TVJ Midday News: SEO Location Checkpoint Concerns | Cockpit Country – September 16 2019

TVJ Midday News: SEO Location Checkpoint Concerns | Cockpit Country – September 16 2019

good afternoon it’s Monday September 16
I’m Herman green with your midday news a
special welcome if you’re watching
online at one spot Mediacom following a
two-year delay the government is hoping
that by the end of this month it will be
able to close the controversial deal
with her brands international car sales
and rentals for the purchase of used
vehicles for the Jamaica Constabulary
force an additional 30 cars are due to
be supplied by a brand’s national
security minister dr. Horace Chang says
those vehicles are being cleared from
the wharf he provided an update during
an interview with our new center all the
pickups have been delivered and they are
now in the process of clearing the
motorcars so we expect by the end of
this month we should have put it behind
us some motor cars I think there was 30
motor car there’s another huge amount of
a lot but it will still an outstanding
amount I got to get him know that off so
it’s tearing them and getting them today
police that’s been done the contracts
were issued to a brands in 2016 the
matter was placed before mediation after
the company failed to supply the
vehicles however despite being given
several deadlines to deliver the
vehicles as agreed during the mediation
the jcf is yet to receive a complete
order the government had threatened to
sue a brand’s following the imposition
of a state of public emergency in the
say in st. Catherine earlier this month
questions are now being raised about the
locations of the checkpoints and the
boundaries of the SOE TV J’s or Shane
masters reports pressure is mounting on
the st. Catherine South Police over the
various checkpoints which have been
instituted following the announcement by
prime minister Angie Horner’s of a state
of emergency at the latest meeting of
the port for municipal cooperation head
of a st. Catherine police division
superintendent Rex Waring noted that
there were over 93 murders in the
division since the start of the year but
despite the update councillors were
curious as the Wyatt checkpoint wasn’t
established in Gregor Park which has
seen an uptick in murders
without me
but sir
we decided that we were please check one
more for what we have all operations
also a source of concern was the
boundary of the SOE I don’t see where
the J in an entire community counselor
for the Southborough division is the
parkings argues that a targeted approach
is needed to deal with criminal elements
in Newlands are sober yeah 10 no person
actually involved in criminality and
their target to be selective in what we
are doing and if the intelligence of the
force was selected in actually targeting
their criminals now I don’t think the
state of emergency would go
what more wonderful for expectant father
first I read about building the horses
where the Queen insourcing all the
pieces that are improved at certain
businesses messed up
councillor parkings a sense the impetus
is on the intelligence arm of a jcf to
do their investigations and to deal with
criminals accordingly or Shane masters
TVJ news there’s a jab at the Andrew
Holness administration from the
opposition as there’s a claim that
enough consultation was not done with
persons who live in the designated
mining area of the cockpit country while
on a recent tour of the era opposition
senator Sophia Fraser bins said the
voices of persons who live outside of
the protected area must be heard the
government is now on a collision course
as influential environmentalists and
other stakeholders are opposed to any
mining taking place in the copper
country an environmental impact
assessment study had declared that
specific areas of a concrete country
could be mined however the opposition is
now claiming that some views were not
taken into account when the study was
persons who live in a public country
which who are not in a cockpit contra
protected areas there are the ones who
have been saying we need to be
considered we have concerned and so as a
responsible opposition what we are doing
is we are listening to them we have been
meeting with them we have been hearing
their concerns and out of that we will
be in a position to say this is this is
in fact the position of your position
the opposition further claims that all
stakeholders will be consulted before it
arrives at a position despite that
however it says no mining should take
place in the Copper Country misses phase
Fraser bins says the opposition was not
prejudiced the issue position without
knowing the fact I mean those hearing
from the community and all the persons
who had to speak in a man in industry a
concerns recommendation which would
inform how we got and we now take a
break here on the midday news but stay
with us we have more news after these
welcome back continuing the news the
lack of water in Westmoreland has forced
the closure of two high schools in the
parish the residents and their Member of
Parliament dr. Wickham McNeill
just last month issued a call to the
National Water Commission NWC to
urgently deal with the issue however to
date there’s been no change T V J’s
ashamed masters reports residents and
elected officials in western
Westmoreland are taking the National
Water Commission and WSC to task over
the lack of water in the parish they
told TV GA news that for the past six
months they have been without the
commodity in their homes
just last month one resident told our
NewsCenter that she continues to receive
a monthly bill for thousands of dollars
without having access to pipe water from
the nwc Member of Parliament for Western
Westmoreland dr. become McNeil says he
has had meetings with various members of
the Water Commission including its
president Mark Barnett but he’s yet to
see any deliverables on the meetings
which were held dr. McNeil told TVJ news
that he was informed that the issue was
due to turbidity at the Bulstrode water
supply but for council of the little
london division Ian Mouse the water
situation is one which could have been
alleviated as he says Westmoreland has
had its fair share of rainfall for the
past nine months I find it rather
strange that we can’t you know harness
this water so it can be used for
domestic purposes and otherwise it’s
simple means that as a country we are
not going forward he says if the country
is to move towards vision 2030 then
