Trump targets Pelosi, Newsom over California homelessness crisis

Trump targets Pelosi, Newsom over California homelessness crisis

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100 thoughts on “Trump targets Pelosi, Newsom over California homelessness crisis

  1. A problem that should have been taken care of long ago, under who's watch, and that's who's fault? It sure wasn't Trumps. Now Big Daddy D has to step in. The Dems (like scolded children) will start pointing fingers, address the issue, never do anything about it, and blame their failures on who?

  2. Of course it’s a Dem crisis. And Gov Nuisance hasn’t a clue. Who is this stupid woman? It’s the Democrat controlled cities that are sh*tholes! Baltimore. Chicago. Los Angeles. San Francisco. Democrat cities.

  3. The artificial housing crisis is the root of most of CA problems. Enough housing means lower rental cost. . . Deregulation on Single Family Dwellings, and starter homes between 75-100k

  4. As a California resident, it has been getting much more worse since Grusome Neusome took office. I’m voting for Trump again next year. He keeps his promises.

  5. The Dems in California almost single handedly eliminated the Middle class and that's what caused the homeless problem. They were too busy selling foreclosed homes to the people they brought here from China. Fact so yes those DemoRats are too blame. Can they come up with a solution ? Hell no they too busy with the Impeachment 🎪 circus to find a solution to anything. When some counties started building homeless shelters eg. Bakersfield , Kevin McCarthy's county. The Dems stopped it, saying their new bullet fast train system would be running right thru where the shelter was going. That's how they solve nothing. They probably never ever going to build that fast train system, they didn't with the last federal Funds they receive for it. They bankrupt so any funds for the train will end up, once again , been used on other issues. They should never be put in any part of Government, you want improved. They are the Problem, but they Never the Solution.

  6. NEWS FLASH!! – "California’s economy moved up to the fifth largest in the world, according to data by the U.S. Department of Commerce and reported in May 2018 in the Sacramento Bee. " California does NOT need anybody else to solve their issues. I live here BTW (Since 1955). I have carnal knowledge of this area. Grew up 20 min from Berkeley (Buh-zerkly as we have always called it) – Former hippie musician. My two sons run a construction company in Berkeley and SF. I own a Security/Alarm Corp. here. So I am aware of crime. IT IS ALL SELF INFLICTED. PERIOD!!! ok – I feel better now – have a nice day……….

  7. why are those people homeless in SF – the highest rent and cost of living anywhere? Because they can have their drugs habits supported on the street and not face consequences for crime. Many are not natives – they move there for that reason. Sort out the crime / drugs / mental health issues and it wont be so attractive to them. Common sense is to choose somewhere more affordable – many people in SF live in little more than a cupboard for a lot of rent and pay high tax so its not really the best option for someone genuinely trying to get a start. Many people in homes in other parts of the US would fast become homeless in SF because of these costs. It shows how much the liberal crime and drug policy attracts them.

  8. Sorry homeless and soon to be the demorats could have bought you a new house with a new Mercedes with the money they have wasted on this sham impeachment

  9. But it’s not there fault. They are idiots and the don’t know what they are doing. And it’s not the voters fault because there idiots and don’t know what there doing.

  10. ATTN: CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS – you may be able to migrate to one of the other 49 states if you apply for REFUGEE STATUS….

  11. The problem is bigger than those who do help…ALL politicians are guilty of blaming one another… one is exempt from the Republicans and Democrats

  12. Well at least in california they create new jobs hmm being a poop picker i guess its a win for democrats.

  13. I was in Oxnard a few weeks ago .. Homeless everywhere.. What a trash pit .. I saw a 18-19yr old girl living out of her car .. Made me angry and sad at the same time .. California has become the country’s toilet .. Liberal jerkoffs running the state don’t care at all about these people

