no one hears
about it right so Tesla has filed a
building permit to convert warehouse
space at their Fremont factory into a
research and development lab which will
include a vehicle testing facility which
supposedly will focus on vehicle
reliability so this three hundred two
thousand square foot building on Cato
Road will now have 250 employees and
will be equipped with vehicle lifts test
chambers work
and storages the future energy
reliability lab which is going to be
located in a smaller 8,500 square foot
space is going to be outfitted with test
chambers a workshop and solar energy
product testing equipment now the
vehicle testing facility which is going
to take the bulk of the space about 165
thousand square feet it’s going to have
a crash track a crash sled test chambers
vehicle lifts and labs get this Tesla is
looking for workers right now to work in
these labs what an awesome job if your
job was to take a Tesla and smash it I I
mean I don’t know if I would really
enjoy that job know it I don’t like
seeing beautiful things smashed but in
the in for safety I understand why you
do it
this sounds like well I mean like why
haven’t they done this before is that is
my biggest question I think this is
about robocar testing so if you’re gonna
make a car that’s gonna go a million
miles and it’s going to be used all the
time by more than one person rights it’s
not just one owner you’re gonna need to
make it differently than a normal
consumer car because right now these are
consumer cars that we’re buying right so
the seats you know they’re very durable
it’s enough for your butt to get in and
out of it for years and years but it’s
not really enough for the car to be in
use all the time yeah it’s a really good
point I mean like when you slam the door
on your car you’re it’s your car so you
know that’s how you slam the door right
but hey it’s not your car I mean then
you’re just gonna slam the damn car door
you know and it’s gonna happen hundreds
of times a day and also things that
people say about these Robo cars
yep cars that are fully autonomous and
will pick people up and drop them off is
that you know maybe someone gets sick in
one of these cars maybe it you know
maybe there’s a big dent in one of the
cars so part of this could be developing
systems where you go in you need just
four bolts or didn’t you take the seat
out put another one in and you’re ready
to go like I said like it’s a race car
or something so no exactly except with
dirty seats and I mean think about this
they’re the only car manufacturer if
we’re right that they’re doing this at
that would be researching this for the
future because they know that Robo cars
are coming and that they
have to treat cars completely
differently than they ever have before I
mean when you get on a train or a bus
it’s built to that industrial standard
but no car that I know of is built to
that unless it’s made for the army right
because it’s the the car companies are
penny-pinching the whole time right
they’re just like okay well if we use
those seats then it will last for this
long which means that’s fine because
that’s longer than the engine of the car
will last because it’s only gonna last
you know like a hundred thousand miles
and it’s gonna have all these problems
and then it’s just gonna be a teenager
driving it anyway so who really cares
yeah this is a completely different
product and that’s so exciting
you to your point you’re not making the
car for consumers anymore right you’re
making the car for Tesla right I mean
Tess let’s be honest if this works out
Tesla is just gonna own all the cars
right there’s no reason for them to sell
them and if they do sell them it’s gonna
be to some other industrial commercial
owner um I think it’s me a fun job to
have because we’ll just think about it
your job is gonna be to kind of like be
the worst customer in a car right it’s
like just like a lot of like it’s like a
mosh pit in there yeah it’s gonna be
like watch Mondays
come on in everybody on Mondays it’s it
and load a mosh yeah everyone comes in
bleary-eyed on Monday all right guys as
you know it’s Monday mosh so yeah we’re
gonna be turning up the music and just
try and break as much stuff as you can
all right it’s time for the lightning
check out this new solar patent jessi
and someone tweeted to Elon what does
this remind me of anyone said mm-hmm
he’s thinking so for the Tuscan tile
solar roof they’re thinking of putting
little solar panels all along the curved
surface of the of the roof which is
really interesting so each tile will
have multiple solar panels in it which
means that throughout the day one of the
panels is going to be getting more Sun
than the rest of them right now a
Swedish friend of ours told us about the
fact that if you are riding in a scooter
in Germany and you don’t have a license
which means you didn’t get insurance and
the proper permit for it you can be
fined a ten thousand euro fine for
riding an e scooter in Germany now this
happened in Mannheim Germany so it might
be different in different towns and I’d
love to hear from our viewers I know
that there’s a scooter rentals in
Germany I know that
like lime and other companies do it but
those are I guess are all registered my
question to Germany is if you’re
watching and you’re in the government
there what the heck are you thinking
it’s a scooter right like do we have to
register everything that can move I can
understand maybe like a little 5 euro
fine like okay don’t do without the gun
right but like what are the speeding
tickets in Germany yeah what I mean what
do they think you’re gonna do with the
scooter yeah you could try as hard as
you could to do as much damage with the
scooter as possible a it would involve
you not driving the scooter it would
involve you swinging the scooter around
like a big flail that’s what they do in
La actually they do that in LA and it’s
really scary yeah don’t do it don’t do
this they’re just a stupid thing now I
understand a scooters have a terrible
name and cue bird because you screwed it
up for all of us they dumped scooters on
San Francisco streets with no business
license no plan they were just like
we’re gonna maybe make money and they
didn’t and it’s their fault and everyone
was like what is going on these scooters
are everywhere and no one is taking like
responsibility for this and they’ve
ruined the e scooter name for everyone
because forever it’s a great life it’s a
great last mile solution so nice to get
where you need to go so it’s command
right imagine you get off the bus and
you solve a mile to go you hop on a nice
easy peasy but like so it’s a great
solution but yeah what why did it have
to get ruined and people should own them
just like bikes like most people own
bikes this has been a thing that’s like
gone back in time is that like you’d get
a bike when you were six seven years old
and then you could ride it around the
same thing can happen with scooters it’s
really nice it’s a really really nice
way to get around I can tell you because
I’ve gotten around la I’ve gotten around
San Francisco and even where I live on a
scooter it’s great don’t take that away
from people and don’t make it that like
wide why why does government have to
sink its teeth in everything so british
columbia’s transportation Minister
Claire travina said that the
transportation sector is the fastest
growing source of carbon pollution and
the British Columbian government is
aiming to help reduce it by committing
to buy electric bus
awesome okay yeah the first ten
heavy-duty electric buses will join the
fleet in Victoria in 2021 and then
starting in 2023 British Columbia’s
transit will buy only electric buses
this all started way back in 2018
remember remember 2018 mm-hmm
when they got one electric bus to try it
out and guess what what they loved it
the bus drivers loved it the passengers
loved it why everyone on the street
loved it cuz it didn’t smell right yeah
so surprise surprise fries you given
thought you get busting seats in an
electric vehicle and everyone loves it
so the plan now includes replacing more
than 1200 existing buses and adding
another 350 over the next 10 years with
the goal of having an entire fleet of
electric buses by 2040 now my only
question is I think it’s great you’re
basically gonna keep just buying
electric ones when the old diesel ones
were out but couldn’t just sell the
diesel ones to another city like does
that happen do municipalities do that do
they buy used things or do they only buy
new things
no no it just it’s just sad that you
have to wait till 2040 to get them all
to be electric and I think it’s annoying
that they’re only gonna start buying the
you know only electric buses in 2023
like just commit right now because
that’s what you have to do is commit
right now yeah all right so what you
think’s going on here just um well it’s
an electric car mm-hmm they’re racing
well it’s a Hyundai Kona 0-60 in nine
seconds that’s okay I mean great drive
into the future love it it’s the first
all-electric SUV in India lot empty
highways oh yeah there’s a lot of empty
highways in India all right no yeah no I
think the good news here is that finally
I mean we’re seeing a commitment to get
an electric SUV in India I don’t know
how big that market is in India I assume
it’s relatively small but yeah if you’re
one of our Indian viewers please let us
know like is it a big deal or SUVs kind
of just like a rarity all right so
here’s some homework folks homework
check out this video here this is on Lex
YouTube channel fantastic Annalee he
interviews a lot of really smart people
on his podcast and he just interviewed
george hotz and you might be asking like
who the heck is george hotz he was the
youngest person to have our hack and
iPhone but more importantly in that he
runs coma AI which is an autonomous
driving company base
just using a phone and a couple of their
doohickeys and some software he’s able
to turn like Toyota’s and Honda Honda’s
into autonomous cars that can drive
level two just like Tesla’s can anyway
Lex interviewed him for two hours and
had a lot of interesting things to say
we can’t possibly talk about all here
but what we are gonna do you guys are
gonna do your homework and watch this in
the next week and then next week on
patreon bonus story we could talk about
a few things and you’ll understand what
we’re talking about cuz you will have
seen it huh this is homework for people
who watch the patreon bonus stories yeah
the big point here is that he said quote
Tesla is going to win level 5 and he
knows what he’s talking about because he
owns an autonomous car company alright
so Jesse check this out
2019 may mark the beginning of the end
for coal power in Europe said Dave Jones
and electricity analyst at sandbag why
did he say that well because this year
wind and solar cut coal by 9 percent and
natural gas cut it by nine percent so
European coal dropped 19 percent Wow we
didn’t Solar cut it by 9 percent
yeah that’s almost 10 percent and 10
percent is almost 20 percent 20 percent
almost 50 percent 50 percent almost
hundred percent no worries this is how
we do it folks yeah you just keep
chipping away at the coal no don’t do
that leave it in the ground even in the
ground so there are now 30 new Tesla
service centers that have been put
online by Tesla in the past few months
Tesla was really proud about that so
they tweeted it out we’ve added more
than 30 new service centers in recent
months where to next rocketship I don’t
think they’re gonna put one on Mars
anytime soon but check out this list
here because it’s a lot of interesting
cities what we’ve noticed is that
they’re now going to like the secondary
markets a lot of these places like
Schaumburg Illinois and Lancaster
Pennsylvania these are places where you
know wouldn’t be your first choice to
put ones because they’ve already got one
in their first choices but they’re gonna
be a little bit less busy yeah so it’s
not right in the heart of the city yeah
I think the most important thing though
is the actual location within the city
where is it exactly and what are the
facilities there like a lot of excited
people this week when they heard that
Jeff Don had a new paper out so Jeff Don
is a leading researcher of lithium ion
battery chemistry’s at Dalhousie
University now Tesla
him to work at Tesla Canada’s R&D group
in Halifax now Don just published a new
paper in Nature scientific magazine
claiming that a node free lithium metal
pouch sells with a dual salt liquid
electrolyte have 80% capacity remaining
after 90 charge/discharge cycles which
is the longest life demonstrated to date
for cells with zero excess lithium if
liquid electrolytes can be used to
create safe long life lithium metal
cells then existing manufacturing
equipment can be used to rapidly
commercialize high energy density cells
obviously we’re gonna get to solid state
someday at some magical battery that can
get your car 600 miles with no problem
in a two sec hi yeah charge it in no
time at all we’re not there yet
right now we have to deal with what we
have but at least what we have is
freakin sweet so Tesla’s just announced
that they have new model three floor
mats for $195 they’ve got these new ones
with vertical walls which a lot of
