100 thoughts on “Trump: US ‘locked and loaded depending on verification’ of attack on Saudi oil field

  1. Recently I mentioned that I thought trump was so dangerous that's he would even start a war to distract from all of the negative and traitorous acts he has committed that are about to be shown to the public. Well, here we go.

  2. Of course…this has been in their agenda for a long time. They will find the way to attack Iran. It's the same methodology over and over again.

  3. Who cares what the Saudi government says? They are not a friend of the U.S. and only want to use the U.S. military to attack Iran for their own purposes. Trump is no commander in chief, he is an idiot.

  4. Mike Pompeo, this guy must be a genius. Nobody knows who did the attack and he is already into Iran…old tactics! By now people should know….its the same shit over and over

  5. Dont let this lying ass start a war!!!!!
    He is desperate and needs to go to prison along with his criminal administration!
    Impeachment is too good for him, Lock Them All Up!!!

  6. If Trump has to open the draft the people he should draft is all the young panhandlers that is to lazy to a job and the transsexuals and send them to 🇮🇷 and leave them there.

  7. Then should draft all our undocumented immigrants the men that is and send them to 🇮🇷 Iran and leave them there so they can steal all thier jobs.

  8. Fake , this is staged. We do not need oil from them in the USA we are the largest export of oil. And they raise prices for NO reason here. They want to start a war and to raise prices because oil was falling way to low. Do not fight in this new war. Do not believe the lies.

  9. Doesn't Saudi Arabia have it's own damn army? I told you guys the orange man was going to get us into another conflict. Jesus Christ world figure your own crap out. Just because we have interests there doesn't mean we need to be there in full force. WE ARE KILLING OUR CHILDREN FOR OIL!!!!!!! Wake the hell up America. They dont even try to masquerade it anymore.

  10. Thank god Bolton just got booted out, and the two sidekicks with their assertions he’s willing to come to the table with Iran…..should work as a psychological deterrence. Looked and loaded waiting for Saudis to wire the billions money transfer….a mercenary state for hire?

  11. information brought to you by the same intel sources who said Iraq had wmds with turd saying he is waiting for saudis to tell him what to do, I know one tbing we wont be going to war for this fake president or the saudis and neither will europe

  12. "locked and loaded":. tRumps favorite porno movie. First time he used the phrase it was: "cocked and loaded".; his other favorite porno movie. 🐷🐷🐷

  13. Tulsi Gabbard to Trump " My fellow service members and I , we are not your prostitutes." and added , "You are not our pimp " The DNC wants her out as fast as possible, especially after she destroyed their sweeheart K . Harris, the Clinton wanna be clone . Read the article in "Veterans Today" by Jonas Alexis

  14. Iran's leadership knows how fucking moronic trump is. They are slapping him around like the idiot he is. If he turns this into an armed conflict, the geopolitical consequences will certainly negate his already slim reelection chances. If he does nothing, Saudi Arabia will be on it's own.

    The Saudi military is run by sycophantic yes men. They may have money and modern weapons systems, but they lack leadership. They proved incapable of securing a facility responsible for half it's oil output! How the hell did they just allow that to happen?! The Saudi royal family is just a bunch of dysfunctional spoiled rich children with no clue how to defend themselves or their territory.

    trump is getting his ASS kicked in foreign policy matters. No surprise; this is the same moron who couldn't figure out how to get three casinos to profit. "The house always wins" idea eluded him.

  15. Locked and loaded. With no confirmation then possibly doctored photos? Let Saudi Arabia fight their own fight. Is that not what Trump campaigned on?

  16. This reminds me under bush administration, oil facilities were in danger raise the price to it's citizens start a war yeah… learning from the past I guess not.

  17. Locked and loaded in your asshole. America is loosing its grip in all aspects, America's cunning game is no more secret, It can't solve any real issue rather involve itself in many terrorist acts, destroy nations, create absolute mayhem, impose sanction, block food and medicine for helpless children, petty soon dollar is gonna die, let's see how many sanctions US can impose.

