TVJ Midday News: PNP Pushes for Investigations on Corruption Issues – October 8 2019

good afternoon I am Andrea Chism with
the midday news a special welcome if
you’re watching on one spot
with corruption issues plaguing jamaica
the parliamentary opposition is pushing
for an update on investigations as we
hear in this report the call comes
amidst a corruption report from
transparency international the 2019
global corruption barometer for Latin
America and the Caribbean confirms that
corruption is still a big problem in
just ask the 1044 persons interviewed 49
percent think that corruption has
increased in the previous 12 months
17% paid a bribe for public service in
the past 12 months 18 percent
experienced sextortion
or know someone who has and 12 percent
were offered bribes in exchange for
votes now over the past few years the
Education Ministry cabin maritime
university petrol jam Petroleum
Corporation of Jamaica Nestle and the
Universal Service Fund are just some of
the state agencies involved in corrupt
practices recent actions by the
government of Jamaica are in action one
Nazi suggests that in the face of this
huge crisis that the country is
confronted with the government is in
fact normalizing corrupt behavior in
public life and in government opposition
leader dr. Peter Phillips on Monday
called for an update on the
investigations no court action is
proceeding no arrests have been made by
mocha or prosecutions instituted by the
national integrity commission the board
of the pcj which had supervisory
responsibilities for pet rajim remains
in place there’s clearly a pattern of
conduct here in a release late Monday
the government said it would not
interfere with any investigations the
Jonah’s administration said they believe
in the rule of law and is a champion in
the anti-corruption fight Director of
Public Prosecutions Paula Llewellyn is
challenging members of parliament and
the police to do more in communities to
reduce the high crime rate she was
speaking at a recent symposium hosted by
the seventh-day Adventist Church in st.
James when you go about in your
constituencies what is it that nobody
focuses on saying to somebody listen if
you do not work you don’t have any skill
you cannot get our half not in children
that question from Director of Public
Prosecutions Paula Llewellyn to members
of parliament the nation’s top
prosecutor laments that single-parent
households with too many children often
leads to lack of parental attention this
she believes promotes criminal
activities among youths when the
children are being brought up in a
situation where the mother the father
doesn’t have any time to read to them
they don’t have any time to look at the
schoolwork they don’t have the time or
the space to encourage them they don’t
have the time to go to the school to
find out what is happening that don’t
have the time to nurture and they are
busy father and this dance going to that
dance you are going to have unattached
use and when you have the unattached
youth that is what drives the prime
when you have these people who show this
fearlessness in terms of parenting be
prepared to follow up on it
she’s also calling for the police to go
after irresponsible parents and
caregivers according to Deputy
Commissioner Clifford Blake after 40
children have been found island-wide at
various venues babies in prams found
that some of these dances between 2:00
and 3:00 a.m. where are the parents if
they see woman at a dance with babies in
a pram they must prosecute them under
the childcare Protection Act brings more
TVJ news one man is dead following a
motor vehicle accident along the Lionel
town main road in Clarendon on the
weekend it’s understood that about 6
o’clock Sunday evening a pickup heading
towards may Penh crashed into a coastal
bus heading towards laniel town also
injuring 23 persons the dead man has
been identified as hurlan Davis of a
friendship in brownstone st. Anne
according to eyewitnesses the driver of
the pickup was overtaking a line of
traffic when he lost control of the
vehicle which slammed into the coaster
five persons remain in hospital in
critical condition including the driver
of the pickup a man told TVJ News what
he saw when he arrived on the scene
bossun you can along whatever look along
a road I just PA PB stream go down the
road side so right now me and my son
just get to work and all start pick up
with people and pick up six put another
police chief calm down puts Vietnam my
son one calm down I’m bringing him no go
back up again and take up our next one
calm down so that’s how I can say no
well there are nobody was moving nobody
was moving everybody unconscious people
here but some people feel that they go
meanwhile another accident in st. Mary
on Monday left two persons dead
they are Tyrone Thompson of Geddes town
and Myron Roberts of Port Maria and
Neeson ad wagon heading towards a raka
Meza got out of control and hit a truck
which was traveling in the opposite
direction it’s understood that a young
girl who was travelling in the car was
found on the road and was assist this
guy wait you know the accident just take
cross the road I’m so worried with this
car and the truck might not calm down
and the truck man try everything for
civic IV I’ve ID’d the car and like a
night the truck man could not good
nothing at all trust me I don’t know
what just serve cross the road and just
go slam right now the truck the truck
might try but it couldn’t could never
ever do not bet our on our window
because in try you see it and then try
everything guys I can see all the truck
said no the truck being scouted across
with a road and a rock aways away I come
from more concerns this afternoon from
residents and business people in
southeast st. Elizabeth about the
impending fallout from the suspension of
works at bauxite company I’ll part the
plant is to be officially closed on
October 14 resulting in hundreds of jobs
being lost
the plant is however expected to reopen
in about two years
until then workers and residents are
being urged to find alternate means of
revenue however some are not optimistic
farming takes time some to come I come
you know what if you have a good people
a plan to take it from your more teeth
and it’s going to go on in the community
and so on so you know things is don’t
English don’t if the plant closed bottom
we need to learn run a plan to do some
farming Carcano Sudama looking icon –
just like that so we are the government
the talk to China them met them can’t be
with Alanna on a plant long as I’m a
close applause and it’s time for a break
here on the midday news but stay with us
we have more stories right after these
welcome back and we’re continuing the
news the st. James police are now on the
hunt for 37 individuals on their
most-wanted list
in an interview with TV J news yesterday
crime officer for the division deputy
superintendent Burton Reynolds warned
that the wanted persons are armed and
dangerous he listed the main suspects
Delano Wilmot otherwise called prettyboy
of medallion retrieve st. James sunny
Luton a farm Heights st. James Arnold
Arnold Gill ocg of Norwood st. James
Christopher Boyd OC plunk of Norwood st.