people like because you can keep the
mess in the floor mat and dump it out
yep and they say the floor mats are made
of a hundred percent recyclable
thermoplastic elastomer material and
completely free of cadmium lead latex
and PVC and according to a new study
published in the Transportation Research
interdisciplinary perspectives journal
which followed over 10,000 adults in
seven European countries people who ride
ebikes get even more exercise than
traditional bicyclists uh-oh I hear I
hear gears spinning I hear they’re
coming to get us
I hear idlers moving I want to just tell
an anecdote about what we did literally
yesterday no we’re testing out some new
ebikes we decided to go for a little
bike ride to see what we thought of them
turned into a five mile bike ride all
around town basically because they it
was just so much fun now we were still
pedaling but there was a huge amount of
pedal assist there was even throttle on
some of them we could just go and go and
go and weep biked further than we have
ever biked before now I know if you’re a
serious bicyclist you like five miles
yeah yeah we’re not serious bicyclist so
for us like after two we’re like good
we’re good
and this is the point of the study the
study’s author largely attributed the
increase in exercise to the increased
amount of time that ebike riders spend
on their bikes compared to just nonny
bike cyclists and that ebikes took
longer distance trips the study also
found that ebike riders were older 48.1
years versus 41.4 years and II bike
riders have a higher BMI twenty four
point eight versus twenty three point
eight so you don’t have to be in as
great a shape to get onto an e-bike
which is a good thing right we want more
people to be able to get onto bikes we
don’t want it to just be the extremely
fit among us right and it just means
that once you get on the bike you’re
much less likely to get off because
you’re not going to get tired right but
you’re going to be doing more exercise
because it’s a longer you know you’re
just gonna go longer you’re not worried
about getting back so you don’t turn
around quite so soon let me tell you he
bikes Oh
they are awesome yeah a lot of fun all
right Sam for video contributor stories
this week we’ve got Chris in yakin Dan
de Australia today is that can Jesse and
all the now you know viewers I’ve come
to this community of yak and anda to
explore how actually like generated
today more than one gigawatt of power
and what they’re moving towards 100%
renewable by 2022 and well this is this
story is so um how do you get involved
with this project in yack Ananda there
was a real interest I think in in what
what we could do around their energy
democracy so taking taking a generation
and creation of renewable energy into
our own hands back in 2014 2013 2014
there was a local government Clara
a bug boy of solar panels and and yeah
Canada had a really high uptake of that
there’s a little bit of funding left
over and we ran a community forum and
and at that community forum I was
decided probably about 10 or 12 people
that we wanted to continue this is a
community group and then a couple of us
from that forum headed to the First
Coalition for Community Energy Congress
and came back from that in 2014 with a
real shot to make the town 100 percent
renewable by the Year 2022 in 2022 when
hopefully you get this 100 percent
renewable target and you’ll reach it we
will don’t you don’t they hope hopefully
you will get them do you know like right
now there’s maybe a proportion of the
community members who don’t have it do
you think you’ll be celebrating with
them who will come around
we’re never gonna get it all with solar
rooftop that but so we’re always
thinking of other ways of adding to that
so getting everybody on would be great
but I mean some people just can’t afford
it either and that’s where the community
energy retailer is going to make a
difference because we’re gonna be able
to help people who peps a renting or
don’t have solar because they can’t
afford it they’ll be able to buy cheap
energy because we all have so that’s the
next exciting sort of image picture that
we’re moving beyond 2022 is having
feeding back to our own community energy
retail and people are pretty excited
about that at the moment yeah yeah yeah
look as exciting all the stuff you’re
doing here so congratulations and what
work you’ve done so far and do you have
anything you like that well what if I
get to add just that our next I think
after the after this to is is we’re all
going to end up with v’s cars yes yes
that’s the next goal as well yeah yeah
that’s the thing next thing I’m looking
at yeah well here’s a battery and
perhaps an electric car so yeah yeah so
we’ll be the hub set soon oh right on
yeah before that I’ll come back yep you
drive your electric car up oh sure well
those very much Diane thanks Chris
cheese so that was just a little teaser
and what we want to see the whole thing
but head over to my channel where I’ve
actually got a lot more footage of what
live doing and a lot more interviews
there so if you want to help with the
links down below and what back to you
Zach and Jesse thank you Chris you can
see Chris’s a YouTube channel
it’s Chris Vander stocks YouTube channel
the link is down below he has some
really great videos he covers all sorts
of cool things and you get that total
Australian perspective alright it’s time
now for patreon bonus stories this is
where we talk about even more news
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our patreon shoutouts these are people
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we have Stuart Cameron Bradford do shaq
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Rasmus coauthored Tobin and we didn’t
mess up any of the names again is this
two weeks in a row I think that’s two
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right it’s time for Ilan’s tweets of the
week what do we got this week Jess um so
there’s a who there’s a lot to talk
yeah let me let me read what everyday
astronaut said he said I can’t wait to
see a booster come into port with two
boats carrying two fairing someday oh
man wait until there’s a falcon heavy
where everything but the upper stage is
recovered and reused that’ll be
incredible and let’s talk about why he’s
saying that they again for the second
time have caught a fairing now if you’re
saying what is a fairing well let me
tell you so SpaceX rocket goes up
there’s that little pointy bit on the
top that part goes poof into two pieces
and they fly away from each other they
cost millions of dollars yeah
and so Elon said hey instead of these
smashing into the ocean to never be used
why don’t we reuse them because it’s
essentially a pallet of millions of
dollars hurtling towards Earth so they
put a parachute on it and then they sent
out a boat with a gigantic net to go
catch it and then we get a video like
all right it like it’s a this is it’s
beautiful it’s like a painting it looks
it looks like um it almost looks like
starry night to me well you said you
want it on a Nica where teach you want
to know Nica wear t-shirt see if we can
make that out of it so it’s so pretty
all right so master not said my question
is what’s your current estimate on the
total cost of having a self-sustaining
civilization on Mars and Elon said
between a hundred billion and ten
trillion dollars and that is a big range
is a huge range it’s I mean it’s hard to
you know it’s hard to estimate that yeah
it’s also hard to imagine ten trillion
dollars yeah you could buy a country for
that much money sure
Walter McCain said any insight into
connecting StarLink constellations
between both planets Elon said will be
needed for sure bandwidth no problem
latency is a challenge so I mean it’s a
good news for like Netflix but it’s a
bad news for Skype every day astronaut
said it’s quite literally absolutely
game-changing what you and the insanely
hard-working team at SpaceX have managed
to do in such a short period of time I’m
constantly floored by your progress
thanks for shoving humanity into the
21st century
Elon said thanks starship which aspires
to be fully and immediately reusable in
super heavy class is a truly peanut
emoji rocket ship emoji even though I’m
immersed in starship / Raptor design and
build seven days a week it still doesn’t
feel real if he thinks it doesn’t feel
real right now I don’t know what he
means by peanut emoji rocket ship emoji
doesn’t mean nuts or does he mean like
it’s a small peanut of a ship so then
Regan back a star hopper 200 meter on
August 16th through 18th Elon said just
spoke with FAA so hopefully yes so this
means so basically star hopper is their
test platform to test taking off and
landing a rocket ship vertically which
is insane and they’re gonna do a 200
meter test means they’re gonna go 200
meters out oh that’s pretty far and 200
meters down and land it all right it’s
time for community mail time
so David answered our question from a
few weeks back where we asked about the
amount of time spent charging versus gas
station refueling a nice car with the
comparison between his wife’s Volvo x90
and his Tesla Model X 90 D over the past
22 months he estimates that regular
charging at home to have taken about 55
minutes to plug and unplug his car at
his only takes him a few seconds versus
the volvo ice car has spent 880 minutes
refueling wait if people are like but
wait I thought it took a while to
recharge the car it does but when you
get home at night you go to sleep in a
bed and so you don’t need to be in your
car or like wait for your car because
you’re already at home in a gas burning
car you need to go to a gas station
which is gross and you shouldn’t sleep
there which means that you need to wait
for the car to be done fueling so that
way you can leave and go to your house
to get into your nice warm bed now
supercharging on four road trips in his
Tesla Model X took 815 minutes versus
for the Volvo five days for the Volvo to
have car service two days for Volvo to
go through some recalls and one day
where the Volvo broke down
also with fuel is Tesla cost four
hundred and sixty-six dollars in
electricity over that twenty two months
but is volvo costs six thousand six
hundred dollars in gas a friend john
from just outside of Houston Texas wrote
to remind us that not everybody in Texas
is opposed to renewable energy not shown
here is the twenty eight point one
kilowatt PV solar array on his roof and
yes those are signed to founder series
power walls John also reminds us that
only two states in the Union prevent you
from buying a Tesla directly from the
factory and that would be Texas and
Michigan so our friend Bastian said that
he has this super-duper recommendation
for the maple hill bed-and-breakfast in
Hallowell maine it’s got two tesla
destination chargers and two j 1772
chargers it’s powered from a 15 kilowatt
solar panel array plus a 10 kilowatt
wind turbine even the hot water for the
building is from the Sun and the owner
is really nice and the place looks
so I say from now on plug for a plug
this is our friend Roberts
model three he lives right in the same
town as we do Hill Mart is super excited
about the new Tesla service center and
three superchargers opening in Iceland
here he is showing his Model 3 in
Iceland our friend Ryan in Kentucky sent
us this which is kind of sad Ryan says
that these car license plates are
everywhere in Kentucky where he’s
currently living yes so gross
it should also should also say lots of
other things like coal gives your kids
asthma Nicole’s gonna make sure your
kids are gonna live in a dystopian
future so just remember we went to
Florida on a road trip and we stopped at
the Plantation Florida supercharger yes
we stopped there twice because we were
we went down to Key West and we came
back up we stopped there twice and I
didn’t like it both times well guess
what happened through so yeah it
exploded superchargers can explode no
there was a gas explosion at the
supercharger a few weeks ago and our
friend Co here reported that about five
days later Tesla had the superchargers
back up and running all right it’s time
for our on-air question of the week
we’ve got a question here from Jonathan
he says when discussing the green New
Deal detractors always ask but how are
you gonna pay for that besides taking
oil subsidies and applying them towards
renewable energies I have the following
proposal state and local governments
could pay for solar installation on
people’s roofs on the simple condition
that the private citizens benefiting
from said installations could just pay
the government’s back on a monthly basis
in accordance to what they were
previously paying for electricity and
heating bills thus substituting these
polluting technologies and at the same
time increasing the value of the home to
make it more worthwhile for taxpayers
who essentially are the investors the
agreement could include the homeowner
would have to continue paying for a
further year to pay back the interest
this solution seems so simple to me but
not an expert in any means what do you
guys think so this is extremely similar
to a power purchase agreement which is
basically where instead of the
government you go to a solar company who
