100 thoughts on “Video Shows Coach Disarming And Then Hugging Student At High School | TODAY

  1. America or Europe … everyone has dark moments in their life. But only in US those dark moments come bundled with a shotgun!

  2. Black man saves the day, no attention. I think the status quo was hoping for a massacre…. after-all, that's what sells tv commercials and hot topics…

  3. Checkout awkward occurrence late night show. Oregon Coach Disarms student breakdown in library*

  4. I feel for the kid but mental health issues are always an excuse for WHITE ppl. BLACK ppl DON'T get off that easy. DL Hugely was right about that.

  5. It’s crazy that this happened at my High School and where I grew up in Portland! I’m glad everything worked out on both ends and Angel Granados is getting the help he needs! Keanon Lowe is definitely a hero and a Saint! The Polynesians have done multiple haka dances for him as well!

  6. The number one thing we need to put first is love . If we all were able to give and receive that. This world would be so much better. We all need it. Love isn’t just a feeling. It’s something you put into action.

    Like being an ear for someone to talk to, being there for the good times and bad
    Helping them when in need and calling to say hi when you’re thinking about them.

  7. My mom is a teacher at a highschool and a shooting happening there has become a growing fear of mine. My mom and her kids can't run like everyone else because her kids are all physically disabled. They would be stuck and easy targets. I hope and pray there's someone at her school that would be able to do something like this, to be able to stop any shooter. Not just for my mom but for her kids that she loves, the staff who are her friends and all the other kids there.

  8. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Keanon! this is amazing. i had no idea you did this!! my husband played football at oregon with him! So proud of you!!

  9. Awesome job to act so quickly and be so observant. A hero. Also awesome to show compassion in that moment instead of fear or more hatred. Thank you 😊

  10. A hug he should have received years ago. The mind is a precious thing and I'm glad he is getting help rather than a sentence

  11. Omg this man is fearless. He saved alot of lives. Even the shooter. Hope he gets the mental help he needs.

  12. Please lord let this young man get the help he needs, it started with the compassion that that coach showed him but it has to go farther. I pray that everyone suffering with mental illness finds that compassion

  13. “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that” ~MLK

  14. You bring a loaded gun into school and get probation? What a joke. Explain to me what exactly it is you were planning on doing with one shot gun round?

  15. Im glad the coach disarmed him and showed him kindness. That kid still has a chance to recover from what he did and I hope he is getting the mental help he needs

  16. My friends if you have pain in your life and sometimes you want to give up don't never give up. You may feel like your unloved or no body cares but I know God cares. Jesus cares about you he said come to me those who's hearts are heavy for I will give you rest. Jesus is not dead or on a cross he is alive and he can hear your prayers if you go to him I promise 😇🙏

  17. This makes me think of the scene in 13 reasons why when Tyler was gonna shoot up the school but clay stopped him. 😭

  18. He needs psychological help, kids can be brutal. When push comes to shove you'll catch them running, slipping and ducking leaving their "friends" behind.
    The bull in bullet is for the bully.
    Don't want none? Don't start none!

  19. My son is 17years old it truly breaks my heart to hear or see cases like this, just because it'll destroy me if he does a stupidity like this one💔💔💔

  20. I am really happy and thankful to being seeing a lot of news about gunmen being stopped rather than hearing the news that there was a school shooting. These children need help and the parents and authorities are finally paying attention. That’s all we’ve every asked for. Great job guys.

  21. No jail time?🤔🤔🤔 me and a bunch of black won't have that luxury.

    Mental health or not dude should be locked up 6 months at least.

  22. Why don't schools just do exactly what special education does in the first place metal detectors and pat downs every time you walk through the door. In all of special education I've seen no one has gotten seriously injured from a weapon of any sort. It just seems interesting that crazy kids are safer than those in public schools. People should stop blaming the weapons and blame training of security in schools. This is video is a perfect example.

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