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Donald Trump has said Britain and other
European allies should take back more
than 800 Islamic state fighters captured
in Syria mr. Trump warned his fighters
could permeate Europe and called on
Britain France and Germany to step up
and put the prisoners on trial in their
countries he said the Caliphate is ready
to fall the alternative is not a good
one in that we will be forced to release
them the US does not want to watch as
these Isis fighters permeate Europe
which is where they are expected to go
we do so much and spend so much time for
others to step up and do the job that
they are so capable of doing we are
pulling back after 100% caliphate
victory the capture of the last pocket
still held bhai’s fighters and bad news
would mark the end of a devastating four
year global campaign to stop the
extremist groups hold on territory in
Syria and Iraq their so-called Caliphate
that at the height of the group’s power
in 2014 controlled nearly a third of
both Iraq and Syria however the end of
the terror groups territorial control
would not mean an end to the group with
mr. Murat saying the SDF would continue
the fight against sleeper cells the
issue of bringing terror supporters back
to the UK has been in the headlines all
this week due to the case of Isis bride
Shama Begum the pregnant Brit wants to
return to the UK after fleeing to Syria
but has faced widespread opposition
Princes William and Harry are set to
split their household within weeks
according to reports the siblings are
thought to be forming separate courts
before the birth of harry’s child with
Megan Markel the Sunday Times says the
paper adds it understands courtiers hope
the formal move could ease tensions
between the two young royal couples The
Times reported last October the princes
were considering making a formal
division of their joint household
Kensington Palace and now it reports
this is finally going ahead William and
Harry have shared the household for 10
years but now have differing royal
responsibilities a source who reportedly
knows the brothers told the paper
William and Harry’s double act has
naturally been supplanted by the two
couples and their families there have
been multiple reports of differences
between the pairings of William and Kate
and Harry and Megan in recent months the
Dukes reportedly had a falling-out after
Harry announced his engagement to Megan
last year according to one of their
mutual friends Harry didn’t believe his
big brother was making enough effort to
welcome his new fiance into the family
the pal said last November Harry felt
william wasn’t rolling out the red
carpet for Megan and told him so
reports Vanity Fair they had a bit of a
fallout which was only resolved when
Charles stepped in and asked William to
make an effort rumours were further
fueled by the news Megan and Harry would
no longer be moving into an apartment
next door to Kate and William they are
instead moving into Frogmore cottage in
Windsor instead after a refurbishment
the couple’s baby is reportedly due in
March to April
old scenes of Megan Markel in her
prejudges of Sussex days in the 2011
film the Boys & Girls Guide to Getting
down show the former actress snoring
cocaine and bed-hopping amid reports the
flick be re-released this year perhaps
capitalizing on the amazing popularity
of the Duchess since marrying Prince
Harry in May The Hollywood Reporter has
said Paul say pianos tongue-in-cheek
look at twenty-something singles
clubbing and partying in Los Angeles has
been picked up by artist rights
distribution for North America hitting
screens later this year
apparently the tale was originally
filmed in 2011 and set up to be a series
with 15 chapters according to IMDB
however it never made it past the first
episode and is said to now be making its
return as a film with a new lease on
life guess it’s a little hard to coax
the Duchess back to her former life of
acting these days we all have to make do
with three releases the actress who
previously played Rachel Zane and
long-running series suits this scene in
stills from the flick Shamim into a
dress as she readies herself for a night
out not long after her pals head to a
pub where her character is seen snorting
something in the bathroom with a male
companion the whole scene is said to be
extremely tongue-in-cheek
as before hand her friend Heather
suggested Megan’s character was on the
pool not so as dana insisted I dressed
this way for me I’m not looking for a
guy the night trust me she then walks
into the room and shows off her outfit
to height black mini dress while her
mate watches from the bed however a
sassy voiceover is then said to chiming
and suggests Dana was jealous of the
bust Heather was packing
she’s considering buying a pair for
herself Oh
Mergen the last film the Duchess starred
and was made for TVs daters handbook in
2016 that was while she starred as wily
paralegal Rachel in suits between 2011
