Trump Lashes Out, Calls Dems Liars Over Impeachment | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Trump Lashes Out, Calls Dems Liars Over Impeachment | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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100 thoughts on “Trump Lashes Out, Calls Dems Liars Over Impeachment | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. How does a liar who has been lying since day one think he can have anyone take him serious! Every state outside of california has been busing their homeless to us. why dont you address that mr dumble dorf? and by the way the economy is not going well and has not been for a decade! You people need to stop pretending its wonderful!

  2. Well Trump and his minions should have testified when it was at the House level, and if he/they were transparent and forthcoming
    It would be a faster process.
    Just get them all for treason.
    The president and senate just want it put thru and have the Republican senate throw it out, as Mitch said they would.
    Pelosi is smart and strong,,,,, two things Trump isn’t.

  3. Nancy Pelosi, Do not send the articles of impeachment to the Senate. Let it sit there for ever and ever. TRUMP IMPEACHED for ever. Senate couldn't save him. I lovvvvvve it.

  4. When Trump is finishing up his second term in 2025, I hope you losers remind us all the explosive impeachment bombshells and imaginary crimes these propaganda puppet regurgitated over the last 8 years. It will be even funnier then.

  5. Yeah what is with progressives and the purity tests? So what if the US is unique among industrialized nations to have medical bankruptcies and 40 000 dying every year from lack of health care. The US is at a cool 37:th (out of 191) place in this WHO ranking.
    Here is another ranking with 11 advanced countries. Guess how the US does against the single payer commie systems of France, Germany, Sweden etc .

  6. An innocent person DOES NOT BLOCK KEY WITNESSES WHO CAN PROVE THEIR INNOCENCE.  It's that simple.
    Only a guilty person would do that. Given how trump loves to pile-on and needle his opponents, surely he would enjoy nothing more than proving he has done nothing wrong. But he WON'T. Because he CAN'T!!! Nothing could be clearer – America has a mentally deficient, lying, CORRUPT individual holding the office of POTUS. VOTEBLUE2020

  7. Why would normal people shrug their shoulders at impeachment? Anyone that doesn't care about the state of the Republic and the rule of law, needs to give their SSN's to immigrants who do.

  8. Trump is correct all of the Democrats states controlled are doing so much worse than Republican states and this is the sad reality that if the minority groups went with Trump they would realize they would do much better under Trump than they would under the awful Democrats .

  9. You all know that Donald J Trump will decimate the Democrats in 2020 unless you can figure on a way of getting rid of him . If you do that and remove Trump you will start the second civil War of Us.

  10. Homeless people moved to California because of the f**** weather.. these are homeless Americans. What does Trump want Pelosi to pass legislation to send them to other states. Instead of talking s*** like it is Democrats fault that these people are homeless maybe you should act like you give a s*** about Americans and be part of the solution. Our president is a moron.


  12. Well done MSNBC. More free election advertising for the moron-in-chief.
    You and CNN are determined to repeat the errors of 2016.

  13. go over 2 trump property the same folxz hiz sheeple dont want here workn at hiz property folxz who follow a bucket uv liez showing off their ignor rantz!

  14. wize folxz no facebook and twitter nothing more than USELESS DIGITAL BANTER=phonez keepda sheep asleep yaw get dummer evry day-not me

  15. the ellectoral colledge proof america izda most power FOOL country onda planet =just purchase a few folxz and win ellection

  16. they shood be telln folxz democracy wuz replaced wih hipocracy in 1776 freedom =reservationz .slavry .internment campz 4 japaneez etc etc

  17. 9:02 "…and then is completely unfettered going forward."

    You folks seem to be overlooking the obvious. President Trump is quite likely to be shot. Notice that this is not a threat. It is an extremely obvious observation. Every Veteran swore to support, uphold and defend. That means shoot. The President. If necessary. That is why the Senate needs to show us a fair trial.

