100 thoughts on “Three experts testify Trump committed impeachable acts, one dissents

  1. It's been weeks… when are the democrats going to get off there rear ends & present some kind of facts or evidence. I for  one am tired of the "I feel" or "I heard someone who may have heard" (none of which is admissible in court)……  There's absolutely nothing to support there claims.

  2. all you CNN zombies believe their crap when in the end it will be the socialist democrats who kill our country and flood it with illegals and homelessness and crime while taking away our rights while they live in luxury…you fools

  3. Republicans are setting a dangerous presidence here, even with defending trump they are dividing America and harming public’s faith doing the right thing, in this case impeachment for crimes

  4. When are Americans going to wake up. Look at and listen to these 3 liberal, disgusting, hate filled wretched, evil human beings. So filled with hatred that they’ve lost the ability to be impartial. It is true. Liberalism is a mental defect. These three liberal pukes are living proof.

  5. This is a joke. Three democrat experts says Trump guilty and one republican expert says he is not guilty. What is the point to this joke?

  6. Keep asking: WHY did Trump and his swamp-mates obstruct the inquiry?!? No documents, no witnesses, despite subpoenas, and they have NOTHING TO HIDE?!? Ridiculously they now insist they NEED MORE WITNESSES…

  7. Let's see, 3 experts that gave money to Hillary, Obama and the DNC say Trump's guilty, imagine that, I'm shocked. Wow case closed, Impeach him, no trial.

    The 4th Who was actually the brightest of the bunch and voted for Hillary told the truth. Why does CNN not put him in the spotlight? Oh I forgot, They are part of the left and only say one side of the story because they hate Trump. This is why I don't watch them anymore, They are not fake news, they cherry pick what they want you to hear. Sad very sad.

  8. Trump holds elected office under an alias ID 6 decades of awards to represent that office have not been questioned why was the award made under these terms in the first place, no theres a problem here and it's bigger than big fat Trump is.

  9. Trump is a TRAITOR and Criminal…..All these Russian Nazi Republicans better understand they are responsible for all Trumps Crimes…..They have done absolutely nothing about this TRAITOR and Criminal…..Every Republicans are going to be Voted out of Office in America if they don't IMPEACH Trump and Pence and all involved.

  10. So let's get this straight.

    reTHUGlicans are arguing that all people willing to testify UNDER OATH, are lying.

    And all the people UNWILLING to testify under oath are telling the truth.

    And that ladies and gentlemen is just how FUCKING STUPID republicans are.

    Thanks to Alex Cole @acnewsitics for this thought.

  11. Putin is laughing every day. Trump succeeded in dividing America to the bone. He succeeded in bringing down the faith in the government, ther FBI and other agencies. Trump started with convincing Americans that news is fake unless it comes from his mouth. Everybody who listens know that he is always lying. His personnel lawyer stated: “Trump is a conman” .Cohen knew that. I hope that more Americans realise that. Save America.

  12. Hey, Turley, so how come that bum didn’t let all those corrupt people who could testify to facts that everything Democratic has been asking?
    That’s called obstructing Congress, the Senate is a joke, I hope the people vote these disgraceful republicans out of office in 2020?

  13. dosent it bother ANY of you that our worthless congress has done NOTHING to help our country only attack president Trump on nothing but BS these last few years? we have a huge problem with crime and gangs and homeless that they totally IGNORE!!!!!!!! in fact their policies will make these problems even worse

  14. Once again, the women on this panel for the most part deferred to the men and stayed silent. The narrator, a man, kept focusing on the men. How sad. And these women are powerful women but stayed silent to the men. I am not sure a woman can go up against the viciousness of what the Republicans will do to destroy the Democratic candidate. I hope i am wrong.

  15. The Trump/Putin conspiracy to steal our democracy is the fight of our generation.
    Will you stand up and be counted, or don't you mind that all the money is being squeezed out of the system, and stolen by
    Trump and his cronies…

  16. Are these insane traitors going to go free? No jail time? So other presidential crooks like Crown Princess Ivanka will know they can get away with this shit?

  17. Are these insane traitors going to go free? No jail time? So other presidential crooks like Crown Princess Ivanka will know they can get away with this shit?

  18. All these ultra liberal professors and legal pundits got their marching orders from Schiff. They are to support the bridge to NOWHERE!

  19. These Democrat clowns are not fact witnesses. All they did were to express their opinions. They definitely have Trump Derangement Syndrome. They showed how they hate Trump to the bone and how they eagerly want to have him impeached. There is no compelling evidence what so ever.

  20. Prof turley is worried about lowering the impeachment bar if the house peruses impeachment. He should be more worried about eliminating the bar if this is ignored

  21. If u have proper polls he should be impeached, the problem lies in the money everyone took and there morals that betrayed this Nation

  22. When asked to raise their hand if they could identify one impeachable offence these clowns kept their hands down. What a waste of time. CNN is just a waste of time and this is why I will no longer vote Democrat

  23. the democrats by their getting fat on our tax dollars while ignoring our many problems is PROOF that they care nothing for us. WAKE UP YOU MORONS! TRUMP IS THE ONLY ONE HELPING THIS COUNTRY FUCK THE UKRAINE!!!!