  18. This proves Trump does not know WTF he's doing. The fcking moron could possibly spark some international incident via "Twitter"!! SMH 🤔

  19. Surely thay sort of stuff would be classified?! I mean do you announce an attack before it happens? Iran are now locking and loading waiting for Dump Donald to tell the world when and where they are gong to attack.

  20. US is the winner in this as they can sell their fracking products with higher prices or uncertain supply from saudi arabia, and China the biggest looser, well played….

  21. Why don't we let the most trigger happy and dangerous countries of the Middle-East fight among themselves? Israel and Saudi A.

    And after that cut ties with both of them.

  22. It soo unfortunate to live in a world where oil is more important than human life. Women, children and innocent men are dying everyday by the Saudi's attacks on Yemen and all Saudi allies only think and care about the two attacks on oil facilities? "RIP" humanity

  23. Have ever haved a thing that has real value for too long paying good money in insurance for decades you seeks a solution how you can get back some money now iran wants to stop saudi from selling oil think iran would make sure its not just wholes that went into those tanks the hold project would be on explosion of great fire ,all tanks would be hit more damaging

  24. I see saudi did this ELSE THE U.S. WOULD BE TELLING THE WOULD THAT THERE MILITARY HAS NO USE IN NIETHER DEFENCE OR DETECT so this is one reason people can believe that the U.S only gose around under false pretence

  25. FALSE ALLEGATIONS! FALSE ACCUSATION! Donald Trump is getting financial benefits from Saudi Arabia, they are spending millions on his business property, Donald Trump will go into war for another country at the expense of our military life. There is no beneficial gain for our country. Let them figure out who really did it and let them fight their own war. Donald Trump is heads over heels to jump into war to show loyalty because he doesn't want to lose his financial gain from Saudi Arabia Prince.Don't mislead the people the Republican are hiding the facts, given all the theories and so call scandals and conspiracy why not show the facts, show us the people why it's a lie, show the people facts don't keep saying it's "Fake news"—- "Prove it"!

  26. President Donald Trump probably doesn’t even know what “locked and loaded” means. He is trying to act like a tough and cool guy, which he isn’t.

  27. "Locked and Leaded" TRUMP drives the MIC and the media crazy..😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  28. Trump picked up the term”Locked and Loaded”, from some General taking a piss in a bathroom. I voted for Trump, but the asshole never served in the Military. Saudi Arabia was attacked by Iran?, Ok Saudi go fight Iran and protect your Interest’s. I am tired of using our son’s and daughters acting as the police force of the world. My son was a US Marine in Iraq and Afghanistan. We don’t have an American military, we have a Capitalist one. Washington whores out our children all over the world. What are we today, Prussia? You can build all the tanks and ships money can buy but you can’t have our kids to man that crap. Vietnam Vet USN

  29. President trump we backed your ass. We stood by your ass. Last night congress passed a bill removing our rights and constitution.WTF ARE YOU DOING.?NOT ONE FUCKING TREASONOUS TRAITOR HAS BEEN EXECUTED. NOT ONE TREASONOUS TRAITOR ISARRESTED. WHERE IS THE F U C K ING. JUSTICE FOR AMERiCA.? Wray is for the terrorists sessions is for the terrorists all fed law as wellas all dems are treasonous terrorists it's been 2 FUCKING YEARS WHEN WILL YOU GET. OFF,YOUR ASS AND DO SOMETHING.? Your stupid ass should have removed them by NOW WTF ARE YOU WAITING ON.? It gets worse every day. I say it's way past f7ckin time for americans tO stand and bloW these bastards away. WE tried it legally and got shit on. Time to do the job. No more waiting no more lies and hesitation.EITHER YOU ACT OR AMERICA MUST CONGRESS AS OF LAST NIGHT HAVE DECLARED THEM SELVES AS TREASONOUS TRAITORS WHO HAVE NO CONCERN OR care IN AMERICAN. NOW OUR RIGHT S AND CONSTITUTION ARE GONE. THANK YOU TRUMP YOUR STUPID ASS COULD HAVE AVOIDED THIS HAD YOU REMOVED THE BASTARD COCKSUCKERS.NOW IT'S ON AMERICA TO DO SO. JUSTICE WILL COME EITHER WAY. EITHER YOU CLEAN UP THIS FUCKING MESS OR AMERiCA WILL. We all had hoped not to have to go there. BUT THEY AND YOU HAVE FORCED OUR HANDS

