TVJ Midday News: Incident with Teacher Caught On Camera – November 22 2019

TVJ Midday News: Incident with Teacher Caught On Camera – November 22 2019

good afternoon I am Andrea Chism with
the midday news a special welcome if you’re watching on one spot Mediacom a
high-level probe has been launched into an incident at Pembroke Hall High in
Saint Andrew in which a teacher threatened a child with violence t v–
J’s amélie Poulain reports the video capture has been circulating on social
media it lasted for two minutes and 20 seconds in the video a teacher seated at
her desk in the middle of a lesson when she was interrupted by a student who
handed her a piece of paper the teacher was again interrupted but this time by a
male student the situation got heated when the
student in response raised his voice principal of Pembroke Hall hi Reverend
Claude Ellis confirmed on our gr structure program hotline that the
incident happened at the institution on Thursday something that concern from
anyone either teacher parent or student and so of course he also outlined the
next steps of this school will take the code of regulations if that happens in
school so my critical incident report will be done my education officer is on
route and we will take it from there similar pollen TPJ news in an apparent
response to the petition to recognize Jamaican Creole or patois as an official
language the prime minister thinks Jamaicans are wasting too much time on
trivial matters Andrew Holness also emphasized the importance of
preparing Jamaican students to be proficient in the use of English
language TV Jay’s shamela Pollan has details there has been widespread public
debates about making patois an official language in Jamaica
persons argue it would help students learn easier boost foreign exchange
earnings and discrimination against Jamaicans who
speak the language but according to Prime Minister Andrew Holness english is
the language of Commerce mr. Hollis argued that helping Jamaican children to
learn the language will enable them to function better in the international
community I was in Korea recently in 1963 Korea was poorer than Jamaica in
terms of its GDP per capita today Korea is in the top 15 economies of the world
according to the Prime Minister countries that have developed within the
last 50 years have invested heavily in education in particular English language
he thinks Jamaicans should do the same build the all of the other languages but
they recognize that english is the language of Commerce so they don’t waste
time trying to deal with all the social issues surrounding language the prime
minister also said Jamaicans unwillingness to change has resulted in
the country developing at a slower pace than others we tend to want to tear down
everything that is proposed that could potentially be loved lifting and we
waste a great deal of time effort and resources trying to find a negative in
everything not realizing that in this very sweet
race of life others are advancing even those who were behind us leaving us
behind he was speaking at a function to rename the Spaulding high school to the
Alfonso’s Davis High School on Tuesday the school was renamed in honor of its
former principal who served the Institute
for 19 years Shamala pollen TBG news local government Minister Desmond
McKenzie says thieves are making off with the newly installed LED
streetlights in Montego Bay the minister says under an agreement with the Jamaica
Public Service the Power Company has installed over 10,000 lights and has
repaired another 1,200 but the minister says people are removing the
streetlights pretending they are repairing them Minister McKenzie says
the JPS is on track to complete the installation of streetlights by the end
of the year Health Minister dr. Christopher Tufton has responded to
concerns that doctors and nurses continue to work in the public health
system without being on a pension plan speaking on TV Jay’s all angles
Wednesday doctor Tufton said it is something his ministry intends to fix
the Ministry of Finance has granted an additional 1,500 posts and those will be
primarily nurses effective when well it’s it’s it’s supposed to be effective
immediately but it’s working its way through the system because it has to
filter down through the regions and then the individual hospitals to determine
the right sizing of the numbers but it is something that we have worked on and
I’m happy to announce that we are now there and doctors doctors not yet at
that stage but it is something that we need to work on we have gone as far as
to prepare HR to support the bill doubts that we
undisciplined X three to five years and it’s time for a break but stay with us
more stories right after these messages welcome back and we’re continuing the
news immediate past president of the private sector organization of Jamaica
Howard Mitchell has again expressed his disapproval with the under development
of Jamaicans seemingly in favor of the development of roads mr. Mitchell also
added his voice to the increasingly strong relationship between Jamaica and
China TV jeiza Shane masters reports and so began Howard Mitchell scathing speech
directed at the political leadership in Jamaica back in September mr. Mitchell
reasoned that the government’s priority was wrong when it decided to spend money
on roads instead of on poor people particularly those in the inner city his
views were challenged by some government officials who defended their decisions
