100 thoughts on “Trump Jr. sparks ‘birther conspiracy’ of Kamala Harris

  1. trump jr. Is a whimp. I'm to old to kick his ass but I've got two sisters that could. trump lite. I wonder if he inherited daddy's bone spurs. I wonder how the trumps came to be perfect.

  2. Trump was right about harris she's not a product of the American black community, but uses her claim of blackness as a badge for votes.

  3. So saying "is this true? wow!" retweeting something someone else posted is now racism? Why are they not attacking the original poster of the tweet? I mean you would think that would be the person who "sparked" this. Couldn't be because he was black, could it? Why does Don lemon still have a job at this network since he actually said the same thing this past January?

  4. Horizontal Harris is an anchor baby and it will be addressed if she becomes the nominee. Her parents were NOT American citizens at the time of her birth.

  5. Jnr should look at his own family history before commenting about others https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frederick_Trump

  6. he wasn’t questioning her citizenship…she’s not wat is typically considered black…her mom is indian n her dad is jamaican…if anything she’s half black…buh me being black i wouldn’t consider her black


  8. Like father like son bum and bummer stick to reality TV clown's if it wasn't for Donald trump's father's money we would have never heard of these fucking idiot's just because you have money that doesn't make you smarter and is a prime example let's get these idiot's out of our white house it's like the more they talk the dumber Americans look

  9. Dems will just do what they did with Barry , Fake it ! Barry’s birth certificate they produced had two fonts on the document that weren’t invented until 20 years after the date on the document ! Fake ,fake,fake !

  10. Trump should build a wall around his own country Germany go to McDonalds buy a mcchicken and let Ivanka rub it on his chest beauty and the beast what a fucking pervert who would want to date Ivanka besides her father duck face senior liver spots

  11. If your parents were USA citizens at the time you were born on America territory, then you can run for President.
    Or are we at the point now that anyone can be president no matter where you were born or where your parents were born.
    Obama was not born in America and only had one parent as citizen.

  12. He is right, Kamala is another Warren cultural appropriator. She is not African, but Indian and Jamaican. If she is African then all Asians are African as well. Therefore, Asians deserve repatriations from slave owning Democrats as well. hahahaah.

  13. fuck you, dimwit jr – you entitled, moronic, fugly, cowardly TROPHY HUNTING cunt..!! Let's just see how much you like being HUNTED with no escape..Prison is a jungle.

  14. Didn’t trump import ever wife he had? 🤔. I was wondering when the full fledged racism would start from someone in trumps inner circle. They just went straight for the black person right away. They didn’t even bring that conspiracy BS when it comes to mr. Yang

  15. Birtherism isn't about whether you're black or not .. nice try trying to play the race card… its about whether you are qualified to have a position in the government if your aren't even a citizen… now whether she is or not is the question .. not the fact that she is black !! who cares about colour? its citizenship that is up for debate.

    and it was the same for Obama… STOP MAKING IT ABOUT RACE!!

  16. I know I am going to get a lot of hate from this but I never thought never will believe that Obama was American citizen even before Trump said it. Obama tried to destroy this country, if you were born here why are you so ashamed to show your birth certificate why don't y'all go after the his birth certificate like y'all are going after things on Trump. And my thoughts have nothing to do with color. I was hoping Herman Cain would be our president. Trump 2020
    And also Russia Russia Russia why didn't Obama do his job and take care of Russia he's the one that colluded with Russia remember the mic wait till I get in office.

  17. HEY…Harry Carey here..HEY NORM.. did you know when a turtle sticks its head out …its a democrap?

  18. Yeah but isn't she the racist for thinking its ok to buss black kids out of schools that don't work, and ship white kids into the schools that don't work. Her big soap box about integration crumbles in the face of truth. Bussing wasn't about integration, it was about broken school systems misdirecting children's effort to learn. She said and I quote, "a kid with black curly hair's only chance to learn was through bussing". Well if the kid with black curly hair can't learn there, than no one can. I will agree to get kids, regardless of their skin color, a proper education. If that means we have to buss kids out of bad neighborhoods to get them a proper education, cool, but don't buss anyone into the failed school, and don't call it integration, its simply education. At the end of the day we have to fix our inner cities so its safe to walk to school and be in school and play after school and walk home after school. First we have to invest in our future, and Kamala is soured and bitter and racist to the core, and she even got bussing. Tear the inner city schools down if need be and rebuild them, or send the kids out to other schools, maybe develop a campus system that can take 20 thousand students on at a time, but don't tell me bussing was about integration or that it was any kind of answer.PS a lot of non racist people make racist statements, Kamala Harris doesn't get my vote if she doesn't understand this issue. Her talking about her standing on a street corner waiting for a buss isn't getting my vote, because I don't respect people driven by ambitions and agonies developed by their 10 year old self.

  19. Donny was just trying to “Be Best”. Good job if you want to “Be Best” snotty asshole. What an accomplishment in such a crowded field. He actually out idioted the favorite, his sister.

