100 thoughts on “Tucker: Russian collusion is not a real story

  1. I used to dislike Fox Nevvs. To be fair, vvhen I vvas coming up, it vvas the Neo=Cons. I don't even knovv vvhat is real anymore, to be honest.

  2. If I'm a little confused here Tucker and trust me I am a conservative but with all the politics being so dirty today Nancy Pelosi has been there for 35 years forty years for Schumer all these politicians have been their lifetime positions there's been no change so we're wearing do we experience as a meritocracy where the good people of America get to step up to the plate and get in the office you obviously can't get voted in without money so I've always believe there's much better people out there that could be in office

  3. Tucker seems to really like Russia just like his orange boss
    AND BTW you Dumb Americans – the impeachment is the REAL story
    Russia is just on a long list of countries to be concerned about but since Americans depend on China for goods and the Arabs for oil, Russia rises to the top of the list
    AND BTW Tucker Moron, Russia has been a problem since WWII

  4. Thank you for the great reporting Tucker. I hope America votes President Trump 2020. These democrats do absolutely nothing for the American. President Trump is amazingly strong,, he keeps working while the democrats try to block everything he does. The haven't contributed to anything good for the American people. It's really time to get rid of the swamp. Can we please have President Trump lead the UK, he could make Britain Great Again.

  5. What. Is interesting in my point of view is That Democrats are obsessed with Russia as Nazis would be, because they lost ww2, because Russia considerably helped to win USA and others over Nazis and second if Democrats are. Not hating Russia as nazis would, than is odd that they are against a country that was komunist country not so long ago, and Democrats faces like waren and Bernie are running on communist platforms for president of. USA soo are Democrats now puppets of nazis hating non communist Russia or are Democrats communists hating non communist Russia of. Today Democrats are confused or are becoming socialist workers party aka komunist s that hate Russia for 2 reasons A Russia is not communist country anymore B they hate Russia as Nazis would because Russia helped win ww2 and the big question is How did Democrats became nazis or communist s

  6. I support Tucker Carlson's journalist support of President Trump and his top level journalist professional standards.

  7. Are these collusion clowns on MSNBC victims of mass hysteria, or do they merely think they are serving their cause by continuing to mouth silly nonsense about Putin world control ? These MSNBC talking heads have probably never read a history book in their lives.

  8. Cracks me up that the far left keeps accusing everyone else for doing the things they have been doing for years. Always remember, when you point a finger at someone there are three pointing back at you.

  9. When Hillary's emails came out by WikiLeaks Hillary jumped up on camera, pointing her finger while screaming "the Russians did this and Trump helped them" to throw the heat off her for manipulating the elections and it worked.

  10. ALL countries spy on and try to sway each others elections. ( AND THEY ALL KNOW THIS)
    Propaganda didn't start yesterday.
    OJ was guilty.
    Most Government officials lie. (Including Trump)
    Want more FACTS?
    Lgbtq people are mostly sexual perverts AND they ALL hate Trump,and are one of the countries biggest problem.
    Fracking and coal are polluting the planet.
    Just because Trump hired people doesn't mean they aren't back-stabbers.
    Swamp is only a third drained.
    Do a lot of cherry=picking first.
    Oh yeah…Young TURDS head likes German shepards cause easy to tongue ears,and wisper the "F" word,and say I love you.
    I can't spell well.
    Hillary (and gang) murdered Bengazi Americans,because Steven new about weapons sale.
    3 buildings don't EXPLODE from 2 planes.
    List goes on.

  11. Chuckie is a commissar stooge! Pseudo intellectuals! Democrapps try to flip communist plot to divert blame since they are the communists!

  12. "I suck Chuck" is the idiot mouthpiece for Meet the Press. Its amazing that anyone takes that silly little weasel seriously.

  13. After all the negativity surrounding Putin I had to do a little research. I found out a lot and just watching him give press conferences you can tell he's smart and loves his country. The man knows at least three languages, he can play three different instruments, he likes the outdoors and is just a talented human being. I find that he seems genuinely honest and I think he makes an excellent leader. It's just one more thing that the hysterical people at CNN and MSNBC got wrong.
    Keep up the good work Tucker you are the only person in the MSM that has the stones to tell the truth on Putin and the never ending wars we keep finding ourselves stuck in. Everyone else in the MSM knows that Putin isn't the terrible dictator they make him out to be but to keep their jobs they report the way they're told to report. Ed Shultz, Jesse Ventura, Phil Donahue all found out the hard way that you must report the news not question it. It's all about keeping the war machine fed with 750 billion dollars a year worth of green.

