THURSDAY 04 MAY 2017 | Today’s LGBTQ News Headlines

Hello, and here are the international LGBT
news headlines from Pinksixty.
Tomorrow and through the weekend, protests
take place around the world against the persecution
of gay men in Chechnya.
The protests coincide with May 5th which was
declared ‘Europe Day’ in 1964, celebrating
peace and unity.
UNAIDS’s ‘Equal Eyes’ report says over
200 people have been arrested around the world
in recent weeks, just for being LGBT.
The report lists several transwomen arrested
in Jamaica and over 30 gay teenagers taken
by police in Iran.
A lesbian couple are in hiding after being
kidnapped & jailed in a three week ordeal
at the hands of their family and police.
Jimena Rico secured their release from a Turkish
jail through Spanish authorities after her
girlfriend’s father kidnapped his daughter
and destroyed her papers.
Scientists have successfully removed all traces
of HIV DNA in mice using the latest gene editing technology.
The technique worked on new and established
infections, potentially heralding a new era
in treatment for HIV and cancer.
And finally, Bette Midler’s revival of Hello
Dolly received 10 Tony Award nominations earlier this week.
Cynthia Nixon, Laurie Metcalf and Nathan Lane
are also up for awards, with the winners announced
on June 11th in New York.
Well that’s all from us for today.
Join us again tomorrow for more of the latest
LGBT news headlines.
And you can find out more about these and
other news stories by searching for
#pinksixty on social media.

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