  14. Oh no.. this is not economics,?? This is Gavin wanting funds! This situation was” made” out of control. he allowed it to get out-of-control, because it’s is a paycheck to him. Next, U look at the states that have the issue now…. theses states have a lot in common! Example: Democrat government, Sanctuary status, legal drug use, illegal immigrants ….. Am I the only one that sees this? Gavin needs to own this. Him and Nancy now want to pass the buck! See they don’t like it either, don’t let them kid u.they created it to be disgusting! now they want to pass their huge, sell made mistakes on to the POTUS! Gavin would love some government $$so he can re-direct it to fit his need… I hope the only help Gavin get is ORDERS TO END sanctuary cities and a kick out the door! Recall him! He’s useless. Even the idea of a yacht is bad, they will burn it down & toss human waste into the ocean…he thinks that’s problem solving, I say if one supplies a ship more will come and he just doubled his problem!! Yap!

  15. Odd how Maddow's YT site does not allow Thumbs Down & posts that point out Dead People should not vote are immediately removed. ???

    THEY have predicted for YEARS

  17. So what do they take credit for if ALL the blame and everything wrong is somehow Trump's fault? He can't take credit for their stupidity, that's for sure.

  18. So Now California is rounding up homeless and putting them in warehouses, armories, and other government buildings where they will probably get hotel service, free meals, and what not all at taxpayer expense. Will they just trash the places like they have trashed the streets, alleyways, sidewalks, public parks, and underpasses?


  20. Most of these people are homeless do too there on fault,they probably start using drugs as a causal thing to have fun,then they get hooked and then they loose there jobs and there family.that is why they go homeless, And that is why the wall is very important,they want to blame Mr trump and that's a very stupid thing to do,the politicians are the ones to blame,the politicians always do the wrong thing.these politicians should be held accountable.

  21. This is just a talking point. He doesn't care about the people there just like you dont. The only reason he said it was to make those against him look bad. Dont be fooled into thinking he cares about the people living there. Homelessness is on the rise everywhere. Most Americans are one paycheck away from it. Why not look into where the bill to increase the minimum wage is. Sitting in Moscow Mitchs gold plated trash can. Wake up you dumb fucks, you're being played.

  22. Arrogant leech Newsom should have PRIDE In being the governor of CA instead the moron is blaming President for that are related to the destruction of CA Newsom and Pelosi should put on overalls and keds sneakers and start cleaning up in Newsom case the state in drunken Nancy her district . looks as though the. Voters are just as clueless as the idiots they vote in. Newsom/Pelosi are shameless. They ate. 😷👺🐉💩😈

  23. The dems just want more bureaucracy dollars to try and fix the problem. All they need to do is ease up on building resitrictons and zoning regulations and let private enterprise put up 50k units. Rent prices will go down. And then offer more back to work programs.

  24. Homelessness is the result of many factors including but not limited to NAFTA and the loss of jobs, over legislating manufacturing jobs and closing down American industry, unfair trade deals, No Fault Divorce, the throw them out at 18 rule, and the difficulty in getting back up after falling. All the new jobs, and returning industry will help, the wall and the deportations will help, job training will help, but I don't see an end to this until America is truly back on it's feet.

  25. Many of these Dems need to be adjudicated mentally incompetent,and removed from their positions of governance.They make a foul bed that others must sleep in.And why do they desire to control and administrate others when their own house is not in order?

  26. Are all Republicans spineless and two faced ?
    Read below
    Lindsey Graham said
    "He's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot," Graham continued. "He doesn't represent my party. He doesn't represents the values that the men and women who wear the uniform are fighting for. … He's the ISIL man of the year."

    Kevin McCarthy said

    “There’s two people I think Putin pays: Rohrabacher and Trump,” McCarthy (R-Calif.) said, according to a recording of the June 15, 2016, exchange, which was listened to and verified 

    Ted Cruz said

     it is the case that Donald, there have been multiple media reports about Donald's business dealings with the mob, with the mafia. Maybe his taxes show those business dealings are a lot more extensive than has been reported"

  27. We all know this is a terrible thing but the FACT is their homeless problems are EXACTLY THAT. THEIR PROBLEM. It's not for the federal government to fix and it IS ESPECIALLY NOT MY TAX MONEY THAT SHOULD FIX IT PERIOD!! Maybe they should spend a little less of welfare for criminal aliens and free handouts

  28. Absolutely a Democratic caused problem!
    Look at any mismanaged city with a huge homeless problem and there will be A Leftist Democratic in charge!! Explain that??

