100 thoughts on “Trump Peddles Threadbare Conspiracy Theories In Rambling Call To “Fox & Friends”

  1. Whoa, you guys have a major kook in charge of your country, and you are going to have to get out there and motivate everyone to vote and vote sanely in 2020. And hope your ridiculous Electoral College, or the Russians, don’t corrupt the actual results again.

  2. He said bedbug when he couldn't think of what to say, because his hotels have them and it's rattling around his sub-conscience.

  3. A country whose president has an hour to rant & rave over the phone at 8 AM on a WEEKDAY when there are so many issues requiring urgent attention..???

  4. It takes a special type of person to work for Fox News. I can only imagine what they say about Trump in private. But, they gotta bring in that paycheck, so they put up with his nonsense.

  5. 0:22 I'm pretty sure that if you asked the fox&friends hosts "Which is more disturbing, this call, or being on the receiving end of this exchange: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zy9mgzxoWgg  ", they'd say the call.

  6. Im guessing Stephen is sponsored by whatever silly "smart" watch that is that he's wearing . it just looks so dumb and cheap to be honest. All dressed up and wearing something like that, it just screams "promotion" , or bad taste. lolz./

  7. It boggled my mind that Trump's support was not in single digits but I blamed it on Fox news.. People who rely on it just won't get exposed to the reality of what a moron he is.
    ..and then the president of the United States calls up fox & friends for a 50 minute ramble. I dont know how to rationalise this now. We are living in universe B.

  8. To those of you who are still confused on what the president meant when he said "that's what the word is," I have reasons to believe he meant, "the bird is the word." –Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

  9. Tomorrow's News…. One side will say "Blah blah blah."….. The other side will say… "Blah blah blah back at ya"
    Then Nothing will happen.

  10. Stumps is ignorant and pathetic. For someone who lies every single time he opens his mouth, he’s not very good at it. I guess he doesn’t have to be. The stump party and supporters are fine with anything he does.

  11. 6.94 million subscribers and their only purpose is to see how many different insults they can hurl at one person.

    If you watch shows that use highly paid white male puppets spewing anti trump (aka anti white male) narratives then you might be a sheep.

    Grow up!

  12. Hey doinks….. if you actually watched the democratic circus impeachment hearings all you would really conclude is that Stephen Colbert's buddy Joe Biden should be in jail.

  13. "All these Republicans complaining about Hunter Biden serving on the board of Burisma, when we have Jared and Ivanka sitting in the West Wing, doing what, exactly?" NYT reader comment, 27. Nov.

  14. The Senate won't vote for impeachment. That's a fact. They can't because they have to save their seats next year. But I have a really crazy idea. I believe that 95% them, especially the ones that he threw under the bus, will pull the Democrat lever
    at the booth. My reasoning? In order to save the GOP.
    It would be a sacrifice move to save the party. By ensuring trump loses they get another shot at it in 2024. With someone who's not an embarrassment to the GOP and our Country. Sound crazy? 😲 ✌🇺🇸

  15. Make sure to put a picture of Greta above the plastic cups at the water cooler in your workplace. Trump quote; Greta seems like a very nice person with a bright future. LOL !

  16. Loved the Bed Bug Analogy!
    Plus you think Trump would know more about Bed Bugs. His Resort in Florida is famous for them. 😊

  17. Crazy as a bed bug, that’s the insult? Let me try, Chrump is more full of shit than all the waste management stations in the entire Western Hemisphere combined…

  18. Trump may be the 1970 Oldsmobile Toronado of presidents –
    looks real good, nicely rounded, but way way over weight, got about 1 mile per gallon of gas, and was about as compettative with a real sports car as he would be in golf against Tiger woods. High maintenance for owners and rusted out in just 4 years.

  19. The only difference between tha madman in the White House and the homeless schizophrenic screaming on the street corner is about 4 blocks.

  20. "how do we go to the moon, when once a month the moon is not even there?" hahahah lol ohhh, Stephen, I love you!!!!