  20. 😂 If I am not mistaken the "Americas" includes the Carribean. She is what her father is and pretty sure that includes the products of the slavery that was throughout. Blacks didn't colonize and enslave Jamaica. The only fake news is the news they give. She IS "black". I have more of an issue with Obama and thenotoriously known enslaving African heritage his fathers continent comes from. Who held hands with. Besides he won on no reparations people, did everyone conveniently forget? Smh…

    I'm not with noone who isn't with me…

  21. History repeating itself, because we haven't learned from it in the first place. This Dump of a family should never have been in the WH to begin with. I don't care who, but make sure you vote blue.

  22. Less than 50% Negroid, is Not Black. It's Racist to continue. Are we going back to the One Drop Rule? Terms like Quadroon, Octaroon, Mullato….
    She is Mixed race (more than 50% Caucasian), 249 indentured Chinese men went to Jamaica, Jamaicans are ~3% Asian, DNA would resolve a lot,
    like in the case of Sen. Warren

  23. Don Lemon brought this up several months ago. LOL now Trump Jr. did it? Don Lemon and that whale April were arguing about it back in March! CNN this is BS you know it. Just trying to cover your lying asses again.


  25. Your right it’s not a Good look for real African Americans not some I’m from Jamaica man and dot on forehead India now I’m a black African American what where do you democratic fools come from exactly. And you herd her loud and clear a father from Kenya and mother was white which means Barack Obama was an Oreo cookie and you fools believed he was a brother from the hood.

  26. Wait isn’t it racist to call her African American if her dad is Indian and her dad is Jamaican? Lol…. I get her saying she’s black but it seems she’s (and several news outlets) are trying to categorize her for whatever reason… thoughts?

  27. it's a good sign for Harris, she must be starting to look like a threat – as she should be. but I do think her biggest problem will be with white female Democrats: too soon.

  28. Donald Trump daddy married a "birther."
    Donald Trump married a "birther" twice.
    Don Jr, Eric and Ivanka mom is a "birther."
    Donald Trump wife in the Whitehouse is a "birther."
    Barron mom is a "birther."
    Every last one of his kids come from some form of "birther."
    Tiffany grandmother on Trump side is a "birther."
    Once again, what's the discussion?


  30. She's Indian and Jamaican.
    How does that qualify as AFRICAN American.?
    So, is she ashamed of her TRUE Indian/Jamaican heritage?
    My ancestors are Irish.
    Can I claim to be a Swedish American because Swedes are white too?
    My God you hate-filled liberals are so damn gullible.

  31. Hahahaha!

    Liberal heads explode. Harris is a mocha child of slaveholding Jamaican elitists. She’s a fraud who groped Willy’s Willy to get ahead.

  32. That shows that they could actually Kamala Harris, is the ine they know would make meant meat out his father, D.TRUMP Sr.president. Trump has No Chance to STAND UP WITH ELEMENTARY Education of TRUMP DEBATE. SHE IS HIS CRITONIGHT. And they have already conferred ir with each other. It does not take much if uou DON'T stoop to TRUMP elementary level. Boring could be exposing Trump illegitimacy. Dumb as a rock.

  33. It's not conspiracy if it's true!!! It's not even racist. Being black in America is not about color, it's also about lineage. These fools will fall for the bullshit. Foundational blacks in America keep letting immigrants into our struggle and see how they continue to receive the resources that belong to you.

  34. Wtf hey pus face when are you going to realize how irrelevant you really are you are nothing but a human piece of garbage like your dad and the rest of the family, I find it so funny 😂that you think you are important and that people like you, dream on douche bag oh and one more thing you are butt ugly as is your whole family fucking ball lickers

  35. New new Birther Conspiracy – Did Ivanka actually give birth to Baron? Is he a product of incest? Now, I'm not saying that's true but there's a high probability it is. Many people have told me that and brought it to my attention.

    Deleting in 20…19…18…

  36. This is Melchizedek a collector of beautiful things things that collect have wings and feet behold I am wounded by the sword as I think I travel in there I am my battle is not with flesh and blood but with the Unseen the thing that I battle pushes to the left as I push to the right therefore the scar is my thinking process truly I am healed attention I ask attention one drop of sand in the bucket now there are three and behold my Western Kamala fear not of the Unseen you cannot see the air that you breathe and how does one know that it is there but we take advantage of it every day and yet we noticed it when the trees move back and forth this is my wisdom I've conquered it I have conquered the cherub and it's devices politics is like the sea but now I tell you that the ocean that I have conquered as well is everything outside you're fear not of the puppet are the Puppet Master are there agenda I tell you the truth as I move it is majestic and Beyond Comprehension and fantastic I stop as I sit at the chess table I have no opponent now there are four drops of sand in the bucket about time Central Intelligence read my letter and comprehend it all I'll be tearing down staring at them and watching them read the letter from the sky therefore therefore get the wisdom of this world and compare it to four drops of sand and I tell you that the sayings of the universe is my mind now there are five drops of sand in the bucket like dogs at the tables wishing for the master to drop a piece of meat to floor I tell you they tear at it when they grab it absolute nonsense so interpreters come forth and interpret in the wise and the wisdom of this world show your wisdom play close attention to the hands of the puppet the only thing that you do not see is the strings for your interpreters referring to mr. Trump and like most children when they're done with a doll they sent it with the rest of them I have seen the limitations of this flesh that I house and I have explored its desires and temptations and it adds up to Absolute nonsense but the thing that is important is your agenda and that I'm interested in a female president make a difference Miss Harris in like you I am African-American as well as other races that I am mixed with I as well have an agenda in my agenda is peace now you know that the door is open now you know what's waiting on the other side

  37. Kamala Harris was born in Oakland California ….therefore.. she IS an American by birth… her heritage has nothing to do with her Citizenship !!