says we will install the solar on your
roof you don’t have to pay anything
upfront but you are going to pay for the
electricity that it generates at a
generally a lower rate than what you’re
currently paying for electricity and so
it’s a really great option for people
because it lowers their electric bill it
gets them on to solar
and then in about 20 years which is
usually how long these things last you
have solar panels on your roof that you
now own exactly and I mean I have the
system and the reason I could afford to
do it was because our state
Massachusetts gave a big incentive to do
it so there was a solar credit program
which made it all possible so basically
your idea Jonathan so it is a viable
idea it does work and it doesn’t mean
the government has to get involved in
actually putting them on your roof they
could just have this program and then
private companies would come along and
do it well in the solar credit this is a
complicated issue but basically the
Solar Credits would have benefited you
if you wanted to put the solar panels on
your roof yourself right I think that
your idea is a good one I think that a
government could do that I think that it
could be done privately well and I just
wanna show Massachusetts did it and did
it very well and so we are the fifth
most solar per capita in the country
where we were by no means the most sunny
state but because our government got
behind it we put in a lot of solar so
yes if your country or state decides to
do this you’ll you’ll have a lot of
people who switch in a solar too so
Jonathan awesome idea you should run for
something right Sanford the results of
our patreon poll we asked do you think
Tesla will actually release version 10
in August and most people said no
probably more like September I lean to
agree to agree with them I mean is it’s
always better late than never right time
for supercharger reviews and remember
that you can go to our web page where
we’ve got all the supercharger review
videos you can upload yours and then
it’ll be on there instantly and then
Brent and Bobby and Jack will go grab
those and put them on the show so let’s
see what we got this week
hi Zack and Jessie this is Luke and Ivy
at the Friars Road supercharger at seven
zero zero seven priors Road in Mission
Valley this is in San Diego California
this is a really nice superchargers it’s
at the mall it’s in the parking garage
next to looming down there’s plenty of
places to eat as a Sbarro some cafes
Panda Express and playing it and let’s
ride I having plenty of other ones it’s
a great place there’s a play area for
kids I use a little 20 month old toddler
so she really likes to go there also you
can also go to the Lego store where they
have usually some free blocks you can
play with so I’d like to go there too
while we supercharged so I rate this
supercharger in the eight out of ten
it’s a lot of stores a lot of food
places got places for kids it doesn’t
get full sometimes
and it is charging too limited to 75
kilowatts all right let me show guys
hey Zack and Jesse this is the Tim at
the Jackson Tennessee supercharger it’s
an eighth stall charger it’s right off
the highway pretty easy to get to there
is a country store with a restaurant
right behind us and then if you cross
the main strip rut right here there’s a
McDonald’s and a couple bottom fast-food
places overall it’s easy to get to the
supercharger but I would say that as far
as choices of places to eat there’s not
much to choose from I would give this
about a 6 out of 10
hi this is Deb
Neuwirth superstation as 12 styles as
you can see in has a welcome center here
and as plenty of stores restaurants
market even massage chairs it has a
Starbucks in it as a Popeye’s Carmel
intends cinema Brett a manager which has
organic food so that’s pretty cool
Burger King Panda Express so across the
superchargers is Starbucks as well but I
don’t recommend that one for dirty
bathrooms and on a scale 1 to 10 I get
this 9 doesn’t get a 10 because there’s
no hotels or places to stay that is
fantastic so yeah if you’re like
planning a road trip and you’re like I
don’t know what like I can see what’s
around this supercharger but I don’t
know what it looks like in terms of like
a walking around kind of view this is a
great way to see it again head to our
website check it out all right what do
we got for new super chargers this week
we have the 16 Stahl urban supercharger
in Fort Worth Texas we got number 33 in
Italy number 472 in Europe it’s the 8th
stall at Borgata Kaduri italy number 14
in taiwan is the four stall at Taichung
in Quinton me
Chen pin we’ve got the 10 stall urban in
Stamford Connecticut and number 686 in
the United States number 1613 in the
world is the 8th stall 150 kilowatt
supercharger in Stamford High Ridge
Connecticut yeah both are in Stanford
this week two different locations
yeah we have been working on something
with the working title of community
projects we hatched this idea when we
started our discord a little while ago I
mean we quickly realized that discord is
the absolute worst place to start
something like this let’s talk about
what the idea is
yeah the idea is that we’re gonna have a
website where people from around the
world can go to start a project that
they want to complete that will be good
for the planet
so getting solar power on their local
school you know roof roof
exactly for getting an e V charger
installed somewhere right because when
you want to do these things a lot of
times the hardest part is just knowing
well where’s the how do I start what
what is the ways of to succeed you don’t
want to start you know reinventing the
right someone’s probably already done
this so the idea here is that as we put
more and more projects on this map you
will be able to learn from other
people’s mistakes and failures and you
will succeed
and you can help people who have
projects because you probably have some
level of expertise in something that
someone else it was trying to accomplish
something doesn’t so right like I’m good
at making logos so I can make a logo for
your group great then they can get put
on a t-shirt and that can be part of the
the project right you could be a lawyer
oh I can help do contracts all of this
kind of stuff we we all kind of have the
same goal here and in our community is
what we’ve noticed is that you know we
want electric vehicles we want renewable
energy so it’s a pretty wide open field
in terms of what we want to accomplish
so again we’re going to have community
project leaders who are going to be
leading their respective projects and
then we’re going to have people who are
going to be volunteering and again
volunteers can start their own projects
like it is a it’s this constantly
evolving thing where we’re gonna be and
we’re gonna be showcasing the successes
of people we’re gonna be showcasing the
failures of different projects you know
why did it succeed why did it fail what
can we learn can we pull this knowledge
together to make it easier to accomplish
a project and make the world a better
place this is kind of a community
project right here we need some help
coming up with a good name so head on
over to patreon and even if you don’t
support us on patreon we’ve got a post
there that you can add your thought to
so go over there post your idea for a
community projects name and maybe it’ll
be the one we pick would be great
because we’ve got an awesome team of web
programmers and project managers working
on this as we speak yes all right it’s
time for the patreon giveaway this is
where we give a eco wear t-shirt of your
choice to the winner it’s getting
heavier is it filling up it is all right
and remember that with eco where we have
new designs every week and we carbon
offset all of your purchases from
manufacturer through shipping and
hoodoos the winner this week Jesse Jason
and Harvey congratulations Jason you’ve
just won an eco wear t-shirt you could
choose this one which is kind of like
or you could choose the one just as
wearing or any of them actually so
congratulations alright you made it to
the end of the show I am super excited
that we’re gonna have people heading on
over to patreon to help us name this
community projects website because it
needs a catchy name I was like in the
beginning I wasn’t even thinking the
name was just like whatever I’m so
excited about the website right without
a better name work is so exciting yes
but it doesn’t need a good name yeah
because if we call it community projects
is just gonna sound I don’t know it’s
gonna sound like I don’t I don’t want to
even cloud your decision-making process
I’m just super excited because we’ve got
an amazing team like oh yeah we put the
word out and I kind of thought them back
in my mind would be lucky if like a
couple people say well I could help here
for 12 minutes I know we got people who
said like we can help you for as long as
it takes that and and these are like
top-notch we got we saw your resumes
like these are people who’ve designed
things that are just way cooler than
what we need to do yeah right um I’m
just so excited to have these people at
our disposal and these are just the web
developers and the programmers that we
exit we accidentally asked for
programmers we didn’t mean to should
have just been asking for web developers
tonight um but in the future I mean I’m
just so excited that we have so many
amazing people that watch this channel
because a lot of YouTube channels I
don’t know if you’ve noticed you’ll go
down in the comment section and it’s
just a bunch of mmm I hate to say
12-year olds but like probably is they
are either 12 or they act like a 12 year
old like or they have never grown up
well it’s like they’re just trying to
get attention or anything
whereas our viewers you are I enlarge
yeah mature yeah intelligent it’s really
night like you some of you even have
intelligent discussions in YouTube
comments which I’m pretty sure is
against the rule
for YouTube because I’ve never seen it
happen anywhere and it pumps me up
because I’ll tell you when when you read
a negative comment it ruins your entire
week yeah just deflates you I mean I
know you shouldn’t buy now but it still
oh I mean whereas when you read a bunch
of positive comments since in thoughtful
comments and things that think people
are like asking questions and getting
answers you’re like this is right
awesome community and this is why it’s
so awesome to have our patreon and to
have our discord because it’s it’s
really cool we have like 500 people on
discord and everyone is respectful if
everyone is interested in the same
things and we’re all talking about it
and we’re all you know we’ve got our got
our beach buggy racing to leaderboard up
there and I’m starting to lose ground oh
no you were first for us first for a
while was it good well I made the
leaderboard have and I put all of my
times in it so basically you were number
one cuz you’re the only one on there yes
but I have still I did good I did pretty
that’s a tough game so we’re you know I
don’t know I’m gonna keep it up I’m
gonna have to and can I just write
everybody Europe hasn’t joined yet right
I think they did they did Europe I don’t
I don’t know started beating me Craig
way to go thanks a lot Craig no I’m glad
that you’re actually as well Jack so we
get back in there and come on you made
it all the way to the final level didn’t
you and he taught no actually oh you
didn’t I’ve been like saving it oh I
shouldn’t you shouldn’t no shit cuz I
want to play us there’s more games
coming like chess
I got chess I know I did too I’ve been
playing some chess it’s really question
question can we play chess against each
other in different cars that would be
fun why don’t they implement that
because it’s needlessly complicated to
play a game that you literally can play
against a computer with nobody it’d be
fun to play with other people I don’t
see if VP of Operations we would have
thought of that yeah we would still be
having meetings about how I don’t want
to put that
it’s much better to put beach buggy
racing you know that was a smart way I
like that well I mean multiplayer beach
buggy racing would be oh my gosh that
would be then chess I mean I’m sorry
this is a boring game it’s over how do
you think they’ll open that up is that
gonna be some of the funnies talking on
version 10 that they’ll have multiplayer
like Beach three-dimensional chess no
not chess but you know multiplayer games
no that would be good I don’t think that
would be awesome yeah it would be but
they don’t need to do that they just
need to put YouTube in the car and it’s
already that’s it’s it’s like a it’s
like a frickin sound it’s what’s the
first video you’re gonna watch in I
don’t know whatever pops up on my feet
hey thank you so much for joining
watching us it’s so fun that was great
yeah and I think it’s time you’ve earned
a little stretch get a little snack get
something to drink good in it it’s been
a long minute go to bed
hug your family I’m gonna call your wife
you know call your husband say that tell
them that you love them because that’s
what we need more in this world so just
you know go do a good thing right now
because you just watched a one-hour
video that’s true see you folks bye Nana