James he frequents Highland Avenue
Kingston hit also Brandon Williams OC
Messi of Gordon Christine Granville st.
James DSP Reynolds says the police are
faced with issues with the one person
relatives and friends are harboring
these persons and they are some traces
of evidence that suggest that they have
been assisted to escape the police by
persons who are very close to them the
family and friends of a little boy who
died in the person jr. hospital
yesterday are blaming medical staff at
the facility for his death they claimed
it was due to negligence that
eight-year-old Guevara died in his
mother’s arms and they demonstrated in
front of the hospital which is on the
border of Clarendon and Manchester this
morning a relative told TVJ news that
the child’s mother turned up at the
hospital yesterday with a referral from
a private doctor that they should admit
know she took the child over by the
person jr. hospital which is located in
from and nobody look the nurses they
showed on the letter
nobody peeler any man until about two
seven when her child died in her arms
you mean to tell me that she was here
from after two until seven o’clock when
her child ed and nobody responded nobody
look opposition leader dr. peter
phillips is again defending the choices
he made for his shadow cabinet at a
press conference on monday he was asked
why doctor dayton campbell who was the
shadow health minister was booted this
time around
dr. campbell supported peter bunting in
the leadership race and for dr. phillips
he signaled his intention to reorganize
the shadow cabinet long before there was
a leadership runoff know where dr.
Campbell was but we also know where
other members of the team were they have
been appointed reappointed some have
been left out I am struck that the
assumption is made that the leaving out
has to do solely and exclusively with
the position that he took in the
campaign it’s not supported by has a
logic or evidence a curfew has been
imposed in East Kingston following last
week’s flare-up of violence in a section
of Mountain View Avenue the curfew began
at six o’clock yesterday evening and
will remain in effect until 6 p.m.
tomorrow the boundaries are north along
dean redriver from the intersection with
fourth Avenue to Mountain View Avenue
east along Mountain View Avenue from the
intersection with Dean Road to Langston
Road south along Langston road from the
intersection with Mountain View Avenue
to fourth Avenue and West along fourth
Avenue from the intersection with the
Langston road to Dean read Drive a probe
by the police revealed that
misinformation about building material
at a construction site led to the
violence which left a man dead the
security forces were deployed to the
area and in sports following the
country’s second highest ever medal Hall
at the World Championship
some of the heroes of that performance
returned to the island on Monday beaming
with pride
Trish Onam ago and met them at the
Norman Mandy International Airport World
Championships silver medalist Fredrik
Degas was all smiles on his return to
the island after his historic
performance in the men’s disgustin
because who was second behind Daniel
stall of Sweden became the first
Jamaican to get a podium finish in the
event at a major senior championship
well I think ambitious turis ambitions
because like I think this shows that it
can be done similary can be done we’ve
normally watched you know German so
first actually have someone on the
podium that says a lot and you know you
know shows vision they concentrate in
partner and friend Travis Michael was
happy to witness Degas achievement I
mean I think it’s encouraging and I
think they look up to us and all we want
to do is continue shining a light for
America throws so that when we are gone
you know you have others that can
replace us you thank you bro most
rashanna and that’s the midday news I’m
Andrea Chisholm join us at 7:00 for the
prime time news package on behalf of the
news sports and production teams good

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