issues with technology will have to be
front and center so we see us at a look
on technology to produce the water which
is necessary for domestic purposes he
believes it’s also a deterrent on the
economic side for the people of Western
Jamaica I have 40 farmers which have
been calling me they are spending
$15,000 weekly just to track water to
their own farms that cannot continue
cannot be sustained as for schools all
the primary schools are being affected
I would have gone ahead and making some
calls to the National Water Commission
to shrunk water into some of these
schools but um here at little London
high the water came late and as such it
would have scooted up in disrupted green
July was the same thing but how many
trucks are there to truck water into the
various schools
he says the nwc will need to do some
improvement on the Bulstrode water
system if there is to be any significant
turnaround for the people of western
Westmoreland in the meantime he’s
questioning why other areas in the
parish are not looked at to provide the
water which is desperately needed in the
parish we have been so we are venture
ripple we have the Maysville falls these
are areas within the Williamsfield era
in the parish that produces so much
volume of clean I mean pristine water
why can’t we use a first-world
technology and think first were no and
implement first real strategies to
harness this water so that it can be a
benefit rather than running and waste in
dearly we have it to the benefit of the
residents within a parish tension is
brewing over the stance taken by May of
Montego Bay Houma Davis to deny a gay
rights group permission to use the
cultural sentence and James for an event
the event is dubbed as a public forum
with the topic is Jamaica ready for
same-sex marriage the details from TV
J’s Kirk right gay rights lobby group
the Montego Bay pride was hoping they
would get permission to use the cultural
center in Montego Bay st. James to host
an event on October 16 however things
might not go as planned as mayor of
Montego Bay Houma Davis is not backing
down from his decision to deny the gay
rights group permission the st. James
Municipal Corporation discuss the matter
last week before making a final decision
not to allow the group to use the
facility since then Houma Davis has been
criticized for his stance but he is
insisting the cultural center is not the
right place for the event
woman’s property it is a property that
is very secret to the people of st.
James and Jamaica in general and we
don’t practice you know same-sex
marriage in Jamaica it is not a part of
our Constitution he believes the
organizers should take the event
elsewhere for what offenses generally
useful it is used for primarily culture
another another expose and counselors
and counsel things that you know they
can have it elsewhere we don’t have a
problem with them having it elsewhere
but we think that the cultural center a
flyer on Montego Bay’s pride Facebook
page advertised the event as a public
forum with the topic is Jamaica ready
for same-sex marriage in the meantime
Peter champagne he says he’s confused
about the mayor’s reference to the
Constitution in explaining his decision
not to grant the group access to the
center I’m still trying to fathom the
arguments because there seemed to be a
contradictory contradiction in terms
you’re talking about upholding the
Constitution and the Charter of
Fundamental Rights on freedom section 13
I believe specifically speaks to freedom
of assembly all of those things so I I
don’t know the arguments were the
greatest of respect seem to be
self-defeating in terms of the their
position on it he was speaking on our
jaws News Review program that’s a wrap
on Sunday mr. champagne explains that
government bodies should seek advice
from the Attorney General before making
decision on certain issues also speaking
and that’s our up social activist Latoya
West Blackwood described the decision as
mind-boggling she says it appears to be
based on personal belief there’s a
concern I have this matter and others
where it seems that some people who are
in particular decision-making roles are
represented government or other entities
seem to have a challenge with separating
church and state or their own beliefs
belief system values with the role they
have to play on behalf of the public
it’s understood that the Montego Bay
pride is now considering legal action
against the Municipal Corporation Kirk
right TVJ news and we go down to sports
jmf president Michael Ricketts will
start his second stint with one less
issue to worry about as the reggae girls
intended strike ahead of the Olympic
qualifiers could be aborted sealed and
approved with no challengers Michael
rickets was officially returned as the
jmf president at Sunday’s Annual General
Meeting and speaking to TVJ sports
immediately afterwards Ricketts said the
jmf has settled all outstanding salaries
with the national women’s team the girls
have been paid all the monies were worth
their accounts starting I think Thursday
and number of them indicated on Friday
that the monies were in there are
comments however the salaries for the
Arreaga girls team coaches are still
outstanding with just days away from the
September 25 ultimatum given to the jmf
and what I wanted is a amicable
settlement of the issues that are
presently on the table with these
coaches and we had a decent relationship
but the truth is that the G FF runs
football and we want to ensure that we
have a legacy respectful relationship
but people must be reminded that it’s
Jeff that was football meanwhile
Ricketts has also dispelled news that
irrigable are also planning their own
strike ahead of next month’s nation’s
league match as they are yet to receive
any payment from the recent CONCACAF
Gold Cup we met with them in Montego Bay
and there’s absolutely no semblance of
that I can categorically that is not
true we were met with the leaders of the
group and they too have been made aware
that they are to be paid from the
CONCACAF funds that we have not yet done
but we will be paying them very shortly
Sunday’s GFF approval will see Ricketts
serving for the next four years as
president while Bruce gainer and Raymond
have been returned as vice presidents
and we’ll be joined by Peter Reed who
replaced Gary Sinclair who did not seek
re-election and that wraps up the midday
news I’m Herman green join us at 7:00
for the prime time news package on
behalf of the new sports and production
teams good afternoon