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  5. I know how Tesla can encourage states that don’t allow Tesla to sell in their state. Turn off all the SuperChargers in the state for a week or two during the states tourist session. That will (literally) drive all Tesla drivers out of the state making them loose the tourist revenue. AKA boycott the state for a couple weeks.

  6. I am an Indian guy, love your show.
    The SUV market is probably second biggest market in driving as most people rent/hire them for going on trips and especially all travel destinations have specifically drivers that you can hire to chafer you around for site seeing.
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  7. Regarding Jonathan’s on-air question, check out PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) which is available for businesses in most states but COULD be extended to homeowners as well. You pay back a grant for your solar installation via a property tax increase. Residential PACE is currently available in California, Florida, and Missouri.

  8. People should be able to peaceably protest, but they do not have the right to damage and vandalize things. The duration of the sentences are maximum, not mandatory. So I don't see anyone just standing in front of a bulldozer getting sentenced to years in jail. But if you think someone should be able to destroy tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment and then cry "free speech" to get off you are not sane. The example you gave is very skewed as it speculates nobody can record and upload video without an Internet connection? Really? Before streaming was common that's how most videos that ended up on the Internet were made. Recorded at one time and uploaded later. And why do you assume the police won't try to differentiate between those who are protesting peacefully and those who actually demonstrate intent to vandalize and destroy? You seem to have a low opinion of police.