  30. If we're to believe this story, one gas to ask where was the high tech Saudi defense system? I smell a set up. Hopefully Trump also sees this. Cheers from Toronto

  31. Come on folks the saudi's dint commit 9/11 it was inside job–Iran didnt do this either-the press and the bullshit is gonna start ww3-yay let's die for a barrell of oil

  32. wow kirby sure seems unusually reasonable here and im surprised to see a cnn piece like this not entirely pushing the war wagon as they usually do but actually asking some questions

  33. Trump should go to war to protect his own businesses which depend on Saudi and Russian income. He has to look after his customers. It is called customer relations. American servicemen are prepared to lay down their lives in all circumstances.

  34. Trump and the White House are all fools ! America sells unbelievable amounts of weaponry to Saudi Arabia, running into billions of dollars, there’s even a video of Trump showing the menu of arms and ammunition to the Saudi crown prince so how the fuckkk do they still want to go and fight a war for those bloated overindulged Saudi princes?? The Saudis have used American weapons to pulverise Yemen and Yemeni children for years now, nobody said jack !!! Trump had better behave , him and Pence are sick old racist men who just want to kill Iranians!

  35. My house was so close to the attack thank god noting happened but please y’all pray for Saudi Arabia to be the strongest and pray for the rest of the country’s that got attacked 🙁 thanks for reading.

  36. How many times did Trump say the lock and load crap….

    Trump goes to bed locked and loaded….
    And wakes up … hairless…. screaming…
    No fighting….

  37. The troubling evidence is this… Iran either has the best cruise missiles in the world or the whole thing is a false flag. the accuracy in the sat pics shows pinpoint accuracy more typical of planted shaped charges used to simulate missile attacks. if you look at the round reactor vessels every hit is in the same place on the vessel which is highly unlikely. The US cruise missiles that were used in Syria were much less accurate so you can only conclude placed charges were used to create the illusion of a missile attack…look at the photos your self and see each hit on the large round vessels was within a foot or two of the exact same place. also if you were going to conduct an operation like that you would want to cause damage that looks bad but is easily repairable so watch and see how long it takes to fix…

  38. The current king of Saudi Arabia
    The dirtiest human being and terrorist
    It is like: Muammar Gaddafi "Libya" and Saddam Hussein "Iraq"
    He brought to the citizens: poverty, hunger, unhappiness, plundering the country's resources, social and material corruption, mocking God, lack of medicine, wars, shame in all countries of the world, etc.
    * The existence of the Saudi regime in the 21st century is a disgrace for the entire world
    Allowing women to drive a car + concerts in religious places + IMF loan + taxing the people + putting their sons in power = thinks this is freedom and human rights and this is a lie and a mockery of the real demands
    Fact: The current king of Saudi Arabia
    The true financier of terrorism "ISIS" + Demand in the case of the corruption of Panama "theft and money laundering" + hates humanity "sexually deviant and raped as a child=At the invitation of him and upon completion of sex kills his partner in the process of sexual anomaly" + war criminal "Yemen + Chechnya + Syria + Libya + etc" + disabled and ignorant "hates education and science" + The enemy of America "despised the White House" + blackmailer from the UAE "filming his pornography" + etc.
    The invitation is open to all human dignity:
    To cleanse the world of impurity and overthrow the Saudi regime
    **The Crown Prince is worse
    God bless America

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