  14. Idk much about the Russian collusion case but the mainstream media talks about it way too frequently, as if they are trying to deflect our attention from something serious and potentially harmful.

  15. Why do democrats and the people who vote for them hate America so much? The greatest country in the world and way to many people constantly whining. When you are fully informed and been around awhile, there is only one conclusion. These people are Communists. Chuck Todd is a corrupt Communist.

  16. Chuck Todd, may be the most biased anchor on a dying network, and that is saying a lot with all the other morons who claim to be "experts" and who actually are the most clueless people you will ever be exposed too.

  17. Russia is a nationalist country who believes in its people and doesn’t promote globohomo so of course the left hates them

  18. Tucker is just a pathetic mouth-piece for the right-wing, just spouting lies and trying to twist reality to support his dear leader Donald Trump… It is pathetic to listen to this moron lying from start to end and dooping unintelligent MAGA-supporters… Sad to know people are actually watching this and thinking it is true… Total education-collapse is the only explanation for how Trump as president, and this moron Tucker being a populare "News-host"… In an educated country, this can not happen… You really need to build up the general knowledge of the young people before they grow up to be this stupid….

  19. NO MAN is above the LAW. The Emperor is Naked! Not wanting to see what is right in front of you is NOT my problem. It's yours! Look in the mirror and deal with it.

  20. NO MAN is above the LAW. The Emperor is Naked! Not wanting to see what is right in front of you is NOT my problem. It's yours! Look in the mirror and deal with it.

  21. NO MAN is above the LAW. The Emperor is Naked! Not wanting to see what is right in front of you is NOT my problem. It's yours! Look in the mirror and deal with it.

  22. NO MAN is above the LAW. The Emperor is Naked! Not wanting to see what is right in front of you is NOT my problem. It's yours! Look in the mirror and deal with it.

  23. Left wing media can never explain what they mean, when they say anything. It's amazing that half of the country doesn't see it…

  24. If you want evidence that the brightest and best aren’t working for our country look at Maxine Waters and Al Green. Their collective IQ’s do not total one intelligent capable human being. Chuck Todd would be a similar case in Media. These people do not know there is no Soviet Union nor is there a “kremlin”anymore. Why don’t they reference Obama when he informed Mitt Romney “the 1980’s called….”

  25. Countries World Round , Political Parties , Companies , Sports Teams have all become Eunuchs of Free Speech when talking about the atrocities being committed in China …. Freedom has taken a back burner to freedom and justice ….How Dare Them call themselves Americans …Americans will throw themselves on Hand Grenades in the protection of FREEDOM….Americans will rush a Machine Gun Bunker in the name of FREEDOM.. These scrapings off the bottom of American Shoes will not even speak up for what is Right and Just , The Good Fight means nothing to them but their sniveling pockets being filled with what they consider power ….

  26. Thank you Tucker. It is absolutely clear that China is subverting our democracy. The people who claim Russia is our enemy are the enemy. They are purposely obfuscating. Watch those same people push restrictions on speech and gun rights. Communist subversion 101.

  27. A Ukrainian court found that the Ukrainian government interfered in our election!! It must be a Russian Plot!! Russia Russia Russia!!

  28. Tucker Carlson's Channel has been censored by YouTube. Every single video on his channel is only 2 seconds long. Look it up.

  29. Hey Tucker…….You and your TASS NEWS USA /,FOX NEWS , Moscow Mitch , COMMIE DON , and YES YOU TUCKER , VLAD'S newest best News caster………………..Do you have the best room and the newest Trump COMMIE Tower? Tucker is the Newest PUPPET of VLAD and COMMIE Don…………….LOL ………He must be getting paid in Ruples……………….

  30. Leftist / DS media is gaslighting the country on an unprecedented scale. They are the abusive spouse that engages in manipulation and violence to get their way.

  31. I love, absolutely 100% love going to look back at this stuff. “He’s acting as a Russian agent he’s doing Russia’s bidding!!” Well what has he done? “Russia!”

  32. Either he works for Russia or he works for Ukraine. Can't have it both ways. If you want to impeach him for calling the president of Ukraine, you have to admit Russia was a hoax. If you call him a Russian puppet, you have to admit the impeachment is a hoax. Yet they still claim it's both because they know their supporters are too ignorant and gullible to actually do their own research outside of democrat propaganda.