  29. This is unfortunately a California issue. But… If Trump steps in and fixes it all, then those idiots running California needs to explain where all that tax money went to fix this…. Then send them to jail

  30. Spending too much money for homeless problems in California and result homelessness increased. They used homeless for their corruption. Too much chaos and problems in California. No solutions getting worst not only homeless problems.

  31. The homeless issues in California is proof of how they treat their citizens…
    Unused Federal buildings were offered to get these individuals off the street and into a better situation by Trump ,
    Yet the Democrats still wont do it…
    They choose to keep their citizens living surrounded by physical protest sht.
    The ruling Democrats of California should have crimes against humanity against them by their treatment of their own citizens…
    Proof the Democrats only seek $$$ and power for themselves.

  32. When Clinton wads prezident, homelessness was rare cuz the working class has some vongressional support. Today everyone and esp Trump is feeding the table droppings and have stripped all protections from working class

  33. The f*ck tards that run California brag how great the economy is and they have billions in surplus under the reign of the Jackass party. If that is the case why on earth haven't they thrown a few hundred million at the homeless problem? The pathetic thing about it is, the richest cities have the largest populous of homeless, San Diego, San Franshitco and LA just to name a few. I live in Ca and it is TOTAL Bullsh*t what these a*s clowns have done to ONCE a beautiful and desirable state to live in. Now people are scrambling to get out.


    This rare and deadly illness saw a small but worrisome increase last summer. Eastern equine encephalitis got its name because it was first seen in horses in Massachusetts. @t

  35. Got an idea, this is a crisis due to being a Sanctuary City. Remove the people from the streets, get them out of the cities and let the normal citizens go back to living. 1 percent is great, the top and the rest are in the crisis. Calf. needs new leadership.

  36. Agree. The homeless is a serious problem and more serious than the election. If they put all the money from the election into the homeless fund than it would be solved.

  37. Qanon WWG1WGA. Q showed us the picture of murkowski crying because fienstien pinned her against the wall. She's deep state. To much in her closet.

  38. Go Figures! That’s what happens when you have a majority of DO NOTHING DEMOCRATS RUN THE STATE!!!!
    California and New York has useless Democrat Governors and Representative that are more interested in trying to impeach President Trump than taking care of the State they represent. WHAT A WASTE OF OUR TAX DOLLARS!!!

  39. On second thought, why waste more money putting them in prison, just line them up for the firing squad. Bullets are cheaper!!!!

  40. Pelosi. What does a corrupt politician worth 100 million care about the average American much less the homeless in her own state?

  41. That woman is wrong as always, this is a Democrat problem. Liberal polices suck and it leads to this chaos you see. The top 5 cities with homelessness problems are all solely run by Democrats, that's no coincidence.

  42. Let’s be honest here, Trump doesn’t give a crap about the homeless problem as a fact he’s making it worse, but I will give him lots of credit here because he’s trying to shift the conversation here from impeachment to the homeless problem in California, he’s trying to politicize it and to be honest it might work because we all know Pelosi is as crooked as a barrel of snakes. This is some 4D chess here on trumps behalf so we must give him some credit. This is why I always say ‘republicans are strong and democrats are weak’ dems don’t know how to fight in the mud because they’re incredibly weak.

  43. you commentators… how does the homelessness issue help trump… it was there before him… great job if hes helping the homeless suffering. argh… disgust me

  44. It's not a Republican or Democratic parties fault. It's all over the US. They both have to work together to figure out something.

  45. Because (drum roll) they legalized drugs…. if you want people to stop doing something illegal make the punishment so harsh they wont think twice about doing it.. these dems have ZERO Common sense

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