  21. Fox has even turned on TRUMP HE KNOWS IT Now that he is being investigated and his staff and the REAL NEWS IS OUT he's loosing his mind about loosing control of others thru FEAR!So many BUSES SO LITTLE TIME!🚫⌛🤣🤣

  22. What server? Does Trump think it's like a laptop?
    Does he even know what a virtualised server is? Probably not, I'm not sure he could say virtualised, despite his having the 'best words'.

  23. Sadly, this idiot proves that ANYBODY can be president these days. He probably spends about 20 minutes a day signing papers, 10 minutes getting his picture taken, and the entire rest of the day watching TV and eating. Oh, and maybe 5 minutes with his family.

  24. Pretty sure when he becomes ex Pres he will tell the truth for the first time and say , “I only ran for Pres to prove how dumbed down Americans are, no one in their right mind should have voted for me..”. we call don dumb – smh .

  25. Trump needs a therapist. Stat. Then he can tell them about how Ukraine is run by Dr. Evil 🦹‍♂️ instead of telling literally all of America.

  26. Thanks The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.😊 The FBI possesses All the data contained on whatever dnc "Server" conservatives continue to mutter over?😁

  27. John Batiste has to be the most annoying late show side kick. He comments like he's on Sesame Street, explaining things to the 5 yr olds. For an awesome musician, he doesn't come across as too bright.

  28. all Americans need to keep watching the mainstream media and these comedians that are not funny they would never make things up and lie to us if they did we would be idiots

  29. The U.S.A. is so fed up w/ this idiot Donald Trump. What is he doing still posing like he can do the job? When ever he speaks it's major EEEEW! WHAT A CREEPY GUY!!! TREASONOUSTRUMP big fake!

  30. For heavens sake, let’s give Trump a server.
    Let’s paint it with skeletons and DNC stickers.
    Trump will give it to Barr who will hide it away.
    Blissful silence

  31. The president has all the information in the world at his fingertips and gets his information and briefings from fox news and Rudy Giuliani's conspiracy theories.

  32. Comedian turns political activist… the suckers gobble it up. For cash. Diatribes on Presidents for 3 years is not comedy. NBC is crooked as a jaybird.

  33. Crowdstrike Is An American Company!!!!!! Who's Biggest Customer Is The Republican Party????? They're Not Ukrainian????? WHY DO THE GOP LIE LIKE THIS? What's So Awful About Real Life That They Put Their 100% In Dedunked Conspiracy Theories And Spin. It's Like… Taking Stories From The Papers At The Cashier's Counter In The Supermarket Check Out Line For Trurh! The National Enquirer, The Globe And The Incuisiter Is Not Real News. They're Not Call Rag Mags For Nothing!

  34. Saying something "has been debunked" is retarded. Just mindless zombies spreading lies they haven't corroborated. Crowdstrike was given acmes to the DNC server and they said Russia hacked the DNC. And the DOJ could only take their word for it. Now fact check that bitches.

  35. Epstein was vaccinated against human decency. He killed himself because he knew what his lifelong indecency towards others was going to put him on a collision course of the wrath of far more indecent people.

  36. Omgosh the bedbug comment. Maybe he has finally read the reviews of how many of his hotels have rooms with them. Even my bil who is a die hard supporter cancelled reservations at one of his hotels after looking at the reviews lol.

  37. “Not So Fast”…Ask the average person on any street corner
    what right was guaranteed by the 19th amendment to the Constitution of
    the United States adopted in 1920, then expect that puzzled look. What it meant
    that women were in practice free from being just “barefoot, pregnant and in the
    kitchen”, could go out and vote in an election, perhaps even run for public
    office herself. Sounds like the very first steps toward ‘women’s liberation’, perhaps?
    but I submit most women are still enslaved by hair dye, make-up with greasy
    lips along with high-heels, as far as the image of the female journalist on
    television is being portrayed, you see baby, you still have a long way to go
    toward total liberation…question…are you enjoying that flight…Now, do I sound
    like a ‘feminist’? I sure hope so…

  38. Little Stevie Colbert is obsessed with Donald Trump. He wakes up everyday and his entire existence revolves around a crazy infatuation with a 73 year old man. Without Trump, Steven Colbert would be NOTHING. When I was in junior high I was in love with a girl and I thought about her all the time. But, I grew out of it. Steven, you are a little old for this old man crush you have.

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