  33. Putin is a good man, all this global medias just want to hate Putin so that America can go to war with Russia, but too late for them because Russia is so strong that if they go down they go down with the whole world, Americans medias are getting their pay from Saudi and China

  34. Deep flaw in GOP argument. 1-Ignores super empowered billionaires. 2-Ignores pulpit empowerment due to technology and social media. 3-Ignores partisan attacks and facts established by the people's access information. I feel like Mueller report pointed at obstruction and invited Congress to act. You idiot. The Saudies ARE stooges for Putin. They play both sides but there is zero doubt as to where the power lies. Money is not the ultimate power. In a world of nukes the mobster with the most nukes leads the mob, Trump aside because he is too short sighted to understand long term consiquence. Very clear. Welcome argument. I know Russia way better than you do. I agree that XI Jumping IS a dictator. Bloomberg is not as horrible a choice as Clinton or Trump but he should not be a candidate for President. Trump should absolutely be impeached and removed for the sake of partial redemption of the GOP. GOP should be the 7×70 and understand that blessings come from God based on righteous living.

  35. Our great leaders fear a real enemy and prefer one who is still struggling to get out of the total failure of communism. Many of our politicians have a Made in China label on their back.

  36. I've noticed that left-leaning pundits are really soft on China. Could it be that China has financed all their ballot "propositions"? Oh, by the way, who did buy up all (maybe not all but many) of the bonds the liberals have sold to finance their pet projects?

  37. They lost but shouldn't have lost because of all the cheating. That is why they believe they shouldn't have lost. They had in place those glitchy polls, which kept trying to turn bites blue, those dead and illegal voters, and all of those repeat votes just like they did for Obama

  38. Right. Tucker!!! Why Russia? China is the one. I think to those Democrats doesn't know which one is what… China killing lots of people there. Don't they know? And they're Communism country. Which time of era they're talking about China? And why do they know about Putin. ???

  39. here is my questions….. say all is true, then when dems sold our explosives. uranium wasn't it.Did SHE Hillary thinks she was selling to an enemy? what about obama? And what happened between the sell and Trump to explain the change of mind?

  40. 9:30 You can't make this stuff up. Bloomberg like Biden who tried to say China is no threat…which tells me Biden must have money ties with China somehow must think the democrat voters are the stupidest people in the World. The must be if they keep putting these Lyjng Scamming people in power.

  41. Don’t start pushing Macron as a good guy. It’s deeper than you portray. It is a pit of snakes and the only clear and true answer is Jesus Christ and our salvation. This is all a game that Satan is conducting so we will be distracted. Keep looking up . Our Lord is on his way.

  42. Hillary lost her Ukrainian rigged election, and the Country has to suffer and listen to the Dems BS for 3 years. This is pathetic.

  43. The last comment of eunuchs is partially true. Many of us are fighting with the lives of ourselves and our families. It is lucky that America does not have 5000 years fo imperial history.

  44. JOIN THE “GET OUT NOW MOVEMENT”.  Communist Putin’s Russian Security Services promote propaganda (Undermining Democracies Worldwide) through President Trump, Trump Administration, Fox News Commentators, Republican Party.  Just read Heida Blake’s “From Russia with Blood”.  Let’s empower ourselves Americans by stepping up with our “GET OUT NOW MOVEMENT”.  All of them need to go home to Communist Putin’s Russia today! “GET OUT NOW”!

  45. I have never seen such lies spread by one network in my life. These people do not care about facts. They get on fox news and spread all types of lies that people suck up and spread as gospel. If this is your only source for news, then no wonder some people are misinformed. People listen to this nonsense and do no research of their own!!! Me personally I listen to all news outlets to sift through the BS. My fellow Americans, please do your research and formulate your own opinion based on facts, not the personal opinions of hate filled anchor men and women.

  46. Mr. Tucker why are you talking so strangely lately with this emotion, laughs, shock seems more like poor entertainment


  48. Mr Tucker if you have chance to sell all USA uranium with no ethical responsibility because an WW 1 and 2 “accidental” ally who doesn’t even know what 2 do with own uranium It is quite ok —WHY because it is all about friendly donation so why anybody will be obsessed with Russians Mr Putin want let Clinton’s foundation in Russia he has his own

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