and argue the projects would vindicate them in the future but Mitchell is not
backing down and on Thursday the Mond how the people were being left behind
we haven’t wrapped almost one-third of our population in inner-city communities
called Garrison’s almost all our children are entrapped in an inadequate
unequal dated and dysfunctional education system whereas in 1962
Singapore with which we then compared favorably is now exporting computer
chips integrated circuit chips we are still exporting banana chips but
despite the concerns the government is pressing ahead with its focus on roads
and other infrastructure and in fact has since embarked on a new road project
with China namely the southern coastal highway improvement project in addition
only this week in Parliament the Prime Minister review that China has interests
in investing in the key – economic zone so we desperately run from one
compromised and dependent relationship with one self-serving on a hegemonic
superpower to another to sustain ourselves in surviving the consequences
of our misguided an on policy driven externally imposed meanderings through
incompetent tribalist governments Mattel had this to
say about the jamika Chinese relationship which is blossoming under
the watchful eyes of America in a world where the elephants have begun to fight
and our little ants nest is right in the middle of their stomping groan do we
follow the pattern of our delightfully articulate and hardworking foreign
minister who says that she would not be drawn into the debate or do we posture
in the manner of a bantam foal like one of our opposition sent senators and
noisily from our chests and crow defiance at the elephants the immediate
past president of a private sector organization of Jamaica was speaking in
st. Andrew on Thursday at a function put on by the quantity surveyors of Jamaica
machine masters TVJ newest member of parliament for st. andrew southern mark
Golding has called for the National Environment and planning agency NEPA to
do relevant checks before the government moves forward with its plans for the
development of the police headquarters at no man’s land mr. Golding spoke with
our news team following a tour of the trench town police station with the
national security minister dr. Horace Chang recently there needs to be a
proper study as to the whether or not this and to what extent and how a
facility like that can fit within the overall space of what is around it and
an e IA with the difference not just an environmental impact assessment from the
point of view of the the physical environment and looking at fauna and
flora but a more social environment started to see how can a massive police
facility like that be integrated effectively with a commit with
surrounding communities which have serious social problems and also
problems with infrastructure and housing issues and so on and in sports st.
Catherine High and Excelsior will meet in the deciding game of this season’s is
a Walker Cup knockout competition after scoring contrasting victories in
Thursday’s semi finals at the ‘i’m east here Stevie J is a Spencer
Darlington in TV Jay’s game of the days in Catherine hi upset nine time former
champions sent to George’s College courtesy of a 5-4 penalty shootout win
st. George’s College started out on the front foot and proceeded to dictate the
tempo in the first half where San Catherine high looked a subdued in most
areas st. George’s took up the ascendancy when captain Nathaniel
Campbell served up a nice delivery for top marksman shantamma Taylor the slot
home quite easily in the 40th minute st GC began the second half in a similar
mood to the first as they searched for some added insurance however st.
Catherine high fought their way back into contention and were rewarded on six
to four minutes when they’re sick on the leading scorer this season Siobhan Cole
rifled home from close range regulation time and even the five minutes which
were added for stoppages ended in a one all deadlock and so the dreaded penalty
kicks were called in to play center ojas College missed their third penalty who
Allison Catherine were perfect from the spot I think we start the game very well
but I’m a fan I take a to triode step back after I first 20 minutes analogous
at our plea you know we talked about it at length in debris and asked them to
steer close and and be very patient you know you know you know approach and when
the opportunity comes and we must have to take it and you know it we’re going
to find to the pin at the shootout and it’s very very confident of the tough
device this is something that I’m you know we we work on a whole lot and not
you can see to the end you can see to do or they look kicking those penalty I
think this is our 19th game and we’ve only lost one game junior on a play that
was the same hundred technical when we lost 3-1 we lost on penalties here and
we lost on penalties the Cornwall College so yeah you’re disappointed
every time you lose you’re disappointed every time the season ends and and you
don’t win anything but I I can’t give these kids a hard time I think they
worked hard I think they put out your best which is what I asked I asked for
them to have fun playing schoolboy football and to leave everything on the
pack and I think they did Spencer Darlington TVJ sports and that’s the
midday news I’m Andrea Chisholm join us at 7:00 for the prime time news package
on behalf of the news sports and production teams with afternoon
and have a good dinner