  18. i thought u had 2 be a congressan or senator 2 run 4 president 5th grade? hi i dodged the draft 6 bankruptcyz comited fraud and you stupid sheeple vote 4 me anyway proof americanz are stupid see if you can get threw basic training i did -only vetranz shood hold office top uvda food chain typpe humanz

  19. We the People have always know politicians are corrupt self serving liars. We voted for an outsider to drain the swamp. Of course the swamp is kicking, fighting and screaming. The real battle is the 1% against the 99%. Unit with your friends and family on the other side of aisle and lets stop the 1% from taking all the wealth. The 1% own MSNBC.

  20. Anyone associated with Russian is a threat to our country and to the American people. Trump is one of those persons.. so open your eyes people of America.

  21. For this lying despicable dog to call another person a liar is hilarious! The absolute biggest liar known to man in this country, Trump is such a liar they've been keeping daily data on his lies alone! What a Deplorable human Turd! An old time Execution is needed for people like him his family and all their crimes!"

  22. He's crimes are finally catching up to him. He has such a guilty conscience that all he does is tweet he's frustration out on the Democratics. How pathetic. I'm ashamed having him as our President.

  23. I DO NOT WISH TO RECEIVE ANY OF THESE MSNBC VIDEOS AT ALL. i AM HERE ACCIDENTALLY AS i WAS watching a David Doel video and thought he was going to trash the rubbish spoken here. I have tried to find out how I can block videos but the instructions are too complicated. I will try to getthe help of an expert.

  24. Trump mettled in the 2016 election with Russians, and asked (attempted to extort) Ukraine to mettle in the 2020 election. These are crimes, and no one is above the law. Trump needs to be removed from office, Republicans need to follow their oaths to a fair and unbiased trial in the Senate, or they should also leave office.

  25. Your Letter Is Dead on Target!!! Well And Truly Spoken as Observed By All Americans!!!

    Barbara Denton-Benton
    December 22 at 11:06 PM
    I saw this and had to share

    Open letter to Nancy Pelosi

    Mrs. Pelosi,

    I watched the news conference, where you angrily replied to a reporter’s question about you hating the President. Your reply totally astounded me and thousands in the country, when you replied you did not hate the President, that you are a Catholic and do not hate anyone, that you prayed for the President every day. Mrs. Pelosi, your words do not match your actions. Being a Catholic does not give you immunity against all the hate you have perpetrated against the President of the United States, and his supporters. Just a few moments before you made this astounding statement of not being able to hate because you were a Catholic, you called the President an imposter, before that, an illegitimate President. President Trump was legally and duly elected by the voters, whom you also disparage..

    Mrs. Pelosi, I am not attacking about being a Catholic, not at all! You were the one who brought up your Catholic Faith, using it as a shield against all your perpetuation of hate against the President. Does your faith also shield you from the Ten Commandants which says, “Thou shalt not Bear False Witness”, as you have repeatedly done against the President? Does your faith shield you from the support of abortion, the murder of our precious babies, still in the womb, waiting to be born and live, just as you were allowed to be born and live, as were your children and grandchildren? The Catholic Church does not support abortion, yet you support fully support and encourage abortion. Mrs. Pelosi, if you are going to use your Catholic faith as immunity against all your wrong doing and actions, then be prepared to be called a hypocrite for clinging to one tenet of your faith and abandoning all others in order to maintain political power.

    Mrs. Pelosi, you had within your power, as an elected member of Congress, elected to the position of Speaker of the House , to maybe be a great Speaker… reaching out and working with our President in the interest of the American people. You chose instead to abdicate your Speakership to a radical far left group of newly elected women, and instead of being the leader you were elected to be to all the members of the House, you became a follower of those who seek to destroy the foundations on which our country was built.