  9. Hey guys, just wanted to say that I have been watching your show and been a subscriber for almost 2 years now and like the work you two are doing. Having said that, I think you both may be going a little overboard and misunderstanding what the deal is with the new pipeline protest laws. I heard what you guys said and that brought up some questions for me because some things did not make sense. As a retired law enforcement officer, your statements about the new laws were misleading and contradictory. So I did a little digging to see what the new laws said. Here is what it pertains to and why…Lawmakers in North Dakota passed a bill that stiffens penalties for anyone who interferes with the construction or operation of pipelines and other "critical infrastructure." While the details vary from state to state, the bills generally increase penalties for trespassing on or tampering with a range of facilities, including pipelines, oil storage tanks, railroads and utility infrastructure. The bills' supporters have said they make it easier for prosecutors to go after protesters or vandals who violate the law, and that they do not target free speech….So what they are doing is to increase the current penalties for anyone who comes on to the pipeline property to stop work or vandalize the pipeline project. The penalties are increased from the current laws that are already on the books to hopefully stop people from hindering work or vandalizing those construction jobs. Most states and cities have laws like this to keep people from stopping work on legal projects or from vandalizing property. People are still allowed to protest. That is our constitutional right. However, we do not have a right to block someone from enter a place or stopping a work project or vandalizing property, just because we don't agree with what they are doing. We are a country of laws that are in place to protect ALL of us, not just the few. If you don't agree with something, there are "peaceful" and legal ways to go about changing things, including "peaceful" lawful protest that do not violate the law. To put this into perspective, lets say Zac decides to tear down his house to build a new one that is bigger and 2 stories tall, but the neighborhood of people see the new house going up and everyone that lives around Zac decide that his new home is very gaudy looking and to big and does not go with the rest of the homes around him. So they decide to protest and block his driveway so no construction workers can get to work and a few protesters decide to trespass onto Zacs property to vandalize some construction equipment. Is that legal? Of course not. Would you like that to happen to you and cost you money? I don't think so. If the protesters want to "legally" protest on your street and not block your driveway or traffic, that is perfectly legal and their right under the constitution. As far as intent goes, law enforcement deals with "intent" all the time when it comes to crimes. Intent is something that has to be proven, not just added on as charges because I say so. An example would be if someone caught someone sneaking onto your property during your new home construction and was caught, and he had a backpack on them with varies tools inside like a hammer, pry bar, bolt cutter and such, then by law you as a law enforcement officer would need to prove intent to vandalize property with those tools, and that is done through questioning or admission of guilt by the person. So to close this off, I don't like the things I see going on with our government and these pipeline projects, but you still need to understand and respect our laws. Imposing stiffer penalties for crimes already on the books has been a deterrent for a long time, nothing new. So please try to do a little more homework before you guys go on a rant without having all the facts to make an intelligent statement, rebuttal or opinion on something. Just my thoughts. Keep up the great work you guys are doing 🙂