  38. Former " President Obama's " birth certificate was forensicly proven to be a forged document.

    √ Sheriff Joseph Arpaio

  39. I saw pictures of the trump Brothers while they held a jaguar after Fun Haunting….if a normal human ( they are not) can do this, then i hope that the entire familie get Cancer…Fucking Inbred..!!

  40. American peoples can really be racist against each other. Why? Americans are all mix mutts from all over the world. “Just think of how stupid the average American person is, and then realize half of them are even stupider!”
    George Carlin

  41. FACT Kamala IS NOT an African American .She's 1/2 Jamaican and 1/2 Indian and her family were slave owners . FACT Trump Sr is not the first one to make the claim Obama was not born in the USA the fist person to do that was Hillary Clinton !!!!!!!!!! Oh I know your shocked but that only because 99% of democrats know no facts and if ANY of you libtards want to try and argue these FACTS I can prove I'm right but first you try and prove me wrong so stop your fake news bullshit because thats exacally what it is and this is coming from a Canadian who I guess knows more about the USA then CNN .

  42. Hillary was the FIRST one to claim Obama was not born in the USA so again CNN your spreading MORE FAKE NEWS and I'm from Canada and know this for a FACT want me to prove it ?Then get this in the 16 election Hillary actually said its terrible what Trump said in his claim Obama was not born in the USA LMFAO Well we know she's a liar she lied under oath for all to view on utube but she also has a dam short memory and as for CNN well if you ever start reporting facts and the truth I might start watching you again but there's o sign of that happening libtards .

  43. She is not an American, your not black, she trying to say during her time in Oakland which was during the black movement 60s. Her parents were not part of that. As one would say one teach one. The word was if it wasn't black hit it. You do background checks on everyone. How can she say she b and ack and didn't have any black friends. No black child hood friends. All lies.

  44. Has Donald Trump JR been sitting on a stump out in the woods thinking to much again?

    Donald Trump JR: 🤔 If Kamala Harris is Indian, does that mean she is Native American or not born in America?

    Me: 😮 wow, that's the son of a stable genius.

  45. Trump jr. Is racist like the rest of his family,we should question them on birth certificate, your roots are not here.I would like 2min with both of them I'd kill k that ass.jyall going to prison soon….☻

  46. I understand issues of both sides and the perspective on President Trump. It seems just like with Obama and also now with Trump. The other party can never be satisfied with any President's speech if they are from the other party.

    One thing I'm awaiting is I have not seen any constant reporting from CNN (Pro-Democrat) about the tweets about Kamala Harris from a person by the name of Ali Alexander. I believe it is because it wasn't from a white person…this was the post by Ali

    "Kamala Harris is 'not' an American Black. She is half Indian and half Jamaican. I'm so sick of people robbing American Blacks (like myself) of our history. It's disgusting. Now using it for debate time at #DemDebate2? These are my people not her people. Freaking disgusting. (Ali is not racist by media Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Meghan McCain)

    Donald Trump JR retweets this (He is labeled racist by Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Meghan McCain)

    Chris Matthews asks is "she seen as African-American" (not labeled racist by Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Meghan McCain)

    Don Lemon states she should have said "I'm black, but not African-American" (not labeled racist by Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Meghan McCain)


  47. You keep saying your black, that's not going to get you elected. As you very know we are cleaning out the swamp. Not restocking.

  48. She won't be PRESIDENT, because she needs the black vote, and she doesn't have it. Keep walking away from the demorats party.

  49. Why not? it works, enough Americans are racist enough for it to work on them and people who are that racist face no consequences and become president.

  50. Trump jr. you a traitor and racist, and liar just like your grandfather and father. You conman and criminal like them. You going to prison like him too.keep your dumb ass comments to yourself, no body cares, if they lead country and don't lie,then they needed, unlike your racist father. 🤘🐀🐮👹🐘🔚🔜🔍⚖⛓🙏🇺🇸

  51. DT, Jr is an ignorant fool, who has no capability of working anywhere except for daddy's phoney organizations, because he'd probably be terminated because of his discriminatory behaviour and retweets. So stupid!!!!

  52. The Tump family is a family of Nazis. They promote hatred against certain human beings and they hope it becomes a popular hate movement among the population. The extermination of brown-skinned humans in America seems to be their goal.

  53. I like how they avoid revealing her actual ethnicity by saying she "Identifies" as Black…the simple fact is Daddy was Jamaican and Momma was Indian. Sorry bitch..you ain't Black. That's not racist and it's not an insult and it's not a birther conspiracy…it's just the truth. NOW, Barrack Obama…that MF was not born in Kenya! And THAT is a FACT!!

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