    Mrs. Pelosi, when you stand and point your finger in the face of the President, you do not look like a strong, powerful woman. At best, when you wag your boney finger in the face of the President, you look like an angry “Old Biddy” demanding her way. At worst, you look like “a gaunt “ wicked old witch”, pointing her old gnarled boney finger at the press, who questioned you about hatred of our President. Neither images are very attractive, Mrs. Pelosi. Your Catholic faith cannot hide what every action, every word you have spoken exposes, the truth of your hatred, and contempt for a duly elected President. Your hate filled words and actions have not hurt our President. He is a strong man, fully capable of defending himself. But the words and actions of the Speaker of House of Representatives, who should be representing all of us, Republicans as well as Democrats, have been divisive, destructive, and have indeed hurt every American in this country.

    This Christmas, when you go driving by the very sad plight of the homeless in your district to your walled off mansion, please remember another tenet of your Catholic Faith, that of Charity and caring for the less fortunate. When you go to Christmas Mass, and follow the rituals of your faith, I hope you reflect on how you could have been a really great Speaker of the House, a great leader, instead of becoming a follower of those who have just sought to destroy our Republic. I hope your prayer will be a prayer asking forgiveness for all the seeds of hatred you have sown, forgiveness for bearing false witness against the President, forgiveness for neglecting the very needy, homeless people of your district, while you spent your time on impeaching the President, instead of remembering Jesus’ words from Matthew: And Now Abideth These Three; Faith, Hope and Love, the greatest of these is love.” The only One Who can forgive you is an all knowing, omnipotent God.

    As we enter this most Holy Season, when the birth of our Savior is celebrated by Christians all over the world, you chose to do Satan’s work of hate and division in our country. Merry Christmas, Mrs. Pelosi!

  26. It is said the majority of citizens are more concerned about Kitchen table issues, but those issues will never be addressed, fixed, or changed with Trump in office, or Republicans in the Senate. If Trump gets elected a second term one of the first things he'll do is get rid of many social programs like social security for millions of americans and possibly getting the U.S. into a war, remember the military that was supposed to come home and instead went to Iraq, where military personnel and contractors will killed and injured? Things need to change, and that happens when Trump is out of office and Republicans as well, unless they comply with their oaths, which should require McConnell and Graham and any other Senators who have admitted they will not be impartial and fair, to recuse themselves from this Senate trial to hold Trump accountable for his obvious crimes. Simple as that.

  27. It's rich how he call the Dems "do nothing" because what does he do? Besides watch TV, and play golf, he hasn't done anything else, oh yeah except his crazy Rally's that seem to soothe his very strange ego…

  28. If the witnesses are receiving a government check, it should be suspended until they go back to working for the people and upholding the constitution. People that go to jail or prison get there SSI, or any government retirement or military disability pay suspended. So should Trump's people.

  29. Does anyone else find this a bit rich, the liar in chief accusing anyone else of lying? Give me an effing break you orange turd.

  30. This so called President acts like a spoilt teenager on Twitter with his childish remarks and name calling. Kick this knob head out please,

  31. You guys will soon realize Trump is actually trying to talk to your viewer base and you guys are inevitably helping him.
    Lol. Man, you guys really are the thinkers.

  32. I can't wait till Hunter Biden and Pelosi's son (who was also on a Ukrainian Gas Company Board) testify under oath and make a fool of Trump, but they will have to hurry as the Ukrainian Government is investigating Burisma for corruption.

  33. trump complained that his impeachment had less fairness then the Salem witch trial. Let's give him a Salem witch trial. Load his pockets with rocks and tie a giant chunk of concrete to his rediculously long tie, then toss him into the Potomac. If he floats, he is guilty. If he sinks, that was a doozy of a perfect call.