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100 thoughts on “TVJ Midday News: Incident with Teacher Caught On Camera – November 22 2019

  1. Boy oh boy. Ignore poor people for wealth and the route of the Jamaican economy is going down. Let a dunce man run e nation we can do better than this. Poor people first. we go vote out unuh rass. State a emergency a fickry.

  2. American learning jamaican creole like it there own in churches and workplaces. I am telling you about first hand experiences.

  3. Nah blame teachers parents nah raising the kids right kids come school n give trouble I was a kid once I know soft teachers n tough teachers n when u soft kids walk all over you

  4. Jah kno star mi old school it look a way kno the yute dem difficult some time but teach go on a nxt level its disappointing

  5. Every Jamaicans speak English but, patois is what most used, we do learn that, but we off to learn English in school, why not teach patois in school too. It's like they trying to kill the actual language of country and induced English to please Masa. So I would vote patois be officially a language.

  6. This is barbaric behaviour and a bad representation of the education system. This teacher’s behaviour should lead to her being prosecuted to demonstrate non tolerance of any kind of abuse from staff to students.

    Shout out to all of the amazing teachers in Jamaica who have a high standard of communication with students and well done to the student who filmed it!!!

  7. The people who supposed to set examples are the ones bringing Jamaica to the grave. The teacher could have ask the student to step outside the class or send him to the principal office. The whole system in Jamaica is a failure.

  8. It is true that as a teacher, one has to maintain professionalism. But I feel for these teachers who today have to deal with modern day students who act more like demons than humans. And teachers seemingly have been stripped of their disciplinary powers in the Jamaican school system.
    They could not pay me not even US$1million an hour to teach these demons!

  9. Mr Holness stop competing with another country, what ur saying ur a shame of our country, who were u before u become prime minister, we are what we are Jamaican u try working on the country making ur people get work to feed their family, make sure people get adequate water to live. Fore me Jamaica exceed London in their educating. Why is it we never have anything nice to say? Best not to say a thing. Mr Holnesd take a step back and look at ur country ur running ok

  10. It's because our prime minister only seems to make those Chinese better than his own. Jamaican need to be prosperous in their day to day life, and a way out of their poverty life. It's like living into a box,

  11. Teacher's are underpaid n frustrated but at the same time professionalism should maintain at all times. Cannot loose your kool when dealing with young minds.

  12. TVJ should not have published such a one-sided story. They should be sued. There is due process in all things. Be reasonable. Get both sides of a story and report likewise. Don't ruin people's lives because you want hits.

  13. Jamaican hypocracy, the very same people who have pillaged jamaica is now comparing jamaica to other countries. The jamaican children are crying blood. Holness and Vaz, their children are privilaged.

  14. No phones in class! Every other country embraces their native language while still teaching and learning English. Why can't we do the same? People learn better from use of their native tongues. In African countries, Haiti and some Hispanic countries, they teach English as a second language but embrace their own as well. Why honor persons such as Miss Lou when she was an ambassador for the language yet we are afraid to use it ourselves?

  15. Mad woman the student sound as a bad child from his rebuttal typical of the society. Similar thread runs through the social fabric. The parent normally the mother should sue the school for psychological damage and scaring to the child now I heard that the mother is saying that the child is shaking. Nurses and doctors don't have pension plans. Jamaica is a uncivilised entity.