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  1. I'm trying to understand the logic of how a check can lower killing and gang activity, they need to take a different approach to this situation.

  2. Portmore mall doesn't need to be shut down at 9am. Pines plaza doesn't need to be shut down. I can't go to the gym until 7am… Those areas don't need a soe. Megamart and tastee lol come on

  3. In the middle a D town uno want to keep this ya discussion ya lol y'all ain't scared a nutn huh. Lol what you don't understand? The man say not in his cabinet dwl man don't want to sanction any gatherings to discuss illegal topics. I think that was very clear.

  4. Sir I think you need to the the CEO of the NWC as Mark Burnett do not have a clue. It rains almost every day in Westmoreland so why are consumers not getting the essential commodity whilst they are still being billed.

  5. I know its illegal for two men to sleep with each other in Jamaica. so why the government don't uphold the law and lock up them .thats why we have a crime problem in the country . no body follows the law.

  6. God made women and men to live as man and wife. Don't let no government are judge put no ungodly life style on Jamaica people. Jamaica people have suffers a lot. Jamaica have problems, why force more ungodly life on them.

  7. religion should always be separated from the government and only practical, factual and non biased choices should be made in the government.

  8. The Jamaican police are hindered by several facts, Governments are afraid to appoint commissioners and officers who will take it direct to the known gangs and so called leaders. The people who live here side with the gangs and hinder action, for example dudus and results in the death of maybe some innocents. The court system is inept. Funding and modern day use of technology might be lacking, use of the jail that the USA uses in Cuba should be used for the gangs.
    Has for the gay rights they are getting stronger and louder. But there is no need for a discussion on is jamaica ready when the answer is looking them in the face, they can't even get a hall.
    The government should have purchased cars from England and Europe police rather than a second hand charlatan. I with no seconhand car experience know that I could have purchased the cars without payment until a deal was confirmed a d the payment goes direct to a recognised source, then I get my payment. Rather than a puss in a bag purchase and no one from the government realise that the puss dead.

  9. Alkafish lawyer a defend di battybowy dem tho๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™dem a battybowy

  10. I didn't know that they left the law that says buggery is illegal in Jamaica I am really confuse because how can you even have a gay pride event legally in Jamaica if you have a law on the System that says buggery Is illegal

  11. The government doesn't need to give the law enforcement the order is the high command to do so take politic out of law enforcement let the police dedicated it

  12. Jamaicans need to get over this gay rights they are not going any where need to leave them alone free dom.of speech and movement

  13. so i asking whats so important about gays trying to get rights in ja wul a dem want gas and light and guh suck dem madda buggerry is against the law so a prison unuh fe a guh

  14. Where is the church come on church let us fight against this you have been sleeping for too long..are maybe the church them have gay in their assemble too

  15. That is not our culture, that's Greek and Roman culture, so go among them and keep there thing. These are there to keep good morals, go keep in your bedroom.

  16. You don't practice same sex relationship look at the rapist and sexually disinhibited perverted behaviour in Jamaica. They pack up the criminal justice system in US, UK and Canada Every body in Jamaica have a baby in hand primary school and secondary schools children. They run women down and pin them down like prison furniture then rape them saying is long time they were watching them.

  17. It's disgusting to see the mayor of montego bay don't even know the very law that governs our land. Let them use the public space. They paying tax just like any other Jamaican citizen. And these Jamaican people that are speaking I'll are so stupid. The more yall support Jamaican right been taking away is the more power yall giving the government to take away more rights from the average Jamaican gay or str88. Jamaica is a democracy. Most of yall don't even know the importance of or even enter that culture building in montego bay. Stupid

  18. Humans come in every shape, size and colour. We are very diverse. And all of use have a different mental make up. Why can't we just love each other and celebrate our differences. More than trying to oppress each other like the whites did to the colours. I thought humanity already pass that stage.

  19. when the Jamaica constitution was being written no one had it in their mind that we would have group such as gay to deal with, and now that they wanna be expose we must jest automatically inject them into public meeting place under our constitutional banner just like that ???, whono go away with whono nastynect, fyah we seh, lighting and thunder

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