THE DIRTY TRUTH – BBC Insults T. Colin Campbell

hey, everybody welcome to plant basis you probably noticed that we’ve been we’ve been posting a lot more interviews of plant-based doctors recently that’s because
We’ve recently been on a trip to Washington where we met a lot of the kind of pioneers in the medical scene
This video is going to be of a segment with our interview with Pecan Campbell if you don’t know him
he’s author of the China study which is sold over three million copies and
Interestingly he’s actually featured recently in a BBC documentary called clean eating the dirty truth
Now he claims in this interview coming up
They had lack of integrity in the way he is represented
Having listened to this interview and let me know what you think I got contacted, BBC
You know they wanted to do a documentary on it. So it sounds great to me and
So they thought they were going to be an open objective
Organization because I happened to like the whole Asian program, you know
I think just really wanted the desk of his kind in my mine in the western world
So we’re looking forward to it and then it came about that
They had also contacted through Cnn in this country
I think you have to say then they wanted to also include Dr.. Esselstyn my friend and
they were coming through the stage here, and they wanted to land that it had to be at his place in Cleveland as
they were the other on to the west they want to stop there and wanted to know if I
Might be able to come out. It’s a while. I’m just going that way just just so happens
I was giving a lecture in Chicago, So we
Stopped at his place. That’s where the the energy was held and
The guy who was the chief interviewer was a guy with Cambridge university?
Letters, I guess you could say sophisticated geneticist. He’s a
Molecular geneticist in a sense which says I was a high rank in the intellectual
Stairway if you will in our science, so he comes in he stars asked any questions
That things went on for a couple of hours
Driving around the golf court nurtured
And and I could tell from the beginning I
Mean I know enough about the use of words
And I can read that I can hear the nuances in here that kind of thing in his voice in the way
He was saying it and he was kind of challenging me and some things
And I always had to get a little nervous about where’s this guy going
Because he’s not he’s not the kind of scientist that I am familiar with he’s got something else on his mind
so we hadn’t came back to s with this house and
There s open had assembled three very I mean there were remarkable case studies
One of was a very prominent person of the pentagon and they came and told their stories how they had just saved their lives
You know this is so they had a view of Devin. He was really put off by that he he was visibly upset
and agenda he had an agenda and so you know and I tried to please one thing so but
Well anyhow when it were after all said and done. I waited around that was the deborah December last December
That I saw the thing online it said told me was available. I looked at I was
Disgusted with what they had done with it, so I then tried to find I even forgot you guys name from Cambridge
So I called the film crew and BBC
And I said can you tell me his name because I didn’t think it’s going to happen
They gave me his name so that I looked up in the scientific literature
to see who he was and
Sure enough I found who it was that found
He was at Cambridge of course they all all jibes geneticist
And so then I read through the very technical you know sort of manuscript manuscripts plural that
He’s is what the argument is making and what he was working on at the time and in that group of Cambridge was doing this
You’re trying to find out the genetic basis for obesity
That’s a typical thing that pharmaceutical companies if you can find the genes responsible for a certain outcome
Then the idea is maybe we can find a chemical to
Intercept that gene action if you will that that’s almost entire
Drug industry, so I found that he was actually funded by
The tests largest pharmaceutical company in the world based out of Germany and they had 30 advisory
and I think they had some like 30 programs or institutes in Germany and had to outside wanted yale and one cavers and
So I got into the website
I know who Rosie Benson’s is I started looking and I know the jargon is used in Molecular genetics
I know the jargon used in the pharmaceutical industry
And I started reno you know it was so obvious that they were doing nothing more than other drug companies do
Want to find a gene and this what this guy was about?
So I
Called him, and I said you know this is this is nonsense
So I wrote an article you may have read it when we saw that or not. I don’t it
Yeah, and BBC came back at me the director of the Horizons was quite angry and said you should have shown this why didn’t you?
Tell us you were new I said I said well identity that you had a day and a half
in this digital age you had time enough to answer it and
so they got angry and said pilot boy would you publish you know our replies, so children could do that, but but the
Fact of the Matter is what?
Said the whole thing was actually staged. It was staged and supply stayed because
They got a guy from Cambridge. You know he is he is
represented by the blood this drug company and that point of view is
what I’m going up against, you know it’s a difference that it’s a different way of looking at Biomedicine biomedical sciences and
I am my work research is really in a major way challenging the entire
Western model system, II think he’s just misinformed everything he had an accent and see
Both I think he has a lack of integrity because I should be careful. Maybe how I’d say that
but but the fact is that he
Is able to reflect the complexity here?
I tell you one more example that he he was starting to criticize me at One point
I can’t remember what that was on the film or not
I don’t I’m not sure but he was criticizing me for lying too much on animal studies
Experimental studies and and I don’t apologize that for all that’s what we all doing this business in he started out. He
He a candidate at this that was pretty horrible he uses animals himself
That’s where it’s a lack of integrity. I think that’s a lack of integrity
He’s lucky cheap the physical Medina College community
Pardon is like um he he I was like a chink in the armor like yeah, that’s right
Whatever, whatever interpretation you have but I mean that was a lack of integrity and then on questions concerning
You know the way we evaluate data in the way we collect information science
I happen to be of the opinion elegy stage night, so I did the whole
decades long research focused on a reductionist approach
Using one thing to test this and so forth you know
but I’ve come to kill the obviously a very different view of what what it really is and
He was he somehow he sort of knew what I was saying
But then he started lecture me
I had to be careful what I say you know I can’t be representing myself a little public part you try
To do anything right that’s right. I couldn’t do anything right?

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