  24. Too late to be concerned about lowering impeachment standards, Professor. You should have thought of that before the Republicans "razed the standards to the ground" during the Clinton impeachment. Clinton had sex with a consenting adult. No foreigners — not even third parties — were involved. And, no one demonstrated how their fling in the White House compromised the US in any way — no political rival was impacted, no state secret was leaked, etc. In stark — almost perfect — contrast , Trump was trying to SCREW America – not make it great, again. He clearly demanded Ukraine produce dirt against Biden. In short, Monica consented to Clinton, and yet there was an impeachment. America did not consent to Trump. And yet, the Republicans call this a witch hunt, low standards, etc. How to people bring themselves to vote for such garbage, I'll never understand.

  25. This impeachment process echos the patient who, after being given a fifteen dollar test that comes back positive for colon cancer, is told the the hospitals HMO directive requires the diagnosis to be of a terminal nature prior to treatment!

  26. 3 Experts with no facts.

    This kangaroo court is merely a political 'Farce"

    A farce is a broad satire or comedy, though now it's used to describe something that is supposed to be serious but has turned ridiculous. If a defendant is not treated fairly, his lawyer might say that the trial is a farce.


    A comic dramatic work using buffoonery and horseplay and typically including crude characterization and ludicrously improbable.

  27. Because the WH will not cooperate, they complain that exculpatory evidence is being withheld (BY THEM). No one can take them seriously because there IS no exculpatory evidence. None.

  28. If the President wasn't guilty…why did he personally order officials NOT to participate in the investigation…it doesn't take a degree to figure it out.

  29. "I am disgusted by the conduct of Republican senators who pose as reputable people, but shamelessly hide under rocks instead of calling out the president's horrendous behavior as the gross misconduct that they know it to be," Don Ayer

  30. I think, the 3 constitutional prof. from Democrat are wrong to consider congress interprets constitution take precedence over the Court. The Court is the one who interprets both law and constitution.

  31. The Republicans can not force Joe Biden or Hunter Biden to testify. All the Biden's would have to do is say 'no' just like Trump and the White House did. But if the Republicans bring even one charge of contempt toward the Biden's it would prove beyond a doubt that they, the Republicans are Hippocrates. Don't even think of trying to get the Whistleblower to testify because that won't happen. The Whistleblower is protected by law and not even the Republicans can do anything about that.

  32. Are the American citizens paying for all of Trump's lawyers, all of the President's lawyers.., or is he paying personally? This must be costing a fortune!!!!!

  33. Only Gordon Sondland met with Trump and Trump told him “No Quid pro Quo”. He was doing guess work when he assumed Trump was holding the aid because of investigations. Democrats will regret this when it gets to the Senate though so maybe they should do it.

  34. ALL 4 WERE ASKED IF THEY HAD ANY PROOF OF ANY WRONG DOINGS……………………..NONE RAISES THEIR HANDS!!!! testimony O>>>>>>>>>>>>>>V>>>>>>>>>>>>>>E>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>R.

  35. So far 3 years of investigation and million of dollars, they have everything ready except, facts, proofs or Smoking gun!!!!, Other than that democrats are winning!!!!

  36. Everybody knows even all the one on the right if a democratic president had done the same they would all want him/her impeached 100%

  37. Hhhhhmmmm….Getting a sneaky blow job on the side while the wife’s away is more of an impeachable offence and has more effect on the American public than fucking around with corrupted foreign countries… 🤔

  38. these 3 experts will lose there jobs .. why , who is going to get advice of them . when they say immpeach trump . without hard evidince . but just hear say second or third hand hear say

  39. WHAT ABOUT STARTING TO WORK FOR THE PEOPLE DEMOCRATS?? PELOSER has the Mexican-Canada Agreement in her desk since 6 moths ago!!!! President of Mexico is asking about the agreement, she is busy impeaching the President a mexican reporter answer Mr. Lopez Obrador!!!!

  40. This dumb defense from republicans stating what if the tables turn in the future where Republicans control the house and they vote to impeach a democratic president well l am sure no other president will intent or try to be as corrupt as trump that’s good if tables turn I’m sure a democratic candidate will learn from this current potus

  41. I love this impeachment show. It keeps blowing up in the Dems faces. Nobody believes them and the best part is that the MSM is on the Dems side and they are still losing the narrative. LOL! It seems only CNN and the Dems care about impeachment. LMFAO! TRUMP 2024! These hearings will be used as a bottomless pitt of humiliation fodder against the Lefties forever. LOL! Please keep the entertainment coming. We enjoy the show!

  42. All of them are democrats 😂😂😂😂they all donated to Hillary an Obama. The real news is Schiff is connected to the same gas company Hunter Biden worked for. I knew it Trump has figured the Democrats scheme out an now they are reaching with this hear say impeachment B.S you people don't get it Trump is cleaning the democrats out so he can keep the Trump Dynasty going after 2024. Ivanka Trump will be your first women president then his son will run for president 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭if the Democrats do not win this year there will not be another democrat president for the next 20years but Democrat voters are to stupid to see the big picture.

  43. Trump was right. Biden, Burisma and Hunters millions should be investigated for getting the Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin removed after his raid on Burisma.

  44. Accusations, lies, and innuendo are not FACTS. You Trump haters must enjoy being manipulated by propagandists. Either that or you're all too stupid to realize it.

  45. Turkey was the only professor with ethics, the other three were an embarrassment to their universities. Turkey defended the law, the other three supported enuendos and slander.
    George Washington should be proud of their professor, the other three schools should be ashamed of their professors.

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