  10. You don't know how crazy my country actually is, as of now… And registration wise: I had a Volkswagen polo in Germany (to small for an American to know), it cost in liability with 113hp as much as an Ferrari back then, since all the youngsters crashed it; and the older the car the higher the insurance premium is…. And there is so much more to write a book about…

  11. I just watched a YouTube video ( techtalktv ) about Samsung developing a graphene battery that will be used in their phones starting next year or in 2021. He also says the Samsung batteries could be used in EVs. Do you think this would be a kick in the balls for Tesla and Tesla's battery factory ?

  12. Excellent show Zach and Jesse. Here in Jackson County in Southern Oregon, there is a committee called Jackson County Fuel Committee (JCFC). This organization is 100% volunteer. (JCFC) installed solar panels and a level 2 EV charging station. The main goal of Jackson County fuel Committee (JCFC) is to keep people from loosing their power due to there financial problems.

  13. The trump administration needs to be destroyed and these politicians ousted. Thar is unacceptable. Theyre actively trying to kill everyone.

  14. We always see any Tesla that catches fire, regardless of the cause, built up as a spectacle. Of course when a ICE car catches fire there is very rarely any mention in the news. Can we get an actual number of Tesla’s, world wide, that have caught fire, year over year compared to ICE car fires?

  15. Suggestion – move supercharger reviews, to separate weekly, bi-weekly episode. Personally I usually stop watching at this point.

  16. Biggest insurance thing in Germany is persons getting hurt. That's why they have to be insured. Germans insure everything.

  17. Early Access program was promised to those who bought full self driving before they cut prices. The tweet to the person who bought it three months ago would indicate that those who bought it later would get the updates first when they enter general release

  18. Hi Zac and Jessy, thanks as always for your awesome content! I live in Stuttgart Germany and heard nothing about the BMW fires. Car lobbyism seems to be pretty strong here. The E Scooters are an other example for it. The created laws for it are made the way, that buying an E Scooter:

    -costs a lot of money (insurance)
    -is very usefull (20 km/h maximum)
    -and I also think (but I am not quite sure about it) you are not allowed to drive the scooter on the pedestrain walk
    -also there is some force in the media feelable pushing E Scooters in a very bad and dangerous lights. They say things like E Scooters are super dangerous and not very environmental friendly

  19. Early Access Answer.. hilarious! That "I know a guy" thing is what is happening in Europe as well. Seems that Tesla owners that know some Tesla people are having a better customer experience than other owners. For example, I asked Tesla Service to "check if the FSD option is enabled" on my car, their answers: "we don't know where to check this" to "we can not enable it for your car and we don't know why". I mean, what do you mean "we don't know"? It's your job to know!

