Vídeo de Introdução ao Canal: Resenha World News

Vídeo de Introdução ao Canal: Resenha World News

Hi friends, good afternoon, how are you?
… spanish / english / chinese I am Zekinha, the name I chose for my character. I speak Portuguese, Spanish, I know a little English and some words in Mandarin I had the idea of creating a custom channel so I chose the toad mask because I thought it was contracted so maybe the videos would be more lively, that’s why I chose it The idea of creating the channel came up when I was talking with friends about things related to other countries such as culture, technology and issues that seem interesting to me and my friends too my foreign colleagues share with me what the routine is like there in their countries and there are many things that seem super good to me so sometimes we see news and talk about it, as much as with my foreign friends as with the friends here and so I was suggested to create the channel because they are interesting matters and there are many people who like them too and then I could make videos and share them with other people who like these topics and thus talk to more people about it I thought the idea was good and finally … I created the channel This is the introduction video it will work like this: I will do interviews with foreigners in Portuguese, Spanish or English, depending on the language spoken by the person and also of the country they will be questions related to routine, culture, gastronomy and technology basically those issues and some other particular things of each country The first interview will be with a person from a North American country and I will not reveal the country yet but I will say it in the next video that will be the video of the interview Well, this is the introduction video, I wanted to tell you about what I will talk on the channel and give some tips…. Well, they are not tips, that is, some things that it will be I hope you liked the introduction video, I’m still not good at handling this I hope to adapt and make the videos better Is that … see you in the next video. Speaking in spanish … 再见

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2 thoughts on “Vídeo de Introdução ao Canal: Resenha World News

  1. I'll be glad waiting for next video even my friend I'm ericka from Ecuador from.soeaky I have some. Problems to enter try to look for me as Heidi s.C thx

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