and up till she left the show to move to
the UK and marry Harry after she signed
up for Royal Life a whole bunch of
distri of ITER’s jumped on the hype of
the re-release of her film random
encounters which saw cover art of the
Duchess tagline about romance being a
royal pain we see what you did there
Lisa Armstrong has been pictured on a
date with a 44 year old chef who friends
claim has helped her to get her sparkle
back ant McPartlin ex-wife was seen with
James Howard last week enjoying a pop
quiz and drinks in a local pub before
the pair headed back to her home in
Chiswick West London
they were extremely tackled with one
another and Lisa was clearly enjoying
the attention he was just making her
laugh all the time
they took part and the quiz but didn’t
really pay much attention to it and I
went miss at the pub claimed they seemed
only to have eyes for each other it was
like no one else was in the route it was
lovely to see Lisa has been through
enormous heartache in the past twelve
months after aunt filed for divorce and
then flaunted his new relationship with
her former friend and Murray Corbett the
42 year old makeup artist has been vocal
on social media balance interviews and
picture opportunities within Murray they
were married for ten years and had been
partners for over 20 and Lisa had helped
him through his addiction battles and
his decision to enter rehab Lisa and
James spent Wednesday evening the day
before Valentine’s Day in the pub and
speaking to the son about Lisa’s date
with James the source added they were
just so engrossed in each other laughing
and joking no one would begrudge her a
little happiness James’s head chef at
another pub in physik the
Lock tavern and it is thought one of his
two sisters has in recent weeks started
working for Lisa he has a pet pooch
called Harley Lisa is a mother two
chocolate Labrador Harley thousands of
mourners lined the streets today for
Emiliano Salas funeral in Argentina an
emotional service took place inside the
footballers boyhood club of San Martin
de Progresso in the province of Santa Fe
his coffin was then carried to a waitin
hearse and taken to Santa Fe for a
cremation ceremony the 28 year old died
in a tragic plane crash over the English
Channel On January 21st after weeks of
searching his body was retrieved from
the underwater wreckage on February 7
cardiff city manager Neil Warnock said
salads family have had some comfort in
the fact they can have closure over his
death Wales online reports speaking at
the vigil he said I have been a manager
nearly 40 years and I’ve never known
anything like this it has been so
emotional people say he never played for
you but he was my player I chased him I
wanted him I’ve got goose pimples
talking to you he was my type of player
a scruffy player with a big heart as a
person I don’t know anyone who has a bad
word to say about him Salas farewell
began began with a public waked 7 a.m.
in the gymnasium of San Martin de
Progresso outside bannon’s declared the
football I would never walk alone’ the
children of the football club then lined
streets as his coffin was taken away to
a private cremation service non
footballer Nicolas Bell was carried the
coffin alongside Sahlen’s relatives
including his brother Dario and father
Horace co-pilot David Ibbetson who was
flying the plane carrying salim across
the channel has still not been found his
family have now launched a crowdfunding
appeal in a bid to restart the search to
find his body we cannot bear the thought
of him being alone they wrote online we
need him home so that we are able to lay
him to rest to be able to say goodbye
Arsenal will demand at least 16 million
pounds from a trend Uzi following
interest from Paris saint-germain
according to reports grande Uzi was a
surprise signing for the Gunners last
summer joining in a 6 million pound deal
from Lorient the 19 year old has quickly
established himself at the heart of an
AI Emery’s midfield and has made 33
appearances in all competitions for far
this season according to the Sunday
Express Paris saint-germain have been
monitoring gun doozies progress in the
Premier League and are considering a bid
this summer but the Gunners have set a
16 million pounds asking prices the
French champions do decide to make a
Arsenal were heavily restricted in the
January transfer window as they were
unable to spend money on big feeds and
uh now Emily is set to face similar
complications in the summer as the
Gunners will only have a 40 million
pound budget if they fail to secure
Champions League qualification for next
season Emory has been told by Arsenal’s
hierarchy that any players sales will
boost his budget which could tempt the
Gunners into cashing in game doozie
arsenal are also desperate to get
Masato’s it’s three hundred and fifty
thousand pounds a week’s salary off
their weight bill and are open to offers
for the 30 year old midfielder who is
constantly being overlooked by Emory

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