100 thoughts on “Trump falsely blames Trudeau for editing ‘Home Alone 2’ scene

  1. Trump should just blame himself…and get it over with. Hopefully there are bigger issues on the desk, like locked up children, poverty, trade wars, Medicare… roads, water, global warming.

  2. Smallest man in the largest seat in the country. It’s sad that other media outlets find it beneficial to support the President’s propagandizing a silly little film edit 5 years prior to this triggered rant!

  3. All this "look what trump said" shit is so damn stupid. Stfu America. We get it. Y'all are whiney bitches… Period.

  4. why are we talking about this? oh yea cuz the prez is tweeting it, and they eat it up……..but really tho…why edit THAT part? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm lol

  5. Who reached out to Justin's spoke pereon? I didn't catch that cause the resporter was speaking a little bit too fast for me. English is not my first language:p

  6. Omg what a retarded president – doesn’t he have something better to worry about ? Maybe they didn’t want a man who pays off porn stars or grabs women by the pussy in a kids movie ? Or sides with Russia on foreign policy – who cares ? I care ! Cut it out and keep it out please !!

  7. He was "honored"? LOL he wouldn't give the permit to film in The Plaza Hotel, unless he had a cameo in the movie! They didn't ask him, the director had no choice!

  8. Oh sure…blame the thing that you're all good at… on a good man and 'Your President"…
    Y'all keep listening to this fat boy… he's gonna make sure your life is shit at the end of this… get out now.

  9. I’m a Canadian and I have never seen Trump once in home alone, because they always edit out useless parts to fit in more commercials.

    I didn’t even know who he was until 2015 or 2016.

  10. LULZ edited in 2014 When Conservative Stephen Harper was Prime Minister of Canada…LULZ Trumptards are imbeciles.

  11. I’ve watched this movie many times and I had never seen trump there ppl in government should be worried about another important stuff

  12. Trump wont get mental help. Why would his supporters. I cant believe the great US of A is falling apart due to a joker like trump. Smh

  13. F you Canada As a French family from Canada your mad because Trump made you pay up. Sow Boy Justin T can just put his black face back on..how does this black face pic of Crap run Canada.. My family were French trapper in Canada back in 1884.now Canada a joke glad I moved to the usa.no more Justin

  14. The Trump scene was edited out of HA2 because it was unnecessary. It was celebrity cameo fluff. He was popular at the time, but years later he wasn't.

  15. Post a comment 5 times about how real things are going on in the world but this is what is being reported on.
    They keep getting removed.
    Crazy world we live in.

  16. this iz not newz =15 thouzand liez are trumpz gullable sheeple tredn water inna bucket uv liez iz-proof americanz are that dumb

  17. F actz O ften X tiked so you allowd 2 lie 2 the american people thanxz bettr bidnis burow and consumer protection agency– hello

  18. Adolf Trump Hitler and his brainwashed supporters are upset his cameo was cut,poor babies!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. He loves playing with the emotions of his base! He is ALWAYS looking for their sympathy as if he's a victim of some sort! HE'S PATHETIC!!!

  20. This whole thing shows you just how self centered and small Trump really is making a huge deal out of nothing
    just for the exposure on air.

  21. Your evil is earning you a tab, Lefties. We are coming to collect. The future belongs to the just, not the mongrels of evil on the Left. All gods hate you now.

  22. Awww poor lil trump got his feelings hurt by this 😂😂😂 trumps a crybaby 😂🎁🎄🎅💯 his EGO is so petty!!! Smh jus get him out of the white house already… Im tired of hearing about him & his lies & corruption… See how petty this is smh trump has literally ruined our country with his lies & conspiracys he conjured up & makin people think everything they hear is a lie… Hes used the news media & twitter & every other oppurtunity he can to manipulate his followers & challenging anybody that isnt bowing down to him, smh its very dangerous & scary to have someone like trump havin so much POWER!!!

  23. Church shooting. .hanakah killings…and DONNIE'S 😈 complaining about 7 seconds of him being cut out of a Home Alone movie? When is this asshole getting kicked to the curb?

  24. lol this title is killing me "trump falsely blames trudeau!" it was a joke! do they think people are so stupid they cant figure that out? (well…maybe they are if they're watching cable news!)

  25. Try eating SHIT and barking at the moon,,,, I think that will suit you stupid millennials just fine.. I'm sure you have no idea what I'm taking about since you have not experienced much reality in your short little lives.. If you can't see the stupidity of your perception of this event then how would anyone expect you to see reality for God's sake…. Have a nice life,,, when the shit hits the fan,,,, remember,,, all the shit you people have thrown at President Trump…. well… we will be listening to you all saying "OH IT ALL COMES BACK TO ME NOW." jajaja jajaja hahaha hehehe Have a nice life. God bless you…

  26. Why would any television show for kids allow trump, 🤔🤔THE Profanity LACED PRESIDENT to be a participant in it.?

  27. Sorry folks; wasn't fake news. Trudeau pays the media $600 million to edit out anything conservative, which includes the President of the USA. It was meant as an insult.

  28. Omg, what a crying little bitch this dude is. He wants to call us snowflakes? My mom and last three girlfriends were more gangster than this punk. Fucking pussy ass bitch is our president. Scary shit, man. Eat a dick Donald. And eat 2 dicks Trump supporters.

  29. Trump deserves to be dead so the cut was good to stop the brainwashing of American use from his Republican ideals death to Trump and all Republicans

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