  34. Having Al Sharpton up there bloviating about nothing only validates his lack of qualifications to even be up there as a panelist. Apparently, the only qualification is to be a Trump hater. They have a lot of nerve talking about “truth”. The only people that are attacking this country currently and have been since about a decade ago is the Deep State liars that think they’re entitled to the power that is being taken away from them by this President, who is thankfully draining the swamp of this garbage. It’s going to take awhile to get it done, but thank God for President Trump and I just hope that whoever is elected in 2024 furthers the draining and that legislation is put in place to make sure that we never even have a Deep State scenario situation ever even be possible again. Unfortunately, the media is full of mostly leftists who have their own agenda. They won’t let up. Leftists need to understand that the majority of people in this country won’t take this lying down and the day of reckoning is soon coming.

  35. These idiots (Pelosi and company) STATED CLEARLY, that Trump colluded with Russia and they had proof. They have wasted our time, money and resources on chasing the boogie man with ZERO evidence as to their major slander of this man. I'm an independent for this very reason. Both sides fight like little brats and waste our money doing it.

  36. I think that there should be a way to forbid Senators who say that they have made up their minds from participating in the Senate's trial of Trump. Cippolone says that he has be discussing Trump's defense with important Senators since September. The Senate as jurors should not be helping with Trump's defense.

  37. The United States of America has a President, who from day one, has been attempting to divide the country. He and his base threatens Civil War! Why? To destroy our country from the inside out?! And hand it to Putin on a golden platter? He promised to make America great again!

  38. I's sorry, but I have a normal job and get 2 days off Xmas and 2 days off New Year, while Trump, who, has arguably one of the most important jobs in the world, takes 2 weeks off. Ok.

  39. Why there are homeless when the administration claims boom in economy and less unemployment rate in the USA at present?

  40. Aweful hard to just hand over the impeachment to a man who went on national tv and said infatically that he was going to rush this through and do exactly what the president wants to do to get this over with with an unbelievable decree of instant or as close to instant as he could acquittal …. Its rediculous…. And no its not rediculous that he is under this impeachment …. Its rediculous that there are witnesses that the whitehouse itself is holding hostage …. Frankly at this point … The president is proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is very guilty of the accusations and should be forced to answer for it!

  41. I can’t wait until he’s voted out and becomes irrelevant again, so we don’t have to hear his immature and stupid opinions/ lies.

  42. Who do you believe? The guy who stole money from a children’s cancer charity or the people who were willing to testify under oath?

  43. The more you deny and defend yourself proves your very very GUILTY the truth about trump will honestly be proven everyday there's more evidence of wrong doing? How can you say the ECONOMY is improving ???? Yes only for rich

  44. Muchos de los no hogar de esconden entre esas personas nunca tienen id y ay muchos que asaltan y cada ves son más porque no los indentifican y es donde se mueven más las drogas no tu iemen que comer pero si tienen alvol y crack

  45. so what?? No Biggy He doesn't count your tweets ..Dont tell him what to do!!! .. Go get yourself a game of Monopoly, take your mind of our President
    you should be at work and doing what you are paid to do..that's not your business. how many tweets president Does.. . how is he a damage to anyone???.. Dems are doing more damage with their BS and trouble making and violence in the streets …your Dems Team are no angels .. The ones who are a danger to America talk a lot of nonsense..
    pelos needs to get a a gripp she is not the president and she wont be .. . how many tweets that is no ones business ..okay!! back off with your moaning and slander .. you ae soo pathetic .. sickening full of hate to listen too.. you will not win no evidence.. .. you have made things impossible for yourselves in 20/20 pelosi creepy schiff and nadler have lied too much and they have blown it for you all …

  46. Hmmm homeless Californians? Probably homeless from other states coming here to be in a warmer climate. Maybe we should build a wall…lol… Trump is such a schmuck!

  47. Too much is argued on TV and everyone is desensitised to it all so by the time it is said in Congress or next, in the Senate, everyone will already know what they are going to say and everyone will have already learned the answer based on their narrative for every question. The only good thing for the Dems is they have the truth on their side…which sounds false already, and hopefully, after all this talking in public, it will be treated in a court likeenvironment…hahahahaha, nope. GOP already said they are not going to have any witnesses and going to immediately vote him as innocent.

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