  16. Every country, even the UK and USA speak English, and have their dialects. Spanish and French speaking countries have their formal and informal way of speaking. Jamaica need to be discipline enough to lean the formal English language for business purposes and still preserve our cultural language for everyday use and to boost Tourism. All these deliberation should not be, discipline has declined, and we have become a lazy people.

  17. Both the teacher and the student are wrong and the video is disgusting and if my child had behaved like that I would be ashamed and if a teacher spoke to my kid like that I would be PISSED

  18. …she the "teacher" even a lift up stapler to hit… The student even smarter than her.. FIRED… Mek she go siddung pon dat..FIRED…

  19. You know, I think of parents with 1 or maybe 3 children at home to deal with and how often they get so overwhelmed they throw shoes. They use harsh words. They punch and kick…none of which is appropriate. Then think of a teacher with over 25 students sitting in front of them with so many different personalities and needs that he/she must address every day…every day…every single day with little or no support. The most interesting is that you never see highlights when teachers are digging in their pockets on a daily basis to provide for the same ungrateful students who turn on them in a split second like a rabid dog. Let us encourage and support. Let us lift up and stop pushing down. Look for the good and yes, discipline her but please we need teachers. Our children need to know what lanes they should stay in. Parents must take a stand and train children to speak with respect and kindness and teachers must show self control. It is a 2 way street BUT LET US NOT EVER FORGET THE AMOUNT OF ABUSE TEACHERS FACE DAILY.

  20. This wrong on her path because she's a teacher so she be setting and example and not threaten the students no matter the circumstances. And as for the student,it shows that he don't know what respect is..!!

  21. Depending on the school u teach, yuh afi ruff dem pickney yah cuz dem naav nuh mannaz….dats y me couldnt teach cause that would be me

  22. Teach certain kids now you cant even tell the difference between kids and adult.. not only that them pickney a yard will carry all guns and knife to school sad… the teacha them fed up

  23. I agree with the prime minister . Learn proper English and u can advanced ur career. Well done Mr. Prime Minister. It's common dam sense people . Use common sense teach ur kids proper English not pig Latin or broken English. It does hinder ur people future . Jamaican people are selfish and self centered . It's time for change

  24. A lot more of these incidences in schools need to be recorded and highlighted. My daughter complains bitterly about incidences like these in a particular traditional high school. I have gone and have spoken about the complaints that I have received and though an effort was made to correct the new teachers' behaviour or simply releasing them, for the seasoned ones, it is just a slap on the hand.

  25. I would like you all running off unu mouth stay a half of day with these now a days children in the classroom.
    I know of a case where a student tried touching a teacher on he butt and when she writing on the blackboard they r having discussions of how she phat from behind and by d time she turn around to address wat was said, everyone keept quiet. So u all can gwannnnn talking

  26. If I had behaved like this at my workplace I would have been fired on spot and swiftly escorted from the building. If teaching is too stressful for you, do something else. This is child abuse!

  27. You the teacher bright this parent struggle to pay this school fee and you run the kid out of class depriving him of learning but you mad

  28. No run relay runs about this skip the beat and get it done ASAP too much long drawn out speech we are already 35years behind advance lifestyle

  29. That's why I call this Prime minister Bob di builder a pure road work him interesting in, when crime and corruption a mash up Jamaica.

  30. The teacher was unprofessional but a nuff times mi see school boys and girls disrespected teachers in the worst way r

  31. St Andrew of holiness go to hell is what put Ms Lou and jamaica on the map. What is wrong with our people what are they going to do with these bulb put it in there house.

  32. I honestly can't believe ppl stole the light that was placed to benefit everybody ….Jesus Christ man…I would really like to meet the low life person who did that..

  33. so wha she do wrong? dem lickle bad breed pickney no hav no manners are respect. i back de teacher 100. if dem sack her, dem fool. ban all phone from class. you all going on like yu no get cus like dat growing up, an guess what, it did you no harm. how much killing a gwarn an unnu a dis school teacher, when school nowadays is like de army. no weakness is a mus, or dem roll over her

  34. Yu no wat is ironic, the students expecting the teacher to act respectful. So de homes not right….now the school not right. Wat will become of our children?