  20. Hyundai Kona seems expensive. The range it offer is enough for city driving. But the charging network in India is not enough for intercity commute.
    If a person wants to buy car only for city driving he has other well priced better performing combustion cars that will save him/her money.

    One other thing slightly related to this issue(*my info may be old*) is that India still hasn't finalized on the Public Charging Network connector and protocol. Being a very young EV market I think that not standardizing the connector will be huge deterrent to growth of the market.
    A huge opportunity will be lost by not standardizing connectors now itself.
    Thus behaviour is misaligned will governments objective of making India a EV country by 2030.
    A better public charging network would increase the worth of the car.

  21. Guys, look on autotrader ALL the brand new 2019 Nissan Leaf put on sale. It looks like auto dealers are trying to get rid of their huge stock of Leaf at discounted price. That thing clearly doesn’t sell well. (I mean, for the same price you can get a Model 3, so no surprise).

  22. Greetings from Germany. The 10,000 Euro fine is nonsense. If you ride an e scooter without a Ministry of Transport approval, the fine is that your scooter will be confiscated and you have to pay 70 Euro fine/ ticket. Same if your scooter has an approval but not an insurance (annual insurance costs around 90 Euro).

  23. It's no surprise Elon Musk would come out this early to support Yang. He easily Trumps – no pun intended – all the other candidates in terms of policy and foresight. Now if only the rest of America opens their eyes…

  24. If you're having libido issues, start following Andrew Yang… I promise.. 1 long interview with him and you are full of life. #YangYacht #YangGang

  25. Jesse, buy a decent Surround Sound system to go along with your HDTV such as This Pioneer model which is the most efficient one using Class D Amplifiers that save energy. It is half the height of mist surround sound receivers and barely gets warm eleven when cranked up! This means that since it doesn’t get hot, it will have a longer life and not drive up the Electric bill!

    Pioneer model VSX – 520

    eBay number 283448331122

    Plus speakers to match and an unpowered subwoofer as there is a subwoofer amplifier in the Receiver.

    Then you can turn those crappy speakers off

  26. While Tesla fires are spectacles, making a big show, I remember the Fords burning down houses while parked and off, due to bad cruise control switches! All because of a cheap switch that should have had no voltage in it once the ignition key switch was in the off position and the key was removed!! Oh the public has a short memory!

    Perhaps Tesla needs to have an automatic Halon fire extinguishing system on board all new produced cars!!But then so should Ford and all the others soon to be producing EVs!

  27. I live in Germany and I just saw a BMW on fire on the side of the highway. There are sometimes Tesla’s in the news which caught on fire after an accident, but there is nothing about BMWs which are randomly starting to burn. The Media seems to be influenced by these big car companies.

  28. Say, Mr. Now You Know – could you please say hi to Tesla employee Steven Salowsky? I didn't realize he was your content director. That's fairly… opaque, don't you think, that he started this homey little video project at the same time as he started his job at Tesla?
    Also kinda tells me there's really not a need to contribute to your humble little enterprise.

  29. Cool, so this channel is operated by Tesla employees who are illegally and unethically pumping Tesla stock and advising people to invest without disclosing their employment! Very illegal, very cool!

    Now You Know!

  30. The main reason why Elon Musk supports Andrew Yang as President is because Elon has said in the past that UBI will be inevitable once automation takes over millions of jobs. That is what Yang is proposing. So Yang is championing UBI, and that is why Elon Musk supports Andrew Yang.

  31. Where I live to 3 years ago that put a tax on our county to plant trees so they ripped up all the old trees that was there and put new ones in place now that ain't screwed up situation I don't know what is so keep planting girls before you can plant it got to cut it down to think about it

  32. 25:10 – Pipeline Protests – You seem to have forgotten the difference between trying to damage or destroy (What is actually required to prove an intent to damage or destroy) & peacefully assembling or protesting. Legally, the authorities would have to prove the “protesters” were engaged in overt acts of destruction against the pipeline to enforce any of those laws. “Standing with a sign” would not qualify as “intent to damage or destroy” under anything resembling a reasonable interpretation of any of these statutes. Regarding SCOTUS, I can tell you do not understand that “Strict Constructionists” (4 of the Conservatives on the court are Strict Constructionists) believe the Constitution should be interpreted by the actual words of the Constitution, with “Legislative History” used when the words are ambiguous. The 1st Amendment is pretty unambiguous. Those being the case, none of the 4 Strict Constructionists would ever consider allowing enforcement of the interpretation you gave to these statutes – They’d rule that to be unconstitutional.
    Remember, it’s already against the law to destroy or damage or to attempt to damage or destroy public or private property – These laws just enhance the penalties for doing these to oil pipelines that are considered to be essential infrastructure.

  33. @1:00:25 That's not how long solar panels last! That's the years after which your panels are guaranteed to still have 80%. The 1%degradation is a rough number. A degradation that is realistic has your solar panels still producing 75% after 50 years. Now you know!

    Actual lifetime, I'm not sure someone knows. It's more likely you'll have a "once in a 100 year hailstorm" in that 50 year time period that will shatter your panels.

  34. Trucking won’t be disrupted.

    A few states are already talking passing laws against full self driving cars/trucks.

    Way too many good paying jobs would be destroyed.

  35. Dudes, maybe Elon said 'FSD team, close the Early Access List until further notice (from me)!' . So he does own it

  36. The Osbourne effect, Mercedes C and BMW 3 series sales will fall off a cliff and Model 3 sales approach from below. Who will buy a Mercedes C or BMW 3 series when the potential buyers are seeing Telsa Model 3 appearing everywhere around them?

  37. Model 3 leather steering wheel – I've just cancelled my Model 3 order, as I mistakenly though that the interior was fully vegan – aren't you guys vegan? – how did it work with your ordering, and did you make a sort-of trade-off justification? (such as less environmental damage outweighing the cruelty aspect?).

  38. 19:00 – I think you're taking Elon's tweets Way too literally and you need to 'relax'. Ultimately if Elon says he'll rectify something, that could mean a whole spectrum of ways he'll get the problem solved – Including like calling someone in his office, firing people, or having his assigned staff look into it. Just because he's thanking someone for 'reminding' him, doesn't mean he himself is micro-detail accomplishing every little process or task. You should think more about the context of Elon's position and be careful not to Read Too Much into his tweets, which may not be as exactly concise as you like but he at least does take the time to answer followers and address the end results being worked or their main concerns.

  39. With the Green New Deal(GND), Why exactly do I have to pay for people that do not want to work and free college? How is that GREEN? I am all for green. I have 2 Teslas and solar panels. I also want change. But you cant bankrupt the country in the process. I wonder how many people complaining about pipe lines have EVs? You make it sound that Trump destroyed the planet in 3 years. I guess global warming didnt exists under Obama. My point is, do not expect the government to do everything. They dont know how to do anything except waste money. Also nuclear energy is the cleanest energy we have. How exactly are we better without nuclear energy? We dont live in Disney World. There are some facts we have to accept. Sorry, but The GND is just a communist manifesto.

  40. Have you guys and community seen this guys channel. Over in Shanghai- https://youtu.be/MNMYClnIwUA. Updates on Giga3.

  41. So the germany story is just a little bit wrong 😃Actually you don't need to register you scooter you just need to have a proof of insurance. it's basically the same like it always has been for all motorised vehicles (even the small motor bikes with only like 25ccm/2hp) This proof is in the for of a little "license plate" lookalike thing but that's only meaning that you are insured for the risk of hurting others. If you don't have it the insanely high fee is not 10.000€ but 620€ – that's not different from city to city, it's just a national thing. And for the question about speeding tickets: Unfortunately they're not costly enough here.

  42. I went from a BMW lover to an all out tesla owner and Elon fan.honestly, I was not even considering a tesla but it takes about an hour research to understand that tesla offers the future now. There is no reason to not buy a tesla model 3 if you are considering a car in that price range.

  43. https://www.check-vehicle-recalls.service.gov.uk/recall-type/vehicle/make this site used to have lists and was easy to use. The have now made it vehicle specific that makes it hard to compare (Germany car fire recall faults) recalls. The old site made it clear and if you didn't know Audi, BMW, Mercedes and VW along with their subsidiaries (SEAT, SKODA, BENTLEY…). Well simply put the Germans are very good at designing cars that automatically combust with occupants within. I must be a Germany safety feature, you know if there not driving then less car accidents will happen (Logical hey)

  44. I think you mispronounced Anders name 😂😂 it's a recurring part of a show called workaholics lol funniest show imo.. But it's great cause people are always calling him Anders and it upsets him. Unless the guy from the show and your patreon are pronounced differently it should be pronounced as "Onders".

  45. enough with this Premium Car BS… the model 3 is not a premium car, Its not more Premium than a VW or Toyota. they just call it Premium.

  46. I live in Plantation and you mentioned that the Tesla Supercharger blew up, not true, a under renovation restaurant 130 ft away blew up because of a gas leak and some of the debris landed on the site. The location is great because there is a dozen restaurants within 1000 ft and it is right off the interstate. I have a model 3 and a Bentley, seldom take the Bentley out of the Garage anymore as the Model 3 is not as comfortable but just flat out more fun to drive. Ironically I take it for a drive about once a month to keep the battery changed.

  47. Why two weeks of round the clock coverage for the same single Tesla fire when BMW has had nearly 100 mysterious fires in since 2017 with virtually no coverage?
    And for God's sake why no coverage for the over 3000 mysterious Hyundai and Kia fires? Fires that NHTSA is actually investigating. Not a word. How is this working to better inform the public of safety issues?

  48. eScooters in Germany: One person drove an eScooter on the autobahn (max speed was about 20 km/h). A truck driver secured his ride and called the police…

  49. The NHTSA's cease and desist is completely founded as Tesla Model 3 wasn't even crash tested in 2018. The IIHA released the story stating that it was given safest crash avoidance and had nothing to do with actual impact. Now Audi has claimed the crown of safest EV.

  50. In this video, we share our experiences from the "service hell" in which Tesla is currently located.

    In December 2018, nextmove ordered 100 Tesla Model 3 for rental. After the delivery of the first 15 Model 3 nextmove had to stop the delivery of other vehicles because of serious quality and safety shortcomings. Only one in four vehicles was faultless, in some cases the vehicles were not even roadworthy.

    Instead of agreeing on a flawless delivery and timely repair process, Tesla issued a 24-hour ultimatum for approval and canceled the remaining 85 Tesla Model 3 worth approximately five million euros after the expiration of the ultimatum. Repeated attempts to buy vehicles failed.

    We think Tesla needs to improve greatly in service if it wants to be in the mass market. If you think so too, then share this video with the hashtags #ServiceHell #Tesla on your channels. Elon Musk has repeatedly proven that Tesla can solve problems quickly when public attention is focused on them.

    Bloomberg has already reported on our case and has confronted Tesla with the facts: https: //www.bloomberg.com/news/articl ..

  51. Elon has never ever promised anything. To say that is a LIE, a predection is NOT a promise. If your kid says thell have their room clean in 1 hour, if it takes them 2 hours do you call them a lier?

  52. About BMW models catching fire, Wendy Vasquez, et al., filed a fire class-action lawsuit against BMW of North America, LLC in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey, early this year. we
    The plaintiff is represented by the Law Office of Roosevelt N. Nesmith LLC, Giskan Solotaroff & Anderson LLP

  53. so don't protest on site fast instead, a corner stone of democracy is the right to peaceful protest, so oil fast don't drive for a week, day, month etc, its up to use to outsmart them – dont consume for a day, vote randomly etc. Spot the problem, " I might drive to a protest "?. The oil bones connected to the pharma bone, the pharma bone is connected to the weapons bone, all bones are connected to the banking bone etc etc

  54. THRIVE is an unconventional documentary that lifts the veil on what's REALLY going on in our world by following the money upstream — uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives. Weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness and activism, THRIVE offers real solutions, empowering us with unprecedented and bold strategies for reclaiming our lives and our future.


  55. Jesse, we want to hear you sing. I also enjoy hearing all your voices, when pretend to be someone.
    The problem the US government has with corruption, is all due to the way that big business is allowed to "donate" to individual government senators and personnel. which is we do not allow in Australia

  56. SUVs are popular in India, but this Kona EV costs 25lakh rupees, ie 35000$, and has no EV car charging infrastructure which is insane. Metro cities like BengaLuru/Bangalore, etc have EV scooter/bike charging at some places, but its still in its infancy. SUVs which sell more are usually between 15,000-25,000$.

  57. What's needed is an update on the new chasis stamping machine. Itd blow monroe away when they strip one down because it was his biggest issue with the vehicle. I'm dying to see more info on it!!! Any updates guys?????

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