  35. In my opinion this woman must not be in school ,she must be fired , immidiately this is not the way to act in schools now a days it all about money making yes the child disrupt the class but to be treating him and talking about him mother and almost cuss indecent language she must be fired immidiately she is not fit for class rooms

  36. WHERE ARE ALL THE VIDEOS OF WHEN STUDENTS ARE BEING DISRESPECTFUL AND VIOLENT TOWARDS TEACHERS AND ACTING LIKE ANIMALS???? No it wasn't the best way for her to deal with the situation but God knows I feel for these teachers. They can't even discipline some of these students because the parents will turn up and attack the teacher. She needs some therapy.

  37. Until anyone knows the Security history of Pembroke Hall then please. SHUT THE DUCK UP!!! The dutty bwoy used psychology and draw out the Teacher and twisted her words. The Teacher has all right to be proactive and practice her own self preservation i

  38. 2:57 that is so right. Patios is not even a language, its a dialect, a corrupt form of english, every language has one; spanish, french ect. Come on people think straight, I rather we use or ancestors language the Akan Twi which the Ashanti people speak, this sounds much better, it is respecting our heritage and history as most Jamaicans if not all, can trace there ancestry back to the Ashanti people in Ghana and the Ivory Coast, Africa.

  39. I'm sure they won't be messing with her anymore. I won't be teaching anyone's children without an ak47 at my desk. Bad breed parents send bad breed children to school to disrespect teachers in the same manner they dis the parents at home.

  40. ano stress, the thing weh puzzling is that before it all started, look at how she is speaking to the girl. plus, no one reacted anyway or surprise, which means it is a usual thing for her to act this way. Yes, the boy is wrong for raising his voice and yes she is right for correcting him about the mother statement but the murder part should not have been said. respect is given where respect is due

  41. The reason korea have such a good GDP is because they don't have any thieving politicians…..unlike the one you have in your cabinet…

  42. Andrew a years a corruption why Jamaica not growing , what does language have to do with it ? You Andrew a hold wi back .

  43. Teachers are frustrated and aren't even valued …therefore parents need to handle their children's behaviour simple and they are to be blamed when students display themselves a particular way and it means the parents are either the same of they simply cannot manage or tolerate their own kids behaviour

  44. In Jamaica right now kids don't ave no respect for nobody at all them think them on the same level as u so don't just think one way .suppose you did ina the lady seat and feel wat she a feel

  45. This is sad but teaching not what it use to be. The way I see kids act of the streets I can imagine and how the act in schools..

  46. Unfortunately, the teacher his only speaking is language, sadly jamaican people only respect aggression so she had aggressive with him to get his attention

  47. I agree with PM Holeness. I live in America and a lot of people find it hard to understand Jamaicans who don't speak good English. Patios is cool, people love patios, but we need to be able to speak good English. It doesn't matter if we can write good English, we must be able to have full length oral conversations in English.

  48. Well the teacher should not had let no one make her behave like that, promising kill/murder, wow… that' way too much, it sounded like this teacher are More of a gun woman than a teacher because asking someone if your their mum regardless of what the student/students are saying, is like telling someone about their mum… not saying the child/children are justified for acting bad; but she's the teacher so she's very much wrong for letting her emotions get the best of her…..just saying.

  49. If the teacher is dealing with a bunch of gunmen, what do you expect of her. These mummas need to keep their gun man home with them and stop sending them to school to disrupt the teacher and their peers who really want to learn.

  50. Pickney fi know dem place what she said was wrong but if the parents did grow the child right then him would never a argue with the teacher no respect

  51. Respeck to the Teacha… Some a dem pickney yah want two and three bax dung. Thats why the society full a so much gunman.

  52. It all boils down to bad parenting. Children should not take the blame for bad leadership in this country. If you don't like pitney den y u become teacher?

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